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Lego Friends
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Total sets258
CharactersAndrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie
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Lego Friends (stylized LEGO Friends) is a product range of the Lego construction toys designed primarily for girls. Introduced in 2012, the theme introduced the "mini-doll" figures, which are about the same size as the traditional minifigures but are more detailed and realistic. The sets include pieces in many color schemes such as orange and green or pink and purple and depict scenes from suburban life set in the fictional town of Heartlake City. The main characters, one of which appears in every set are: Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. The sets are usually named after them. In 2019, Lego revamped the minidolls and gave them new looks.

The Friends product range replaced Lego's previous female-oriented theme Lego Belville, which had been in production since 1994, and featured dolls that were much larger than both the mini-dolls and minifigures. Other related product ranges have included Homemaker (1971–1982), Paradisa (1991–1997) and Scala (1997–2001).


Launched January 1, 2012 in North America (and December 15, 2011, in France), the line includes 23 sets[1] and features five core characters—named Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie—in various suburban settings. In the initial wave of sets, the larger sets include bricks that can build a veterinary clinic, a malt-style café, a beauty salon and a suburban house; smaller sets included a "cool convertible," a design studio, an inventor's workshop and a swimming pool.[2]

A description from Lego website stated: "The Lego Friends story centers on the everyday lives and personalities of five girls in a fictional hometown called Heartlake City. Each of the friends ... has a distinct personality and interests, such as animals, performing arts, invention and design, that are reflected in the models. Building sets reflect different parts of town where the girls' adventures take place—downtown, suburbs, beach, camping grounds and mountains."[2]

The launch of Lego Friends came after a $40 million global marketing push, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. "This is the most significant strategic launch we've done in a decade," said Lego Group chief executive officer Jørgen Vig Knudstorp. "We want to reach the other 50 percent of the world's children."[1] According to the company, boys comprised 90% of Lego's customers in 2011 before the launch of the Friends line.[3]

In 2018, the LEGO Friends line releases showcased some minor changes to the main characters that may or may not be a reboot. Mia's eyes changed from brown to green while her hair was changed from an actual red to true orange-based red, Emma and Andrea's eyes changed from green to brown and Andrea's got earrings, Olivia's skin became slightly darker and she got glasses (specifically blue glasses) and also now wore her hair up in a ponytail braid, and Stephanie's smile was made a little bigger, and hair a lighter shade of blond, as it was dark blond in the original series. Alongside these appearance changes, Lego announced that they are giving the girls deeper personalities whilst making their world more realistic.

Main characters[edit]

The five main characters can be known as the "Friends" or the Lego Friends. The Friends go by the names Stephanie, Mia, Andrea, Emma and Olivia. Each of them has a unique personality that fits each and every one of them perfectly. Each of the girls are different in both appearances and personalities.

  • Mia – An animal lover in the first franchise.

in the beginning, she had "true" red hair; the color of a tomato rather than real red hair that can be called orange hair; hazel-brown eyes that appear more golden honey-colored in the regular computer animation such as "New Girl in Town" and the rest; and peach skin with slightly-noticeable freckles each under her eyes. She also wore her hair up in a low ponytail, and was very athletic.

Mia, in the first series, is a kind and good-hearted friend. Her love interest was Martin, a boy who she grew up on the country farm area who Mia used to be neighbors with, and childhood friend. She also never saw him as a romantic interest until Stephanie took an interest in him, in "Country Girls (Mia's Ranch Romance)". Mia usually wore a light-blue halter top in the shape of a v-neck, with pink butterflies with white lining around them; slightly short, neon green pants with prints of purple butterflies on the left pant leg, also being the only Lego Friend to wear trousers while all the rest wore skirts; and bright purple flip-flops; also the only girl to do so. She has changed outfits throughout the first series, depending on the seasons. The old franchise also had Mia's hair straighter and less red.

