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The Legislative District of Sarangani is the representation of the province of Sarangani in the Congress of the Philippines. The province is currently represented in the lower house of the Congress through its lone congressional district.


Prior to gaining separate representation, areas now under the jurisdiction of Sarangani were represented under the Department of Mindanao and Sulu (1917–1935), the undivided province of Cotabato (1935–1967), Region XI (1978–1984) and South Cotabato (1967–1972; 1984–1995).

The passage of Republic Act No. 7228 on March 16, 1992 and its subsequent ratification by plebiscite on November 28, 1992 separated the entire third district of South Cotabato to form the new province of Sarangani.[1] South Cotabato's former third district automatically became the representation of Sarangani upon its establishment in 1992, but the new province only elected a representative under its own name beginning in 1995.

Lone District[edit]

  • Population (2015): 544,261[2]
Period Representative[3]
10th Congress
James L. Chiongbian
11th Congress
12th Congress
Erwin L. Chiongbian
13th Congress
14th Congress
15th Congress
Emmanuel "Manny" D. Pacquiao
16th Congress
17th Congress
Rogelio D. Pacquiao
18th Congress


  1. ^ Seat vacant for the entirety of the 11th Congress.[3] Juan Domino garnered the most votes in the 1998 election but was not allowed to take his seat; he was later disqualified for lack of residency.[4] No special elections were conducted to fill the seat.

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