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Leeds hip hop is the epicentre of the New Yorkshire hip-hop movement that originated in the West Yorkshire area of the UK during the 2000s. Leeds hip hop has been noted as a revival of the purist forms of underground hip-hop and stylised by adopting classic elements of East Coast sounds which compliment the Leeds underground.

Musical style[edit]

In contrast to the simplistic rhyme patterns utilized in commercial American Hip hop music, New Yorkshire hip hop has been noted for its emphasis on lyrical dexterity. It has also been characterized by multi-syllabic rhymes, complex wordplay, a continuous free-flowing delivery and intricate metaphors. While Leeds hip hop does not have a uniform sound or standard style, it tends to gravitate to darker beats and sample of collages. The aggressive and hard-hitting beats of the form were emphasized by such acts as Double D Dagger, Northern Hostility and Defenders of Style while artists such as Matter,[1] Instance, and Chief Wigz were noted for their lyrical skill. Key producers in the Leeds area who are at the fore front of the sound include, Mike D of Subterrania Studios, Jack Danz of DS fam, and Ghost Town. The style of the Leeds hip-hop music scene also has a very diverse sound, with some artists opting to go for more uptempo instrumentals.


Kockee k is one of the original pioneers of the modern era of leeds hip hop, hailing from the infamous district of chapeltown known for his formiddable freestyle skill, he is the product of groups such B.T.I. Braintax and Kaliphz that dominated the leeds scene and had chart success.

'CE' is one of the new comers making an impression on the scene with his more modern sounding production and complex multi - syllable rhyme schemes. [2]


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