In the new franchise, Mia has orange-colored "true named red" hair, and matching eyebrows; with green eyes and lighter skin; but her freckles are gone (or rather, not as much visible). Mia is kind, generous, and animal-loving, in the first generation. She is also a good person in the reboot franchise. In the reboot series, Mia's red hair also has flashing lightning-yellow lowlights and her ponytail is now a high ponytail. In the first generation, her hair could also be thought of as auburn (a brownish red).

Mia has a dog named Toffee, who oddly enough, is male. But in truth, she loves all animals, so she doesn't seem to have a favorite. Even her old-franchise profile said she loves all animals. She also owns a horse named Bella. She has a talent for jumping, running, and beating anyone in any sport, the reason that Martin got unhappy with because his male friends were making fun of him for being beaten by a girl. Mia's favorite activity is horseback riding. She becomes a member of the super squad in the new version. She loves helping people and animals in need. Mia is into sports and horse training. She can take on anyone. But she is also shown to be afraid of rivalry conflict between Stephanie and Tanya, according to the episode "Roomies". She got jealous when she noticed that Stephanie had a crush on Martin. Mia gets a different voice actress in the new franchise. She is voiced by Allegra Clark.

  • Olivia — She is very smart, as she loves anything to do with science. Olivia used to dress more in pink in the first franchise, but the new series had settled it down more. She wears eyeglasses in the new franchise, and has lighter-brown hair, but also has darker skin. Olivia has long hair tied into a braided ponytail, blue thick glasses, and dark brown eyes. Olivia loves the platypus as her favorite animal in the original series. She is unafraid to show her abilities and inventions. Olivia met the girls for the first time in the original series by being a new girl in town, just had moved to Heartlake City. She gets new friends afterward, but things still turn bad. Olivia has a "pet" robot named Zobo. She has lots of other robots as well. Olivia has a crush on Jacob. But Olivia tries not to show this. She is kind, loving, passionate, and a good friend. Olivia hates Tanya almost as much as Stephanie does. She is voiced by Amaya Harrow in the new franchise.

  • Emma - The member of the Friends with great artistic skills and skills in karate. She has long black hair in waves, and green eyes, and white skin. In the reboot, her eyes are changed to brown, and are almond-shaped. Emma is the best karate student in her class. She has long wavy black hair, green eyes (brown in reboot), and light skin. Emma seems very close with Olivia and Stephanie in particular. Emma has a different voice in the reboot LEGO Friends. She is voiced by Faye Mata. She still seems like a good and innocent person, though. She is very nice and kind. She is friendly and lovable. Her favorite color is purple. She has a poodle named Lady who is elegant, well-mannered and always perfectly groomed.

  • Stephanie – Stephanie is the blond-haired friend with a white tank top with pink flowers on it in the original series. She is smart and clever, but also likes to be competitive. Stephanie has blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Her smile was made a little bit bigger in the reboot. She is voiced by Kira Buckland in the new franchise. She is very organized, but is a rival to Tanya Boutaire. Sometimes Stephanie can be very bossy. Stephanie has wanted to be better than Tanya for a very long time (in the original series). She seems to be very kind, and the only ones that hate her are Tanya and her friends. In the end of the episode “Emma’s Dilemma” (in the original series), Stephanie says she is done being enemies with Tanya, but in “Andrea’s Big Moment”, the rivalry seemed to have continued until then. Though Stephanie has a rivalry with Tanya, she tries to be nice throughout the way. Her mother's name is Alicia, and Alicia calls her "Steffi" as a nickname. She is giving and caring. Stephanie seems to like the colors white and pink, according to her attire. Stephanie loves sports and she is very athletic.

She is the only Friend to wear sneakers in the first generation. She is also the only Friend whose name does not end with the letter 'A'.

  • Andrea — The singer of the group, she is a musical genius with an amazing voice. Andrea has dark skin, green eyes (brown in reboot), and brown hair. She wears earrings in the reboot. She is known to be dramatic and likes to yell. Andrea is kind, cool, polite, and a good person. She just has problems in keeping her "drama" in check. Her hair is braided in the new series. She is voiced by Jasmine St. Clair.

