Lega Nazionale Dilettanti

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Lega Nazionale Dilettanti
Lega Nazionale Dilettanti logo.svg
Country Italy Italy
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1959
Divisions Serie D
Prima Categoria
Seconda Categoria
Terza Categoria
Number of teams more than 14,000
Level on pyramid 4–9
Domestic cup(s) Coppa Italia Serie D
Coppa Italia Dilettanti
TV partners RAI
Website http://www.lnd.it

The Lega Nazionale Dilettanti (National Amateur League) is the giant league which rules amateur football of FIGC in Italy.

Founded in 1959 in Rome, it has many leagues inside: a national league, the Inter-regional Committee, which organizes the Serie D championship from 1981, 19 regional leagues organized by 20 Regional Committees (Piedmont and Aosta Valley shared the same committee; South Tyrol and Trentino has its own committee but same regional league), the Women Football Division, and the Futsal Division.

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