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The Legends of Skyfall was a series of four adventure gamebooks written by David Tant and published by Armada in 1985. They were written to cash in on the explosive popularity of such books, spawned by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy and later Joe Dever's Lone Wolf series.

The books allow the reader to become a lone adventurer on a planet called Skyfall which was colonized by humans who were fugitives from a dying planet. Although the population of humans on the planet has grown over an undisclosed period of time (hinted at being a few hundred years) to the point where they now outnumber indigenous races, the planet remains largely untamed. The humans themselves are largely hemmed in to a small Kingdom known as Delta.

The series' major deviation from others of the genre was a unique system for organizing combat. Whereas most gamebooks and Role-Playing Games involve the use of dice to create randomness, the Skyfall series adopted a system of coin tosses.


  1. Monsters of the Marsh
  2. The Black Pyramid
  3. Mine of Torments
  4. The Garden of Madness

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