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Legion of Doom
aka LOD & LOD/H
Formation1984[1] Recreation: 2015
LOD Technical Journals
AffiliationsMasters of Deception
Cult of the Dead Cow

The Legion of Doom (LOD) was an American hacker group founded by a hacker known as Lex Luthor after a rift with his previous group, the Knights of Shadow. LOD was active from the 1980s to the early 2000s, but was most active from 1984 to 1991. Today, Legion of Doom ranks as one of the more influential hacking groups in the history of technology, appearing to be a reference to the antagonists of Challenge of the Superfriends.

At different points in the group's history, LOD was split into LOD and LOD/LOH (Legion of Doom/Legion of Hackers) for the members that were more skilled at hacking than pure phreaking.

Another hacking group existed simultaneously, called MOD, short for the Masters of Deception. While the ideologies of LOD and MOD differed, there was a cross-over between the members of the groups, so the actions of the members can be difficult to attribute. Unlike the hacking group MOD, there are different opinions regarding what the Legion of Doom is. LOD published the Legion of Doom Technical Journals and contributed to the overall pool of hacking knowledge. They claimed that they did not cause direct harm to the phone systems and computer networks they accessed. Still, at the time, any tampering with the phone systems was considered damaging, and many LOD members were raided and prosecuted by law enforcement for causing alleged damage to systems (Grant, Darden and Riggs, etc.).


During the summer of 1984, a year after the movie WarGames was released, an idea was formulated that would ultimately change the face of the computer underground forever. That particular summer, a huge surge of interest in computer telecommunications placed a large number of new enthusiasts on the national computer scene. This crowd of people all seeking to learn as much as possible began to put a strain on the bulletin board (FIDO) scene, as the novices stormed the phone lines in search of knowledge. From out of this chaos came a need for knowledgeable instructors to teach information to the new users.

In 1984, one of the most popular bulletin boards of the day was a system in New York state called Plover-NET, which was run by a person who called himself Quasimodo. This BBS was so heavily trafficked that a major long-distance company began blocking all calls to its number (516-935-2481). The co-sysop of Plover-NET was a person known as Lex Luthor. At the time there were a few hacking groups in existence, such as Fargo 4A and Knights of Shadow, but the Legion of Doom was considered the most technically adept. Lex joined KOS in early 1984, but after a few suggestions about new members were rejected, Lex decided to put up an invitation-only BBS and form a new group. Lex contacted those people who he had seen on BBSes such as Plover-NET and the people that he knew personally who possessed the necessary knowledge that the group he envisioned should have, starting around May 1984. After a number of Alliance Teleconferences, Lex Luthor, Karl Marx, Mark Tabas, Agrajag the Prolonged, King Blotto, Blue Archer, EBA, The Dragyn, and Unknown Soldier became the original Legion of Doom members.[1]

Members of LOD[edit]

1991 Legion of Doom T-shirt created by Chris Goggans 'Erik Bloodaxe'.

As of 2012, it is unknown what happened to individual members of the Legion of Doom. A small handful of the higher-profile LOD members who are accounted for includes: "Lex Luthor", "Erik Bloodaxe", "Mark Tabas", "Karl Marx", "Agrajag the Prolonged", "Automatic Jack", "Bill From RNOC", "Lord Digital", "The Mentor", "Doctor Who", "Dead Lord", "Phiber Optik", who was a member of both LOD and Masters of Deception (MOD), and "Terminus".[2]

