Legend of the White Hair Brides

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Legend of the White Hair Brides
Legend of the White Hair Brides.jpg
Genre Wuxia, romance
Written by Liang Yusheng (original story)
Chen Xiuqun (screenwriter)
Directed by Sun Xueping
Xu Weiguang
Starring Huang Biren
Lina Ng
Ann Kok
Theme music composer Jeremy Chang
Ng Yuk-man
Wong Man
Opening theme Tian Ruo You Qing (天若有情) performed by Jeremy Chang
Ending theme 1. Chongfeng (重逢) performed by Shirley Kwan
2. Xuezhonglian (雪中莲) performed by Faye Wong
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 21
Executive producer(s) Huang Zhuoxiong
Ge Hongfa
Producer(s) Sun Xueping
Location(s) Xinjiang
Cinematography Xia Qi
Zhang Jiayu
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) TCS
Shanghai Oriental TV
Original network TCS-8
Original release 6 February 1996
Legend of the White Hair Brides
Traditional Chinese 塞外奇俠
Simplified Chinese 塞外奇侠

Legend of the White Hair Brides is a Singaporean television series adapted from the wuxia novels Baifa Monü Zhuan, Saiwai Qixia Zhuan and Qijian Xia Tianshan by Liang Yusheng. It was first broadcast on TCS-8 in 1996 in Singapore.


The story is set in the early Qing dynasty. Zhuo Yihang of the Wudang Sect is in love with Lian Nichang, but Zhuo's fellows strongly oppose their relationship and cause them to break up. Lian is heartbroken and her hair turns white overnight. She becomes known as the "White Haired Demoness". Zhuo is unwilling to give up his love for Lian and seeks a rare flower that can turn white hair black again. However, the flower only blooms once every six decades. After a long search, Zhuo finally finds the flower on Mount Heaven, but it is accidentally destroyed by his apprentice, Xin Longzi.

Around the same time, Reverend Huiming of the Mount Heaven Sect accepts two boys, Yang Yuncong and Chu Zhaonan, as his students. Several years later, the boys have grown up to become formidable swordsmen. Yang meets Nalan Minghui, the daughter of a Qing general, and falls in love with her after she saved his life once. They secretly conceive a daughter, Yilan Zhu, but can never be together as Nalan's parents have betrothed her to Prince Dodo. Concurrently, "Flying Red Sash" Hamaya, the White Haired Demoness's apprentice, also develops a crush on Yang, but Yang rejects her love. Hamaya is heartbroken and her hair turns white overnight, just like her teacher before her. She takes the baby Yilan Zhu away in anger and adopts her as a student.

In the meantime, Yang's junior, Chu Zhaonan, is tempted by fame and wealth, and he betrays his sect to serve the Qing imperial court. More than 20 years later, the grown-up Yilan Zhu is unable to escape her fate of following in her predecessors' footsteps, and her hair also turns white. Yang Yuncong and Hamaya meet again on Mount Heaven and they defeat Chu Zhaonan together. Yilan Zhu wants to help her father reconcile with Hamaya, but they refuse and decide to go separate ways.


  • Huang Biren as Lian Nichang
  • Lina Ng as Hamaya
  • Ann Kok as Nalan Minghui / Yilan Zhu
  • Qin Wei as Yang Yuncong
  • Shen Huihao as Chu Zhaonan
  • Yuan Wenqing as Zhuo Yihang
  • Zheng Wenquan as Zhang Huazhao
  • Liang Weidong as Prince Dodo
  • Ge Hongfa as Reverend Huiming

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