In the first series Andrea's skin was darker in the computer animation than it was in the webisodes. It is unknown why this is, though. She is the only Friend in the series without a love interest or crush, besides Tad in "Dive In". Andrea hates being told what to do, and doesn't really see when people are just trying to help her. She, out of all the Friends, is most similar to Stephanie.

She's very dramatic, much to her friends' annoyance and chagrin. Andrea loves yellow, orange, strapless dresses, music, and food. She has a large appetite but never gets overweight as it seems that she has a fast metabolism. Her favorite food is ice cream. Andrea's favorite animal is her pet rabbit named Jazz. She has an aunt named Susan and a grandmother who she calls Grandma Jean, but her mother's first name is never revealed, though Andrea's mother did appear once in "Our Special Day". Andrea is a huge fan of Livi, the popstar. She wants to be just like her, not so much to Livi's knowledge. Andrea's name has some different pronunciations throughout the first franchise, but her main pronunciation is Ahn-dray-uh. Andrea can sing power ballads, and is a really great dancer.

In the Japanese dub, Andrea's voice is more of a husky sounding voice compared to the more of high-pitched her voice is in the English version. This voice in the dub might be to show in hearing more of how her personality is. Andrea also thinks Mia could "loosen up a bit".


According to NPR, Lego Friends are "one of the biggest successes in Lego's history ... The line doubled sales expectations in 2012, the year it launched. Sales to girls tripled in just that year." The success has caused other construction-set companies such as Mega Blocks to introduce girl dolls.[3]


The first wave was released in January 2012 with 14 sets being released. The largest of the sets was "Olivia's House" which included 695 pieces and three mini-doll figures. In addition to the first sets six polypag sets have been released as promotions. In February Toys 'R' Us in the United States released an exclusive in-store build set called "Lemonade Stand" and in March Lego brand stores released an exclusive in-store build set called "Ice Cream Stand". Lego announced a further nine sets that would be released later in 2012.[4]

Subsequent waves were released in future years, expanding on various interests of the characters and their friends. Specific themes have ranged from various vocational, recreational and academic interests to agriculture, equestrianism, wildlife animal rescue and rehabilitation, and pop stardom, all complementing suburbia-themed sets, as well as an Amusement park and skiing theme. The largest sets since the original wave have included Summer Riding Camp, Heartlake Shopping Mall and Heartlake Grand Hotel.[5]

Lego has also released accompanying products branded under the Friends theme. These include a picture frame which includes 49 Lego elements which is available from Lego brand stores and a display stand which includes 17 elements that was released as a promotional polybag.[4]