Alumni of the Fraternal Order of the Legion of Doom (Lambda Omega Delta)[1]
Handle Entered Exited Location Reasons for leaving
Lex Luthor Early 84 Florida
Karl Marx Early 84 Late 85 Colorado Bust w/Tabas..College
Mark Tabas Early 84 Late 85 Colorado Too numerous to list
Agrajag the Prolonged Early-84 Late 85 California Loss of Interest
King Blotto Early 84 Late 85 Ohio College
Blue Archer Early 84 Late 87 Texas College
EBA Early 84 Texas
The Dragyn Early 84 Late 86 Minnesota Loss of Interest
Unknown Soldier Early 84 Early 85 Florida Bust-Toll Fraud
Sharp Razor Late 84 Early 86 New Jersey Bust-Compuserve Abuse
Sir Francis Drake Late 84 Early 86 California Loss of Interest
Paul Muad'dib (Jeremiah Beckingham) Late 84 Early 89 Toronto, ONT Loss of Interest
Phucked Agent 04 Late 84 Late 87 California College
X-Man Late 84 Mid 85 New York Bust-Blue Boxing
Randy Smith Late 84 Mid 85 Missouri Bust-Credit Fraud
Steve Dahl Early 85 Early 86 Illinois Bust-Credit Fraud
The Warlock Early 85 Early 86 Florida Loss of Interest
Terminal Man Early 85 Late 85 Massachusetts Expelled from Group
Dr. Who Early 85 Late 89 Massachusetts Several Reasons
The Videosmith Early 86 Late 87 Pennsylvania Paranoia
Kerrang Khan Early 86 Mid 89 "London UK" Loss of Interest
Gary Seven Early 86 Mid 88 Florida Loss of Interest
The Marauder Early 86 Mid 89 Connecticut Loss of Interest
Silver Spy Late 86 Late 87 Massachusetts College
Bill from RNOC Early 87 Late 87 New York Bust-Hacking
The Leftist Mid 87 Late 89 Georgia Bust-Hacking
Phantom Phreaker Mid 87 Illinois
Doom Prophet Mid 87 Illinois
Jester Sluggo Mid 87 North Dakota
Carrier Culprit Mid 87 Mid 88 Pennsylvania Loss of Interest
SysOp Mid 87 Early 90 Washington Bust-Hacking
Master of Impact Mid 87 Mid 88 California Loss of Interest
Thomas Covenant Early 88 Early 90 New York Bust-Hacking
The Mentor Mid 88 Early 90 Texas Retired after US Secret Service raid
Necron 99 Mid 88 Late 89 Georgia Bust-Hacking
Control C Mid 88 Early 90 Michigan
Prime Suspect Mid 88 New York
The Prophet Mid 88 Late 89 Georgia Bust-Hacking
Phiber Optik Early 89 Early 90 New York Bust-Hacking
CompuPhreak Early 84 Early 87 Florida Started a Business
Djinn Early 90 Early 01 Georgia Retired

Internal and external battles of LOD[edit]

LOD was against wanton destruction of hacked computers. Gary Cohen "Terminal Man" was dismissed from the group for this reason.[citation needed] Other disagreements led to infighting between Erik Bloodaxe and Mark Tabas. A war with MOD was undertaken, and Erik Bloodaxe led as LOD's general. While Bloodaxe was active in this regard, other LOD members were less so.

Projects of LOD[edit]

In 1992, several members of LOD came together and founded LODCOM, Inc.,[citation needed] which collected old hacker bulletin board messages for an archive, which was to be sold. Most, if not all, of this material later ended up on textfiles.com. Marauder formed LOD.COM as a consulting company, and several ex-LOD members had accounts on the system. In the late 1990s, a root DNS server had an illicit new TLD of .LOD for over a year. The business name "LOD Communications" arose sometime in the late 80s when Frank Carson (aka Basketball Jones - one of the few "Unknown to the public" LOD Members) registered the name & applied for a CT Tax ID to enable Marauder to get on the Bellcore technical document mailing list.

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Public access legal records and transcripts[edit]

  • US Government's Sentencing Memorandum, US v. Grant, Darden and Riggs, Criminal Action Number 1:90-CR-31, December 1990. (US Government v. "Legion of Doom")
  • LOD Technical Manuals and source
  • The Legion of Doom/Hackers Technical Journal