Legion Condor (film)

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Legion Condor
Directed by Karl Ritter
Produced by Karl Ritter
Written by Felix Lützkendorf
Karl Ritter
Starring Paul Hartmann
Albert Hehn
Fritz Kampers
Music by Herbert Windt
Cinematography Günther Anders
Edited by Gottfried Ritter
Release date
  • June 15, 1939 (June 15, 1939)
Country Nazi Germany
Language German

Legion Condor is a 1939 German war film directed by Karl Ritter and starring Paul Hartmann, Albert Hehn and Fritz Kampers. The film portrays the German Condor Legion which fought in the Spanish Civil War. Because of the Nazi-Soviet Pact, the film was pulled from distribution in August 1939 to avoid offending the Soviets who had supported the other side in Spain and who were negatively portrayed in the film.[1]



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