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The Lega Basket Serie A (LBA) Most Valuable Player (MVP) is an annual award of the 1st-tier professional basketball league in Italy, the Lega Basket Serie A (LBA), given since the 1993–94 season, to the league's most valuable player in a given regular season.


Manu Ginóbili won the MVP award two times, in 2001 and 2002.
Danilo Gallinari was named the MVP in 2008.
Luigi Datome won the award in 2013.
Player (X) Name of the player and number of times they had won the award at that point (if more than one)
Indicates multiple award winners in the same season
Season Player Pos. Nationality Team Ref(s)
1993–94 Carlton Myers SG  Italy[a] Scavolini Pesaro
1994–95 Stefano Rusconi C  Italy Benetton Treviso
1995–96 Henry Williams SG  United States Benetton Treviso
1996–97 Carlton Myers (2×) SG  Italy[a] Teamsystem Bologna
1997–98 Sasha Danilović SG/SF  FR Yugoslavia Kinder Bologna
1998–99 Vincenzo Esposito SG  Italy Termal Imola
1999–00 Vincenzo Esposito (2×) SG  Italy Lineltex Imola
2000–01 Manu Ginóbili SG  Argentina Kinder Bologna
2001–02 Manu Ginóbili (2×) SG  Argentina Kinder Bologna
2002–03 Massimo Bulleri PG/SG  Italy Benetton Treviso
2003–04 Gianluca Basile SG  Italy Skipper Bologna
2004–05 Massimo Bulleri (2×) PG/SG  Italy Benetton Treviso
2005–06 Lynn Greer PG/SG  United States Carpisa Napoli
2006–07 Terrell McIntyre PG  United States Montepaschi Siena
2007–08 Danilo Gallinari SF/PF  Italy Armani Jeans Milano
2008–09 Terrell McIntyre (2×) PG  United States Montepaschi Siena
2009–10 Romain Sato SG/SF  Central African Republic Montepaschi Siena
2010–11 Omar Thomas SG/SF  United States Air Avellino
2011–12 Bo McCalebb PG  North Macedonia[b] Montepaschi Siena [1]
2012–13 Luigi Datome SF/PF  Italy Acea Roma [2]
2013–14 Drake Diener SG  United States Banco di Sardegna Sassari [3]
2014–15 Tony Mitchell SF  United States Dolomiti Energia Trento [4]
2015–16 James Nunnally SF  United States Sidigas Avellino [5]
2016–17 Marcus Landry SF  United States Brescia Leonessa [6]
2017–18 Jason Rich G  United States Sidigas Avellino [7]
2018–19 Drew Crawford SF  United States Vanoli Cremona [8]
2019–20 Not awarded due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2020–21 Stefano Tonut G  Italy Reyer Venezia [9]
2021–22 Amedeo Della Valle G  Italy Basket Brescia Leonessa
2022–23 Colbey Ross PG  United States Openjobmetis Varese [10]

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  2. ^ Bo McCalebb played for the Macedonian national team, and was born in the USA.


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