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A legislature broadcaster is a broadcaster, a television channel or a radio station that mainly broadcasts sound or video from the legislature and other parliamentary chambers such as parliamentary commissions in a city, state or in a country.

They can be either owned by the legislature chamber itself such as Europe by Satellite owned by the European Commission, Lok Sabha TV by the Lower House of Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha TV by the Upper House of Indian Parliament or the Knesset Channel, the country's public broadcaster like BBC Parliament, S4C2 or ABC NewsRadio, or a private company like C-SPAN or CPAC.

When the chamber is down or on holiday, either the channel goes down or other public affairs programming is broadcast.

List of legislative broadcasters[edit]


Area Channel Legislature & Chambers
United Kingdom BBC Parliament House of Commons, House of Lords, Scottish Parliament (recorded), Welsh Assembly (recorded), Northern Ireland Assembly (recorded)
Wales S4C2 (defunct) Welsh Assembly
Isle of Man Manx Radio Tynwald
Jersey BBC Radio Jersey (AM band) States of Jersey
France La Chaîne parlementaire National Assembly, Senate
Germany Parlamentsfernsehen Bundestag, Bundesrat
Netherlands Politiek 24 House of Representatives
Tweede kamerlijn House of Representatives
Spain Canal Parlamento Congress of Deputies
Portugal ARtv Assembly of the Republic
Denmark DR Politik Folketing
Luxembourg Chamber TV Chamber of Deputies
Italy Camera dei Deputati Chamber of Deputies
Senato Italiano Senate
Rai GR Parlamento Parliament of Italy, President of the Italian Republic, European Parliament, Regional and some Communal Council
Radio Radicale Chamber of Deputies, Senate
Greece Vouli Tileorasi Hellenic Parliament
Iceland Iceland Parliament Althingi
Malta Parliament TV House of Representatives
Radju Malta 2
Ukraine Rada TV Verkhovna Rada
Slovenia Televizija Slovenija 3 National Assembly, National Council
Republic of Macedonia MRT Sobraniski Kanal Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia
European Union Europe by Satellite European Commission, European Parliament
EuroparlTV European Parliament

North & South America[edit]

Area Channel Legislature & Chambers
Canada Cable Public Affairs Channel House of Commons, Senate of Canada
British Columbia Hansard TV Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
New Brunswick Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick Television Service Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly Channel Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly
Nova Scotia Legislative Television Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia
Ontario Ontario Parliament Network Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Quebec Canal de l'Assemblée nationale National Assembly of Quebec
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Legislative Network Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
Yukon CHLA-FM (defunct) Yukon Legislative Assembly
United States C-SPAN United States House of Representatives, United States Senate
Florida The Florida Channel Florida House of Representatives, Florida Senate
Mexico Canal del Congreso Chamber of Deputies, Senate
Trinidad and Tobago The Parliament Channel House of Representatives, Senate
Brazil TV Senado Brazilian Senate
TV Câmara Brazilian Chamber of Deputies
Venezuela ANTV National Assembly of Venezuela
Peru Canal Congreso de la Republica Congress of Peru
Chile TV Senado Senate of the Republic of Chile
Cámara de Diputados Televisión (CDTv) Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Chile

Asia & Oceania[edit]

Area Channel Legislature & Chambers
Israel Knesset Channel Knesset
India Lok Sabha TV & Rajya Sabha TV Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha
Pakistan PTV News National Assembly, Senate
Australia ABC NewsRadio House of Representatives, Australian Senate
New Zealand AM Network House of Representatives
Parliament TV
Republic of Korea (South Korea) National Assembly Television (NATV) National Assembly
Republic of China (Taiwan) Parliamentary Channel 1 & Parliamentary Channel 2
(Both operated by Chinese Television System)
Legislative Yuan
Thailand Thai Parliament Television National Assembly of Thailand


Area Channel Legislature & Chambers
Kenya PBU Senate TV Senate of Kenya
PBU Bunge TV National Assembly of Kenya