Legion Quest

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"Legion Quest"
PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication date1994 – 1995
Main character(s)Legion

"Legion Quest" is a six-part Marvel Comics crossover event involving the X-Men, published in 1994-1995. It was a prelude to the Age of Apocalypse extended storyline.

Tie-in issues[edit]

Prologue X-Factor #109

  1. The Uncanny X-Men #320
  2. X-Men Vol. 2 #40
  3. The Uncanny X-Men #321
  4. X-Men Vol. 2 #41

Epilogue Cable #20

Collected editions[edit]

Title Material Collected Publication Date ISBN
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Prelude X-Factor #108-109; Uncanny X-Men #319-321; X-Men Vol. 2 #38-41; Cable #20; X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Ashcan Edition June 2011 0785155082