Lee and the Consul Mutants

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Lee and the Consul Mutants by Keith Charters

Lee and the Consul Mutants is the first novel by Keith Charters, which was originally released by Neil Wilson Publishing in October 2004. Strident Publishing Company bought the rights to this book in the summer of 2005. In January 2006 the novel topped the Children's Bestsellers chart in The Herald. It is the first of the Lee series, followed by Lee Goes for Gold.

Plot summary[edit]

It is not every day that a part of your body explodes. But ten-year-old Lee's appendix does just that, landing him in hospital. After his operation, Lee discovers that being in hospital has its bright side. But his world turns dark again when he uncovers a fiendish plot by the white-coated Consul Mutants to take over the world. Other kids might quake in their boots at this news, but not Lee. He is determined to save the planet and formulates a cunning plan to stop the alien invasion. Lee and the Consul Mutants is the story of a fearless boy battling against intergalactic odds for the sake of mankind. Lee’s only weapon is his intelligence . . . which is a pity.

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