Legion Records

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Legion Records
Founded 1997
Founder Michael "Mikey" Brosnan
Status Defunct
Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Legion Records was started in 1997 by Michael Brosnan under the name Goatboy Records then changed to Goatboy Farms Recordings. It was centered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The final name change (to Legion) occurred in 1999 for, publicly, unknown reasons. The label specialized in the heavy metal, grindcore and sludge genres of music.


  • GB001 Burn the Priest / ZED (split, 7" vinyl record)
  • GB002 Machine That Flashes - "Resensitized" (EP, 7" vinyl record)
  • GB003 ZED / 309 Chorus (split, CD)
  • Terror13-04 Burn the Priest - "Burn the Priest" (full-length, compact disc)
  • Terror13-05 Noisegate - "The Towers Are Burning" (full-length, compact disc)
  • Terror13-06 Wormwood - "Behemoth" (EP, 7" vinyl record)

Other Releases[edit]

The following are releases by Legion Records, but their catalog number is unknown:

Wormwood - "Requiescat" (full-length, compact disc, co-release with Arm Records.)


This is the web logo for the label when it went under the Goatboy moniker: Goatboy.png

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