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There are currently fourteen legislative buildings in Canada: Parliament in Ottawa, and one for each of the provinces and territories of Canada, though not all contain the words legislative building in their names.


Picture Name Location Years of construction
Centre Block - Parliament Hill.jpg Canada: Parliament Buildings of Canada Ottawa, Ontario
45°25′29″N 75°41′57″W / 45.424807°N 75.699234°W / 45.424807; -75.699234 (Parliament Buildings of Canada)
1859-1876 (Centre Block: 1916-1927)
Alberta-Provincial-Legislature-Building-Edmonton-Alberta-Canada-01.jpg Alberta: Legislative Building of Alberta Edmonton
53°32′01″N 113°30′24″W / 53.533714°N 113.506531°W / 53.533714; -113.506531 (Legislative Building of Alberta)
British Columbia Parliament Buildings - Pano - HDR.jpg British Columbia: Parliament Buildings of British Columbia Victoria
48°25′11″N 123°22′13″W / 48.41963°N 123.37026°W / 48.41963; -123.37026 (Parliament Building of British Columbia)
Parliamentwinnipeg manitoba.jpg Manitoba: Legislative Building of Manitoba Winnipeg
49°53′04″N 97°08′49″W / 49.884394°N 97.146918°W / 49.884394; -97.146918 (Legislative Building of Manitoba)
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.jpg New Brunswick: Legislative Building of New Brunswick Fredericton
45°57′34″N 66°38′10″W / 45.959325°N 66.636103°W / 45.959325; -66.636103 (Legislative Building of New Brunswick)
Confederation Building (front), St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.jpg Newfoundland and Labrador: Confederation Building (Newfoundland and Labrador) St. John's
47°35′00.27″N 52°43′25.71″W / 47.5834083°N 52.7238083°W / 47.5834083; -52.7238083 (Confederation Building (Newfoundland and Labrador))
Northwest Territories Legislative Building.jpg Northwest Territories: Legislative Building of the Northwest Territories Yellowknife
62°27′34″N 114°22′55″W / 62.459384°N 114.382042°W / 62.459384; -114.382042 (Legislative Building of the Northwest Territories)
Province House (Nova Scotia).jpg Nova Scotia: Province House (Nova Scotia) Halifax
44°38′52″N 63°34′24″W / 44.64791°N 63.573396°W / 44.64791; -63.573396 (Province House)
Leg Building Iqaluit 2000-08-27.jpg Nunavut: Legislative Building of Nunavut Iqaluit
63°45′01″N 068°31′23″W / 63.75028°N 68.52306°W / 63.75028; -68.52306 (Legislative Building of Nunavut)
Pink Palace Toronto 2010.jpg Ontario: Legislative Building of Ontario Toronto
43°39′45″N 79°23′30″W / 43.662447°N 79.391708°W / 43.662447; -79.391708 (Legislative Building of Ontario)
282 - Birthplace of Canada Charlottetown PEI.JPG Prince Edward Island: Province House (Prince Edward Island) Charlottetown
46°14′06″N 63°07′34″W / 46.234927°N 63.126084°W / 46.234927; -63.126084 (Province House)
Québec - Hôtel du Parlement 3.jpg Quebec: Parliament Building of Quebec Quebec City
46°48′32″N 71°12′51″W / 46.808762°N 71.214178°W / 46.808762; -71.214178 (Parliament Building of Quebec)
Saskatchewan legislative building.jpg Saskatchewan: Legislative Building of Saskatchewan Regina
50°25′57″N 104°36′54″W / 50.432426°N 104.615099°W / 50.432426; -104.615099 (Legislative Building of Saskatchewan)
Yukon Legislative Building 2012.jpg Yukon: Legislative Building of Yukon Whitehorse
60°43′01″N 135°02′58″W / 60.716948°N 135.049374°W / 60.716948; -135.049374 (Legislative Building of Yukon)

Picture Name Location Years of construction
Canada: Nunatsiavut Assembly Building Hopedale, Newfoundland and Labrador


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