Leeds College of Technology

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Leeds College of Technology
Leeds College of Technology.jpg
Leeds College of Technology building in 2008
Type Further Education College
Active 1824–2009
1 April 2009–September 2018 (as Leeds City College)[1]
Location Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Coordinates: 53°48′34″N 1°31′56″W / 53.809325°N 1.532115°W / 53.809325; -1.532115
Website http://www.leedscitycollege.ac.uk/

Leeds College of Technology (formerly Kitson College) was a further education college in Leeds, in West Yorkshire, England. With a strong technical bias, the college supported the computing, engineering, social care and transport industries. In addition, the college was a national centre for print training and offered English language learning and teaching (ESOL).

It was founded in 1824 as part of the Leeds Mechanics' Institute, and in 1868 the college became the Leeds Institute of Science, Art and Literature, then the Branch College of Engineering and Science. It was renamed Kitson College in 1967 and then Leeds College of Technology.

The East Bank Centre, Marsh Lane

The college served more than 5,000 students.

On 1 April 2009, Leeds College of Technology merged with Leeds Thomas Danby and the Park Lane College to form the new Leeds City College.[2] The College of Technology site is now known as the Technology Campus of the new college. On 26 January 2016 it was announced that the Health and Social Care services will move to a new campus being built next to West Yorkshire Playhouse. The whole building will close in September 2018 and courses will move elsewhere.[3]

The Technology Campus, which is on Cookridge Street, has played its part in rock history. The Who's album Live From Leeds had two tracks re-recorded here[4] and Pink Floyd's song "See Emily Play" was written here after a gig in the building when it was still Kitson College.[5]


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