Leeds Roller Dolls

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Leeds Roller Dolls
League logo
Metro area Leeds
Country United Kingdom
Founded 2007

Rebel Roses (Travel A)

Whip-Its (Travel B)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Leeds Futsal Arena
Affiliations UKRDA, WFTDA
Website leedsrollerdolls.com

Leeds Roller Dolls (LRD) are a roller derby league based in Leeds in England. Founded in 2007, the league has two travel teams which play against teams from other leagues across Europe.


The league was founded in October 2007, becoming the first roller derby league in Yorkshire.[1] They played their first bout, against Auld Reekie Roller Girls, in November 2008.[2]

In the 2010 season the league moved to play its bouts in the nearby town of Huddersfield. They returned to Leeds in 2013, hosting their games at the Leeds Futsal Arena.

Feral Fairy, one of the league's skaters, was selected for Team England at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup.[3] In late 2011, the league joined the UK Roller Derby Association while, in January 2012, it was accepted into the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice Programme.[4] In March 2013, it became a full member of the WFTDA.[5]

A number of Leeds Roller Dolls, including Feral Fairy, Shere Carnage and Rigor Morris, have been helping out with setting up and providing training to Aire Force One, Leeds' men's roller derby team.


Leeds Roller Dolls currently have two travel teams:

  • Rebel Roses - First team
  • Co-Captain - Livid Doll
  • Co-Captain - Nina
  • LRD Whip-Its - Second team
  • Co-Captain - Little Whippet
  • Co-Captain - Little Dark One

The Rotten Rollers, the initial Travel team name, was retired at the end of the 2010 Season.

Leeds Roller Dolls also compete in closed intra-league games throughout the year, though are planning to open these to the public in future.


Below are the results of the public bouts played by Leeds Roller Dolls, the Rotten Rollers and the LRD Whip-Its, both home and away. Results of closed bouts, including intra-leagues, have not been included.

NB: Green highlighted rows indicate a win, whilst red highlighting indicates a loss.

Date Event Location Team Opponents Result Notes
22 October 2011 The Monster's Brawl Leeds LRD Whip-Its ARRG Cannon Belles LRD 114 - 71 ARRG
Leeds Roller Dolls Auld Reekie Roller Girls LRD 120 - 88 ARRG
10 September 2011 Jukes of Hazzard Leeds LRD Whip-Its Helsinki Roller Girls LRD 60 - 120 HRD
28 August 2011 Summer Shovin' Leeds LRD Whip-Its United Rollers LRD 85 - 95 UR United Rollers - Team of skaters from Hot Wheel Roller Derby, Wakey Wheeled Cats, and Middlesbrough Milk Rollers
Leeds Roller Dolls Glasgow Roller Girls Irn Bruisers LRD 94 - 173 BB
9 July 2011 Moulin Bruise Leeds Leeds Roller Dolls Berlin Bombshells LRD 94 - 173 BB
18 June 2011 Pulp Friction Leeds LRD Whip-Its Wakey Wheeled Cats LRD 96 - 50 WWC
18 June 2011 Pulp Friction Leeds LRD Whip-Its Wakey Wheeled Cats LRD 96 - 50 WWC
Leeds Roller Dolls Royal Windsor Roller Girls LRD 163 - 105 RWRG
2 April 2011 The Great Yorkshire Showdown 2011 Leeds LRD Whip-Its Liverpool Roller Birds LRD 100 - 15 LRB Heat
LRD Whip-Its Rainy City Roller Girls Tender Hooligans LRD 86 - 17 RCRG Semi-Final
LRD Whip-Its Manchester Roller Derby LRD 142 - 85 MRD Final - LRD Whipits Tournament Champions
19 March 2011 Wrath of Hell London Leeds Roller Dolls London Rockin' Rollers LRR 172 - 31 LRD
12 December 2010 Blocking Round the Christmas Tree Birmingham Leeds Roller Dolls Central City Rollergirls CCR 84 - 48 LRD
24 October 2010 The Great Yorkshire Showdown 2010 Leeds LRD Whip-Its Newcastle Roller Girls LRD 104 - 35 NRG Heat
LRD Whip-Its Sheffield Steel Rollergirls LRD 69 - 43 SSRG Semi-Final
LRD Whip-Its Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls LRD 42 - 97 LBRG Final - LRD Whip-Its Tournament Runner-Up
29 September 2010 Little Red Riding Thud Leeds Leeds Roller Dolls Rainy City Roller Girls LRD 86 - 117 RCRG
21 August 2010 Rack n' Roll Leeds Leeds Roller Dolls Irn Bruisers LRD 86 - 85 LRR
19 June 2010 Sun, Sea & Slammed Leeds Leeds Roller Dolls London Rockin' Rollers LRD 94 - 116 LRR
24 April 2010 Viva Bash Vegas Leeds Leeds Roller Dolls Birmingham Blitz Dames LRD 297 - 25 BBD
14 February 2010 Jailhouse Block Edinburgh Leeds Roller Dolls Auld Reekie Roller Girls RCRG 127 - 138 LRD
30 January 2010 Snow Brawl Leeds Rotton Rollers Central City Rollergirls LRD 99 - 104 CCR
28 November 2009 War of the Roses Manchester Rotton Rollers Rainy City Roller Girls RCRG 127 - 138 LRD
19 September 2009 Northern EXPOsure Darlington Leeds Roller Dolls Quad Squad LRD 157 - 16 QS
Leeds Roller Dolls Central City Rollergirls LRD 102 - 54 CCR
22 August 2009 Summer Horror Day Leeds Rotten Rollers Sheffield Steel Rollergirls LRD 274 - 58 SSRG
18 July 2009 Roll Britania London Leeds Roller Dolls Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames BBRD 101 - 59 LRD
Leeds Roller Dolls Berlin Bombshells BB 103 - 93 LRD
6 June 2009 Double Trouble London Leeds Roller Dolls London Brawl Saints LRG 156 - 47 LRD
18 April 2009 Doll House Devastation Birmingham Leeds Roller Dolls Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames BBDD 141 - 88 LRD


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