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Gen Hagee presents the Leftwich Trophy to Capt Bronzi in 2005.

The Leftwich Trophy, also known as the Leftwich Award, is a trophy given for outstanding leadership and is an award presented annually in memory of Lieutenant Colonel William Groom Leftwich, United States Marine Corps, who was killed in action during the Vietnam War in November 1970.

Eligible nominees are Marine Captains in the ground combat element serving on active duty as a company or battery commander with the ground forces of the Fleet Marine Force at the time of nomination. Posthumous awards can be made of this award providing nomination complies with all the criteria for receiving the award. Selection is done by a board of senior officers chaired by the Deputy Commandant of Plans, Policy and Operations (DC, PP&O), who then after reviewing the applicants, makes recommendation to the Commandant of the Marine Corps for his final approval.

The trophy is provided to the Marine Corps through an endowment by the H. Ross Perot Foundation; Leftwich and Perot were classmates at the United States Naval Academy. The trophy itself was designed by Felix de Weldon, designer of the Marine Corps War Memorial in Washington, D.C.. The Leftwich Trophy, a replica of the statue commemorating the service and leadership of LtCol Leftwich, was first presented in June 1979 at the commissioning ceremony for the USS Leftwich (DD-984).

The Marine Corps bestowed the first posthumous Leftwich Trophy to Captain John W. Maloney,[1] who was killed on June 16, 2005 when the unit he was leading was ambushed in a small town south of Ramadi, Iraq.[2]


Year Rank Name
1979 Captain Clyde S. Brinkley, Jr.[3]
1980 Captain Charles R. Sherrill[3]
1981 Captain John Caldwell[3]
1982 Captain Dirk R. Ahle[3]
1983 Captain Ronald L. King[3]
1984 Captain Robert K. Dobson, Jr.[3]
1985 Captain Dennis J. Hejlik[3]
1986 Captain David W. Mauldin[3]
1987 Captain Paul E. Lefebvre[3]
1988 Captain John R. Allen[3]
1989 Captain James B. Laster[3]
1990 Captain Ronald F. Baczkowski[3]
1991 Captain Dennis M. Greene[3]
1992 Captain Michael L. Ettore[3]
1993 Captain Robert F. Castellvi[3]
1994 Captain Steven M. Zotti[3]
1995 Captain Jeffery J. Sharrock[3]
1996 Captain Jeffery J. Kenney[3]
1997 Captain Julian D. Alford[3]
1998 Captain Jason Q. Bohm[3]
1999 Captain Daniel M. Sullivan[3]
2000 Captain Jason L. Morris[3]
2001 Captain Michael D. Grice[3]
2002 Captain Farrell J. Sullivan[3]
2003 Captain Christeon C. Griffin[3]
2004 Captain Christopher J. Bronzi[3]
2005 Captain John W. Maloney[3][1]
2006 Captain Matthew W. Tracy[3]
2007 Captain Jonathan Smith[3]
2008 Captain Jonathan Hamilton[3]
2009 Captain Christopher S. Conner[3]
2010 Captain Timothy Ryan Sparks[3][4]
2011 Captain Casey M. Brock[3]
2012 Captain Benjamin M. Middendorf[3]
2013 Captain Christopher A. Ashinhurst[3]
2014 Captain Daniel E. Grainger[3]
2015 Captain Thomas W. Morrow[3]
2016 Captain David J. Palka[3]
2017 Captain Gregory M. Veteto[3]
2018 Captain Brian D. Coleman[5][3]


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