Legend of Makai

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Legend of Makai
Legend of Makai flyer.png
Flyer for the original Japanese release
Genre(s)Platform game
Mode(s)Up to 2 players, alternating turns
CabinetStandard upright
CPUMotorola 68000
SoundZilog Z80, Yamaha YM2203

Legend of Makai (Japanese: Makai Densetsu) is an arcade video game from 1988. It was produced by Japanese video game manufacturer Jaleco.


Gameplay screenshot

Legend of Makai is an action/adventure platformer based in a fantasy setting. The player controls a young warrior whose quest is to rescue a princess from an evil wizard. The warrior starts off with only a sword, but can purchase other weapons and magical items from shops. The gameplay consists finding one's way through non-linear levels, using keys to open doors and killing or avoiding various enemies. The player has a fixed amount of time to complete each level.


Legend of Makai was favourably reviewed by Power Play's Martin Gaksch, who praised the game's mix of action and adventure, but also criticized the graphics.[1]


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