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Lego Baby
Availability1995 (1995)–2006

Primo Bricks.

Lego Baby is a line of bricks by the Lego Group for very young children.

In the past it was sold first as Duplo Primo (1995–96) then as Lego Primo (1997–99) and became Lego Baby from 2000. Lego Baby line had been combined with Lego Duplo line to make "Lego Explore" during 2002 till mid-2004. Then Lego reused Lego Baby again from mid-2004 until it was discontinued in 2006.[citation needed]

Its compatibility with other Lego elements is fairly minimal. Regular Lego bricks of the same length and width can be attached to the bottom of Duplo bricks and adapter pieces are also available. The bricks are larger to prevent babies from swallowing them.[citation needed]

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