Set No. Set Release Pieces Minifigures Ref.
3061 City Park Cafe 2012 222 Andrea, Marie [6]
3063 Heartlake Flying Club 195 Stephanie
3065 Olivia's Tree House 191 Olivia
3183 Stephanie's Cool Convertible 130 Stephanie
3184 Adventure Camper 309 Nicole, Olivia
3185 Summer Riding Camp 1112 Ella, Emma, Stephanie, Theresa
3186 Emma's Horse Trailer 216 Emma
3187 Butterfly Beauty Shop 221 Emma, Sarah
3188 Heartlake Vet 343 Mia, Sophie
3189 Heartlake Stables 401 Katharina, Mia
3315 Olivia's House 695 Anna, Olivia, Peter
3316 Friends Advent Calendar 193 Christina, Olivia
3930 Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery 45 Stephanie
3931 Emma's Splash Pool 43 Emma
3932 Andrea's Stage 87 Andrea
3933 Olivia's Invention Workshop 81 Olivia
3934 Mia's Puppy House 64 Mia
3935 Stephanie's Pet Patrol 73 Stephanie
3936 Emma's Fashion Design Studio 79 Emma
3937 Olivia's Speedboat 65 Olivia
3938 Andrea's Bunny House 62 Andrea
3939 Mia's Bedroom 85 Mia
3942 Heartlake Dog Show 183 Mia
30100 Beach 28 Andrea
30101 Skateboarder 28 Mia
30102 Desk 26 Olivia
30103 Car 32 Emma
30105 Mailbox 41 Stephanie
30106 Ice Cream Stand 2013 34 Emma [7]
30107 Birthday Party 39 Andrea
30108 Summer Picnic 33 Mia
40080 Friends Pencil Holder 138 N/a
41000 Water Scooter Fun 28 Kate
41001 Mia's Magic Tricks 90 Mia
41002 Emma's Karate Class 93 Emma
41003 Olivia's Newborn Foal 70 Olivia
41004 Rehearsal Stage 198 Stephanie
41005 Heartlake High 487 Matthew, Ms. Stevens, Stephanie
41006 Downtown Bakery 253 Danielle, Mia
41007 Heartlake Pet Salon 242 Emma, Joanna
41008 Heartlake City Pool 423 Andrea, Isabella
41009 Andrea's Bedroom 75 Andrea
41010 Olivia's Beach Buggy 94 Olivia
41011 Stephanie's Soccer Practice 80 Stephanie
41013 Emma's Sports Car 159 Emma
41015 Dolphin Cruiser 612 Andrew, Maya, Mia
41016 Friends Advent Calendar 213 Lily, Stephanie
41017 Squirrel's Tree House 41 N/a
41018 Cat's Playground 31 N/a
41019 Turtle's Little Oasis 33 N/a
41020 Hedgehog's Hideaway 34 N/a
41021 Poodle's Little Palace 46 N/a
41022 Bunny's Hutch 37 N/a
41023 Fawn's Forest 35 N/a
41024 Parrot's Perch 32 N/a
41025 Puppy's Playhouse 39 N/a
850581 Friends Brick Calendar 140 N/a
850591 Friends Name Sign N/a N/a
30112 Emma's Flower Stand 2014 33 Emma [8]
30113 Stephanie's Bakery Stand 28 Stephanie
30114 Andrea's Beach Lounge 29 Andrea
30115 Jungle Boat 31 Olivia
40112 Catwalk phone stand 144 N/a
40114 Buildable Jewellery Box 201 N/a
41026 Sunshine Harvest 233 Olivia
41027 Mia's Lemonade Stand 112 Mia
41028 Emma's Lifeguard Post 78 Emma
41029 Stephanie's New Born Lamb 78 Stephanie
41030 Olivia's Ice Cream Bike 98 Olivia
41031 Andrea's Mountain Hut 119 Andrea
41032 First Aid Jungle Bike 156 Emma
41033 Jungle Falls Rescue 183 Olivia
41034 Summer Caravan 297 Joana, Olivia
41035 Heartlake Juice Bar 277 Andrea, Naya
41036 Jungle Bridge Rescue 365 Matthew, Mia
41037 Stephanie's Beach House 369 Kate, Stephanie
41038 Jungle Rescue Base 472 Andrea, Stephanie
41039 Sunshine Ranch 721 Liza, Mia
41040 Friends Advent Calendar 228 Ewa, Mia
41041 Turtle's Little Paradise 43 N/a
41042 Tiger's Beautiful Temple 42 N/a
41043 Penguin's Playground 46 N/a
41044 Macaw's Fountain 39 N/a
41045 Orangutan's Banana Tree 37 N/a
41046 Brown Bear's River 37 N/a
41047 Seal's Little Rock 37 N/a
41048 Lion Cub's Savanna 43 N/a
41049 Panda's Bamboo 47 N/a
41056 Heartlake News Van 278 Andrew, Emma
41057 Heartlake Horse Show 355 Robert, Stephanie
41058 Heartlake Shopping Mall 1120 Emma, Julian, Sophie, Stephanie
41059 Jungle Tree Sanctuary 320 Mia
