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Lega Padana (Padanian League) is a Padanist and separatist political party active mainly in Piedmont, Italy.

In the 2009 provincial elections, led by Renzo Rabellino, Lega Padana Piemont (LPP) obtained 1.1% of the vote in the Province of Alessandria[1] and 1.0% in the Province of Turin.[2] Rabellino, who was a joint-candidate of several small parties won 3.5% of the vote and was elected to the Provincial Council of Turin.[3] In the 2010 Piedmontese regional election Rabellino ran for President and gained 1.7%.[4] In 2011 Turin municipal election the candidate supported by LPP, Domenico Coppola, won 3.6% of the vote.[5] Coppola, who had been elected to the Municipal Council, died a few days later the election.[6]

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