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R. Leela Devi
R. leeladevi.jpg
R. Leela Devi
Born (1932-02-13)13 February 1932
Palai, Kerala, India
Died 19 May 1998(1998-05-19) (aged 66)
Kottayam, Kerala, India

Dr. R. Leela Devi (13 February 1932 – 19 May 1998) was an Indian writer, translator, and teacher. Her work includes books in English, Malayalam, and Sanskrit languages. She was from the state of Kerala.


Writer and translator[edit]

Dr. R. Leela Devi has written and translated more than three hundred books along with her husband V. Balakrishnan. The majority of her work involves books written in English or Malayalam, or translations of Sanskrit, English and Malayalam books.

The translation of Naganadam( Naganandam by Harshavardhana), the only drama in Sanskrit about Buddhism[citation needed], received great critical acclaim[citation needed]. She also translated the Marthandavarma, Narayaneeyam, and Vidur Gita (Mahabharata), among others. She has contributed the English language section of the book Contribution of Writers to Indian Freedom Movement (see Indian independence movement).


Her drama New Horizon is the first drama[citation needed] on the subject of Panchayatiraj. It is not much known that she has also translated Chandu Menon's indulekha into English. The title of her translation was Crescent Moon.

Selected works[edit]

  • From Representation to Participation – the first book on Panchayatiraj- Sri Satguru Publications (Delhi)
  • Sarojini Naidu – biography
  • Blue Jasmine – fantasy novel
  • Saffron – a novel about the myths and legends of Kashmir
  • Mannatthu Padmanabhan and the Revival of Nairs in Kerala – the renaissance of the Nairs and their history
  • An Epoch in Kerala History
  • History of Malayalam Literature
  • Kerala History
  • Influence of English on Malayalam Literature
  • Indian National Congress - Hundred Years – history of the Indian National Congress, published for Congress Centenary.
  • A Handbook of English Teaching
  • Ethics(In various Religions of the World)- Sri Satguru Publications (Delhi)
  • Vedic Gods and Some Hymns- Sri Satguru Publications (Delhi)
  • Vidura Gita- Text & English Translation- Sri Satguru Publications (Delhi)
  • Naganandam by Harshavardhana- Sri Satguru Publications (Delhi)

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