850967 Jungle Accessory Set 39 Naya
30202 Smoothie Stand 2015 37 Olivia [9]
30203 Mini Golf 26 Emma
30204 Wish Fountain 44 Stephanie
30205 Pop Star Red Carpet 33 Andrea
40156 Organiser 171 N/a
41085 Vet Clinic 192 Mia
41086 Vet Ambulance 89 Emma
41087 Bunny & Babies 47 N/a
41088 Puppy Training 65 N/a
41089 Little Foal 43 N/a
41090 Olivia's Garden Pool 82 Olivia
41091 Mia's Roadster 187 Mia
41092 Stephanie's Pizzeria 87 Stephanie
41093 Heartlake Hair Salon 318 Emma, Natasha
41094 Heartlake Lighthouse 473 Kate, Stephanie
41095 Emma's House 706 Charlotte, Emma, Luis
41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon 254 Andrea, Noah
41098 Emma's Tourist Kiosk 98 Emma
41099 Heartlake Skate Park 199 Mia
41100 Heartlake Private Jet 230 Matthew, Olivia
41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel 1552 Andrea, Nate, Olivia, Stephanie, Susan
41102 Friends Advent Calendar 233 Andrea, Liza
41103 Pop Star Recording Studio 172 Olivia
41104 Pop Star Dressing Room 279 Emma, Livi
41105 Pop Star Show Stage 446 Emma, Livi
41106 Pop Star Tour Bus 682 Livi, Mia, Stephanie
41107 Pop Star Limousine 265 Livi, Olivia
41108 Heartlake Food Market 388 Maya, Mia
41109 Heartlake City Airport 692 David, Sandra, Stephanie
30396 Cupcake Stall 2016 28 Emma [10]
30398 Adventure Camp Bridge 37 Olivia
30399 Bowling Alley 51 Stephanie
41110 Birthday Party 191 Andrea
41111 Party Train 109 Stephanie
41112 Party Cakes 50 N/a
41113 Party Gift Shop 52 N/a
41114 Party Styling 54 N/a
41115 Emma's Creative Workshop 108 Emma
41116 Olivia's Exploration Car 185 Olivia
41117 Pop Star TV Studio 194 Livi
41118 Heartlake Supermarket 313 Daniel, Mia
41119 Heartlake Cupcake Cafe 439 Naomi, Stephanie
41120 Adventure Camp Archery 114 Mia
41121 Adventure Camp Rafting 320 Andrea, Olivia
41122 Adventure Camp Tree House 726 Emma, Joy, Stephanie
41123 Foal's Washing Station 77 Emma
41124 Heartlake Puppy Daycare 286 Andrea, Mia
41125 Horse Vet Trailer 370 Olivia, Sophie
41126 Heartlake Riding Club 575 Mia, Stephanie
41127 Amusement Park Arcade 174 Mia
41128 Amusement Park Space Ride 195 Olivia
41129 Amusement Park Hot Dog Van 243 Nate, Stephanie
41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster 1124 Andrea, Emma, Matthew, Naya
41131 Friends Advent Calendar 218 Emma, Naomi
41132 Heartlake Party Shop 176 Laurie, Stephanie
41133 Amusement Park Bumper Cars 424 Ben, Olivia
41134 Heartlake Performance School 774 Andrea, Iva, Noah
41135 Livi's Pop Star House 597 Andrea, Livi
853556 Friends Mini-Doll Campsite Set 35 Kate, Liza, Maya
30400 Gymnastic Bar 2017 26 Naomi [11]
30401 Pool Foam Slide 40 Emma
30402 Snowboard Tricks 27 Stephanie
40171 Hedgehog Storage 249 N/a
40264 Build My Heartlake City Accessory Set 121 N/a
40265 Tic-Tac-Toe 58 N/a
40266 Mini Keepsake Box 105 N/a
41300 Puppy Championship 185 Mia
41301 Puppy Parade 145 Andrea
41302 Puppy Pampering 45 N/a
41303 Puppy Playground 62 N/a
41304 Puppy Treats & Tricks 45 N/a
41305 Emma's Photo Studio 96 Emma
41306 Mia's Beach Scooter 79 Mia
41307 Olivia's Creative Lab 91 Olivia
41308 Stephanie's Friendship Cakes 94 Stephanie
41309 Andrea's Musical Duet 86 Andrea
41310 Heartlake Gift Delivery 185 Stephanie
41311 Heartlake Pizzeria 289 Emma, Oliver
41312 Heartlake Sports Centre 328 Mia, Robert
41313 Heartlake Summer Pool 589 Andrea, Martina
41314 Stephanie's House 622 Alicia, James, Stephanie
41315 Heartlake Surf Shop 186 Mia
41316 Andrea's Speedboat Transporter 309 Andrea, Emma
41317 Sunshine Catamaran 603 Liam, Olivia, Stephanie
