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Lega Sud Ausonia (Ausonia South League) is a minor independentist political party in Italy.

The party was founded in 1996, as the sister-party of Lega Nord in Southern Italy, and is led by Gianfranco Vestuto. Similarly to Lega Nord's goal of establishing an independent Padania, Lega Sud wants to establish an independent Ausonia. The party is not represented in the Italian Parliament, the European Parliament, nor in any regional or provincial assemblies.

In the 2001 general election Vestuto was a candidate of Lega Nord in Campania, but after that the two parties distanced themselves and Lega Sud chose to follow an anti-Northern line. In 2010 the party signed a federation pact with the newly formed We the South party. Under this agreement the group of NS in the Chamber of Deputies took the name of Noi Sud/Lega Sud Ausonia.[1][2]



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