Legend of Chu and Han

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Legend of Chu and Han
Legend of Chu and Han.jpg
Also known as 'King's War
Chu Han Chuanqi'
Genre Historical drama
Written by Wang Peigong
Wang Hailin
Yan Gang
Directed by Gao Xixi
Shen Yan
Guo Miaoxin
Presented by Yu Dong
Chi Yufeng
Ouyang Changlin
Yang Shoucheng
Zhang Suzhou
Wan Ke
Wang Tongyuan
Wang Xiaodong
Zhao Shuqing
Gu Yongqiang
Luo Hao
He Ling
Starring Chen Daoming
Peter Ho
Duan Yihong
Qin Lan
Li Yixiao
Sun Haiying
Yang Lixin
Huo Qing
Yu Hewei
You Yong
Elvis Tsui
Yu Bin
Opening theme Tianxia Yingxiong (天下英雄) performed by Han Lei
Ending theme Wei Ai Er Sheng (为爱而生) performed by Song Zuying
Composer(s) Xu Peidong
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 80 as of 15 June 2013
Executive producer(s) Zhao Hongmei, Zhang Huali, Kong Lingquan, Cheng Weidong, Gu Shunkun, Zhao Duojia, Guo Man, Zheng Gang, Xue Huixuan, Ding Yilan, Guo Li, Xiao Rong, Guo Yan, Ma Baozhou, Zhang Heng, Yang Yuming, Yu Wanqin, Liu Jun
Producer(s) Lu Guoqiang, Li Chaoyang, Feng Weiwei, Jiang Zhong, Mu Xiaosui
Location(s) China
Cinematography Niu Mingshan
Guo Qingrui
Zhang Yong
Li Li
Production company(s) 1. Bona Film Group Ltd.
2. Beijing XiShiJi Film and TV Culture Development
Distributor Mou Jihong
Original network 1. Anhui TV
2. Zhejiang TV
3. Jiangxi TV
4. Tianjin TV
First shown in 28 December 2012
Legend of Chu and Han
Traditional Chinese 楚漢傳奇
Simplified Chinese 楚汉传奇

Legend of Chu and Han, also known as King's War and Chu Han Chuanqi, is a Chinese television series based on the events in the Chu–Han Contention, an interregnum between the fall of the Qin dynasty and the founding of the Han dynasty. It started airing on Anhui TV, Zhejiang TV, Jiangxi TV and Tianjin TV on 28 December 2012.



Legend of Chu and Han is the second historical drama television series directed by Gao Xixi, after Three Kingdoms (2010). The production cost for Legend of Chu and Han was expected to break records, as Bona Film Group Ltd. announced on 8 June 2011 that it would provide Gao with a budget of 1.7 billion yuan for the project, excluding the costs for possible future expansions.[1]

Filming started on 25 August 2011[1] and ended on 5 May 2012.

Set construction[edit]

According to reports, apart from its huge budget, one of the highlights of the series is its realistic sets. The palace, along with other important locations in the television series, had to be totally reconstructed in accordance with the requirements stated in the script. The sets are expected to be completed by July 2011.[1]


Chen Daoming formally signed on to play Liu Bang, one of the lead roles in the drama.[1] On 25 August 2011, Gao Xixi appeared in public with six confirmed members of the cast, including Chen, Peter Ho, Hu Dong and Liu Yuxin. Chen had been confirmed to play Liu Bang while Ho was a likely choice for the role of Xiang Yu.[2]


Screenwriter Wang Peigong spent years creating the script for Legend of Chu and Han. Gao Xixi said in an interview, "Peigong and I would discuss about Legend of Chu and Han when we have time. It has been four years, I believe the time is ripe now. The story will begin from Liu Bang starting off as a patrol officer in Pei County, until he established the Han Dynasty and became the emperor. This series will not follow the narrative style of historical dramas. The clever part about Legend of Chu and Han lies in the word Legend."[2]

English Language Version[edit]

On August 15, 2015 an English Dub of all 80 episodes was completed for release on South African Cable Television.


The series received average ratings, but Gao Xixi claimed that it was attracting a highly educated audience.[3]

International broadcast[edit]

Country Network(s)/Station(s) Series premiere Title
 Thailand True4U August 10, 2015 ฉู่ฮั่น ศึกชิงบัลลังก์ สะท้านปฐพี (Chu Han Suek Ching Ballang Sataan Pattapi[4])


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