41318 Heartlake Hospital 871 Dr. Patel, Henry, Olivia
41319 Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van 246 Amanda, Mia
41320 Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop 328 Julian, Olivia
41321 Snow Resort Off-Roader 141 Emma
41322 Snow Resort Ice Rink 307 Nate, Stephanie
41323 Snow Resort Chalet 402 Amy, Andrea
41324 Snow Resort Ski Lift 585 Mia, Olivia
41325 Heartlake City Playground 326 Mia, Sienna
41326 Friends Advent Calendar 217 Stephanie
5004920 Ski Pod 21 Emma
30403 Olivia's Remote Control Boat 2018 25 Olivia [12]
30404 Friendship Flower 100 N/a
30405 Stephanie's Hockey Practice 35 Stephanie
41327 Mia's Bedroom 86 Mia
41328 Stephanie's Bedroom 95 Stephanie
41329 Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom 163 Olivia
41330 Stephanie's Soccer Practice 119 Stephanie
41332 Emma's Art Stand 210 Emma
41333 Olivia's Mission Vehicle 223 Olivia
41334 Andrea's Park Performance 229 Andrea, Steve
41335 Mia's Tree House 351 Daniel, Mia
41336 Emma's Art Café 378 Emma, Ethan
41338 Stephanie's Sports Arena 460 Stephanie, Vicky
41339 Mia's Camper Van 488 Mia, Stephanie
41340 Friendship House 722 Andrea, Emma, Olivia
41341 Andrea's Bedroom 85 Andrea
41342 Emma's Deluxe Bedroom 183 Emma
41343 Heartlake City Airplane Tour 323 Olivia
41344 Andrea's Accessories Store 294 Andrea, Emma
41345 Heartlake City Pet Centre 474 Liam, Mia, Stephanie
41346 Friendship Box 563 N/a
41347 Heartlake City Resort 1017 Andrea, Mason, Olivia, Stephanie
41348 Service & Care Truck 247 Olivia
41349 Drifting Diner 345 Andrea, Dottie
41350 Spinning Brushes Car Wash 325 Mia, Zack
41351 Creative Tuning Shop 413 Dean, Emma
41352 The Big Race Day 648 Mia, Stephanie, Vicky
41353 Friends Advent Calendar 500 N/a
853774 Olivia's Satellite Pod 34 Olivia
853775 Andrea's DJ Pod 38 Andrea
853776 Emma's Photo Studio Pod 36 Emma
853777 Mia's Exploration Pod 47 Mia
853778 Stephanie's Pool Pod 31 Stephanie
5005236 Friends Clubhouse 27 Stephanie
30408 Tulips 2019 90 N/a [13]
30409 Emma's Bumper Cars 66 Emma
40360 Name Sign 91 N/a
41337 Underwater Loop 389 Mia, Vicky
41354 Andrea's Heart Box 84 Andrea
41355 Emma's Heart Box 85 Emma
41356 Stephanie's Heart Box 85 Stephanie
41357 Olivia's Heart Box 85 Olivia
41358 Mia's Heart Box 83 Mia
41359 Heart Box Friendship Pack 199 Olivia, Vicky
41360 Emma's Mobile Veterinary Clinic 50 Emma
41361 Mia's Foal Stable 118 Mia
41362 Heartlake City Supermarket 140 Olivia, Stephanie
41363 Mia's Forest Adventures 134 Mia
41364 Stephanie's Buggy & Trailer 166 Stephanie
41365 Emma's Art Studio 235 Andrea, Emma
41366 Olivia's Cupcake Cafe 335 Emma, Olivia
41367 Stephanie's Obstacle Course 337 Stephanie, Zack
41368 Andrea's Talent Show 492 Andrea, Chloe
41369 Mia's House 715 Angus, Ann, Mia
41371 Mia's Horse Trailer 216 Emma, Mia
41372 Stephanie's Gymnastics Show 241 Mia, Stephanie
41373 Funny Octopus Ride 324 Ethan, Andrea
41374 Andrea's Pool Party 468 Andrea, Stephanie
41375 Heartlake City Amusement Pier 1251 Chloe, Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Zack
41376 Turtles Rescue Mission 225 Olivia
41378 Dolphins Rescue Mission 363 Kacey, Stephanie
41379 Heartlake City Restaurant 624 Emma, Ethan, Lillie
41380 Lighthouse Rescue Centre 602 Emma, Mia
41381 Rescue Mission Boat 908 Andrea, Mia, Olivia
41383 Olivia's Hamster Playground 81 Olivia
41384 Andrea's Summer Heart Box 83 Andrea
41385 Emma's Summer Heart Box 86 Emma
41386 Stephanie's Summer Heart Box 95 Stephanie
41387 Olivia's Summer Heart Box 93 Olivia
41388 Mia's Summer Heart Box 85 Mia


