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Legislature of Liberia
53rd Liberian Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Houses Senate
House of Representatives
Joseph Boakai, UP
Since 16 January 2006
President Pro Tempore
Armah Zolu Jallah, Ind.
Since 12 February 2015[1]
Speaker of the House
Alex J. Tyler, UP
Since 6 April 2007
Seats 103
30 Senators
73 Representatives
Liberia House chart.svg
House of Representatives political groups
  Unity (25)
  CDC (10)
  Liberty (7)
  NUDP (6)
  NDC (5)
  APD (3)
  NPP (3)
  MPC (2)
  LDP (1)
  LTP (1)
  NRP (1)
  Independents (9)
Liberia Senate chart.svg
Senate political groups
  Unity (10)
  NPP (6)
  CDC (3)
  NUDP (2)
  APD (2)
  Liberty (1)
  NDC (1)
  LDP (1)
  NDPL (1)
  Independents (3)
House of Representatives last election
11 October 2011
Senate last election
20 December 2014[2]
Meeting place
Capitol Building, Monrovia
legislature.gov.lr[dead link]
Coat of arms of Liberia.svg
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The Legislature of Liberia is the bicameral legislature of the government of Liberia. It consists of a Senate - the upper house, and a House of Representatives - the lower house, modeled after the United States Congress. Sessions are held at the Capitol Building in Monrovia.

The House contains 73 seats, with each county being apportioned a number of seats based on its population. The Senate has 30 members, with two senators serving from each county. Both House and Senate seats are filled through direct election, with candidates who gain a plurality of the vote winning their contested seats. House members serve a term of six years and senators serve a term of nine years, with sitting members allowed to seek re-election.

Current composition[edit]

Name (English) Abbr. Seats in House of Representatives Seats in Senate
Unity Party UP 25 10
Congress for Democratic Change CDC 10 3
Liberty Party LP 7 2
National Union for Democratic Progress NUDP 6 2
National Democratic Coalition NDC 5 1
Alliance for Peace and Democracy APD 3 2
National Patriotic Party NPP 3 6
Movement for Progressive Change MPC 2 0
Liberia Transformation Party LTP 1 0
National Reformation Party NRP 1 0
National Democratic Party of Liberia NDPL 0 1
Independents Ind. 9 3
Total 73 30

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