Left (Sharlok Poems album)

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Studio album by Sharlok Poems
Released 2002
Genre Hip hop/Rap
Label Robot Records/Basement Records
Producer bTwice
Flynn Atkins
Great Jason
Pigeon John
Mos Adaptus
Sharlok Poems chronology
The Movement (2004)

Left is LA Symphony member Sharlok Poems' first album, released under Robot Records. Production by LA Symphony.

  1. Oops Up Side Your Head
  2. Graffiti Art (featuring Sup the Chemist)
  3. Had We Never
  4. Malisa's Best Friend (featuring Terry McFly)
  5. In Passing (featuring After Dawn)
  6. Do Something (featuring CookBook, Joey the Jerk and bTwice)
  7. Left (featuring Joey the Jerk)
  8. Driven by the Facts (featuring J-Beits, bTwice and Pigeon John)
  9. Time & Time Again
  10. Us (Know Peace) (featuring Mona Lisa)
  11. I Wonder
  12. What It Is
  13. Eternity Days (featuring Mona Lisa)
  14. Rain (featuring Mona Lisa)

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