In June 2012, two books based on the Friends theme were released. Lego Friends: Welcome to Heartlake City and Lego Friends: Perfect Pet Show were released on June 18, 2012 by DK Publishing. Both books consist of 48 pages and are published in paperback.[14][15] DK Publishing have also released a Lego Brickmaster book based on the Friends theme on September 17, 2012.[16]

Animated series[edit]

Friends of Heartlake City[edit]

This series premiered in 2014.

Season 1 Episodes (partial listing):

  1. New Girl in Town
  2. Stephanie's Surprise Party
  3. Dolphin Cruise
  4. Mia's Ranch Romance
  5. Emma's Dilemma
  6. Friends of the Jungle
  7. Andrea's Big Moment
  8. Kate's Island
  9. The Grand Hotel
  10. Getting Out of Vote
  11. Getting the Message
  12. The Grateful Dud
  13. Girlz 4 Life
  14. The Drooling Detective
  15. Rabbitouille
  16. Change of Address
  17. Dive In
  18. I Told You So
  19. Snow Way
  20. Midwinter Night’s Dream

Friends: The Power of Friendship[edit]

Another series titled Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship aired on Netflix on March 4, 2016.[17]


  1. Camp Wild Hearts
  2. Slam Dunk
  3. Keepin' It Real
  4. Roomies

Friends: Girls on a Mission[edit]

A 2018 TV series on Family Channel in Canada[19] and on KidsClick in the United States.

Season 1[edit]

  1. Welcome to Heartlake City
  2. Friendship House
  3. Sister Act
  4. Into the Woods
  5. The Shadow Group
  6. The Artist's Way
  7. Fashionably Old
  8. Match Made in the Studio
  9. The Daft and the Furious
  10. The Team
  11. Escape from Trash Island
  12. Need for Speed
  13. The Lake Monster
  14. Together Again
  15. Attack of the Alvahbots
  16. The Grand Prix

Season 2[edit]

  1. Explorers Day
  2. Lights Out
  3. Never Stop Exploring
  4. Heartness Monster
  5. Greene Gardens
  6. Frame & Fortune
  7. Locket & Key
  8. Real Friends
  9. Tunnel of Shadows
  10. Heartmore
  11. Le Scuba
  12. Map Quest
  13. Heart of the Sea
  14. Winner Sings All
  15. Mearff
  16. Once Upon a Lighthouse
  17. No Horsing Around
  18. Zobo 2.0
  19. Stranded
  20. Alvah’s Flair
  21. Operation Keep Quiet
  22. Stakeout
  23. The Real Deal
  24. Walk This Way
  25. The Art of Being Carter Greene
  26. Save the Bay


Lego Friends: Girlz 4 Life is a 2016 American Direct-to-DVD computer-animated film.

Video Games[edit]


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