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Basket League
Lega Basket
Lega basket.jpeg
Sport Basketball
Founded 1970
CEO Fernando Marino
Country Italy Italy
Continent Europe FIBA Europe (Europe)
Official website LegaBasket.it (Italian)

The Lega Basket (officially: Lega Società di Pallacanestro Serie A,[1][2] English: Basket League) is the organizing body, as delegated by the Italian Basketball Federation, of the top division of Italian professional men's basketball league, the Lega Basket Serie A (English: Basket League A Series). It is composed of the clubs that participate in the Lega Basket Serie A. It is headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

Basket League is a founding member of ULEB.[3] Basket League organizes A Series, the Italian Cup, the Italian Supercup, and the Italian All Star Game. Also held discussions so Basket League gain more autonomy, as the corresponding football organization Lega Serie A.[4] The current president of Basket League is Fernando Marino.[5]


Basket League was officially incorporated on May 27, 1970 in Milan,[6] and included the clubs that participated in both the first division Serie A and the second division Serie A2. On June 20, 2001, it changed to include just the first division Serie A clubs.


Presidents of Basket League from 1970 to present.[7]

  • 1970–72: 00Adalberto Tedeschi
  • 1972–77: 00Giancarlo Tesini
  • 1977–79: 00Gianni Corsolini
  • 1979–84: 00Luciano Acciari
  • 1984–92: 00Gianni De Michelis
  • 1992–94: 00Giulio Malgara
  • 1994–96: 00Roberto Allievi
  • 1996–98: 00Angelo Rovati
  • 1998–2000: Alfredo Cazzola
  • 2000–01: 00Sergio D'Antoni
  • 2001–02: 00Marco Madrigali
  • 2002–07: 00Enrico Prandi
  • 2007: 00000Umberto Pieraccioni
  • 2007–08: 00Francesco Corrado[8]
  • 2009–14: 00Valentino Renzi
  • 2014: 00000Fernando Marino

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