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Legion may refer to:

In the military[edit]

  • Roman legion, the basic military unit of the ancient Roman army
  • Spanish Legion, an elite military unit within the Spanish Army
  • Legion of the United States, a reorganization of the United States Army from 1792 to 1796
  • French Foreign Legion, a military service wing of the French Army, created for foreign nationals willing to serve in the French Armed Forces
  • Various military legions, often composed of soldiers from a specific ethnic, national, religious or ideological background
  • HMS Legion (1914), a Royal Navy ship sold for scrapping in 1921
  • HMS Legion, a L-class destroyer of the Royal Navy sunk in March 1942

Veterans' organizations[edit]



Arts and media[edit]


Film and television[edit]





  • Legion Field, a stadium in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Legion Park, a stadium in Great Falls, Montana
  • Legion Sports Complex, a complex in Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Legion Stadium, the main stadium in the Legion Sports Complex
  • Legion State Park, located in the red hill country of Louisville, Mississippi, and area originally inhabited by the Choctaw Indian Nation
  • Lajjun, Palestinian village whose name was derived from "Legion"


See also[edit]

  • Legionella, a bacterium
  • Lajjun, Palestinian village whose name is derived from "Legion"