Lega Nord Marche

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Marche Northern League
Lega Nord Marche
Secretary Luca Rodolfo Paolini
President Giordano Giampaoli
Ideology Federalism
National affiliation Lega Nord
Regional Council of Marche
3 / 31

Lega Nord Marche (English: Marche Northern League) is a regionalist political party in Italy which is the "national" (hence, regional) section of Lega Nord in the Marche region. The current and long-time national secretary of the party is Luca Rodolfo Paolini, who served in the Chamber of Deputies from 2008 to 2013 and is now a regional councillor.

In 2010 the party entered the Regional Council of Marche for the first time with two regional councillors, while in 2015 it obtained its best result ever (13.0%) and, despite a reduction of the Council's numbers, obtained one more councillor.[1]

Popular support[edit]

The party is a tiny one among the national sections of the LN, but it is recently gaining clout. In the 2015 regional election it won 13.0% of the vote in the region, its best result ever. While being usually stronger in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, the northern province which has historically been part of Romagna, in 2015 it obtained its best score in Macerata (17.2%).

The electoral results of Lega Nord Marche in the region are shown in the table below.

1990 regional 1992 general 1994 general 1995 regional 1996 general 1999 European 2000 regional 2001 general 2004 European 2005 regional 2006 general 2008 general 2009 European 2010 regional 2013 general 2014 European 2015 regional
0.3 1.3 - 0.5 1.5 0.4 0.3 - 0.9 0.9 1.0 2.2 5.5 6.3 0.7 2.7 13.0


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