Legends of Motorsport (band)

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Legends of Motorsport
Origin North Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Genres Stoner rock, garage rock
Years active 1997–present
Labels Low Transit Industries
High Beam Music
Mt Panorama Records
Website http://www.legendsofmotorsport.com.au
Members Jean Claude Vangelis
Richard Fyshwick
Thomas the Wank Engine
Past members Mike the Hammer
Lightnin' Watkins
Honest Lee
Whiskey Ago Go
Hertz Van Rental

Legends of Motorsport is a rock band formed in Hobart and based in Melbourne, Australia.[1]

Legends of Motorsport have released three albums. The first was Duel Fuel which was a compilation of their Beef With Cheese and Legends Of Motorsport eps. Their second was Remnants From The Big Bang (2006) released on Reverberation[2][3][4] and featuring cover art by Peter Bagge.[5] The third, released in November 2009, is entitled Yeah Uh Huh. New LP entitled "Survival of the Fittest" is out April 2016 on Cobra Snake Necktie records.

Legends of Motorsport have played at the Big Day Out[6] and Meredith Music Festival[7] and have supported Queens of the Stoneage, Mudhoney, Beasts of Bourbon and Magic Dirt.[8][9][10]

The Legends played the Last Big Bang Saturday. April 1st 2017. There were Meat and Potatoes.[11]



  • Survival Of The Fittest - (EP) (May 2016)[12]
  • Yeah Uh Huh - Low Transit Industries (November 2009)
  • Remnants From The Big Bang - Reverberation (September 2006)[13]
  • Duel Fuel (August, 2005)
  • Beef With Cheese (EP) - High Beam Music (2002)
  • Legends Of Motorsport (EP) (2001)


  • "Meat and Potatoes" - Reverberation (July, 2006)
  • "Mess It Up" - Reverberation (July, 2006)
  • "Drivin"/"No Sense" - Mt Panorama Records (2005)
  • "Free Radical Oxygen Cells" - Mt Panorama Records (1992)
  • "Warm Milk With Honey"/"Don't Need Love" (Four track maxi single)


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