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Laws of Ukraine are legal documents created by the Ukrainian legislative power, Verkhovna Rada and establish the state order in country. The Laws of Ukraine support and supplement the fundamental law of country, Constitution of Ukraine. Some laws were codified into Civil Code, Criminal Code and so on.

For procedural reasons Verkhovna Rada also issues resolutions that explain how legal document would be presented to parliament. Bills are usually considered by the Verkhovna Rada following the procedure of three readings; the President of Ukraine must sign a law before it can be officially promulgated.[1] After laws are published in Holos Ukrayiny they come into force officially the next day.[2] The Verkhovna Rada can take the decision on final adoption of the bill after the first or second reading if the bill is considered as such that does not require refinement.[1]

Codified Laws[edit]

  • Airspace Code (2011, 1993)
  • Tax Code (2010)
  • Budget Code (2010, 2001)
  • Code of Administrative Proceedings (2005)
  • Civil Procedural Code (2004, 1963)
  • Criminal Executive Code (2003)
  • Civil Code (2003, 1963)
  • Economic Code (2003)
  • Customs Code (2002, 1991)
  • Family Code (2002)
  • Land Code (2001, 1990, 1970)
  • Criminal Code (2001, 1960)
  • Water Code (1995, 1972)
  • Maritime Code (1995)
  • Code on Subsoil (1994)
  • Forest Code (1994)
  • Economic Procedural Code (1991)
  • Code on Administrative Offenses (1984)
  • Residential Code (1983)
  • Labor Code (1971)
  • Criminal Procedural Code (1960)

Inactive Codes[edit]

  • Correctional Labor Code (1970)
  • Code on Marriage and Family (1969)

Important State Laws[edit]

Other legal documents[edit]

All bodies of executive power issue their own legal documents.

  • President - decree (ukase)
  • Cabinet - resolution (rarely decree)
  • other - orders

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