Left Struggle

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Left Struggle
Μαχόμενη Αριστερά
Founded 1993
Dissolved 1999
Succeeded by Radical Left Front
Ideology Communism
Political position Far-left

Left Struggle (also "Fighting Left") (Greek: Μαχόμενη Αριστερά) was a Greek far left political coalition.

It was formed in 1993 by the following parties:

It received 8,160 votes in 1993 and 10,443 votes in the 1996 general elections.

The coalition didn't participate in the 1994 Euroelections due to CPG (m-l) disagreements. The remainder parties formed the Left Movement against the EU.

After 1997, the coalition disestablished and in 1999 all the parties of the coalition, except the CPG (m-l), formed Radical Left Front.