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Minifigures Logo.png
Subject Collectible minifigures
Availability 2010–present
Total sets 463 Minifigures (28 Series)
Characters Various, such as from sports, history, popular culture, etc.
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Minifigures is a 2010 Lego theme based on a set of collectible Lego minifigures. Each figure is an original character with new clothing and facial designs, and most contain previously unseen accessories. Each series usually contain 16 different minifigures, however some series contain as few as 9 minifigures, while others contain up to 22.


The series consists of a number of individually themed collectible Lego minifigures based on movies, sports, history, and popular culture.[1] The figures are sold individually in sealed, unmarked packages, giving customers a random chance at obtaining any particular figurine. While considered a novel approach by some, it has raised controversy amongst enthusiasts and collectors, increasing the amount of difficulty in obtaining a complete collection[citation needed]. Purchases from many retailers make no guarantees regarding the contents of a particular package. Despite attempts to obfuscate the contents of these packages, the bags of Series 1 and 2 have a second figurine-specific bar code on the rear of the packaging, next to the EAN/UPC product bar code (which is unique to each series). This has allowed customers to identify individual figures within the packaging, significantly decreasing the amount of money and effort required to obtain a complete collection, and eliminates the possibility of unintentionally receiving duplicates.[2] There are also apps for both iPhone and Android devices that utilize these bar codes.[3]

Lego has eliminated the figurine-specific bar codes on all Series 3 and 4 packages and replaced them with a braille-like system of dots embossed in the lower seal of the bag. In theory, this will allow customers to continue identifying the figure enclosed within.[4][5] Later series do not have any markings to indicate their contents.

On average a new series has been released every four months. Release dates sometimes vary between countries.


Series 1[edit]

The 16 units in Series 1

Series 1 (set number: 8683) was first released on March 5, 2010 in the United Kingdom and was released on June 4, 2010 in the United States. The first series consists the following units:[6]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Tribal Hunter Bow and arrow
2 Cheerleader Pom-pom (2)
3 Caveman Club
4 Circus Clown Bicycle horn
5 Zombie Chicken leg
6 Skater Skateboard
7 Robot
8 Demolition Dummy Wrench
License plate
9 Magician Wand Comes with additional hair piece
10 Super Wrestler
11 Nurse Clipboard
12 Ninja Katana
13 Spaceman Raygun
14 Forestman Bow and arrow Modeled after Robin Hood
15 Deep Sea Diver
16 Cowboy Revolver (2)

Series 2[edit]

The 16 units in Series 2

Series 2 (set number: 8684) was first released on September 2, 2010 in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The second series consists of the following units:[7]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Maraca Man Maraca (2)
2 Spartan Warrior Spear
3 Ringmaster Whip
4 Witch Broom
5 Vampire Bat
6 Traffic Cop Ticket
7 Explorer Binoculars
Magnifying glass
Based on an explorer during the Scramble for Africa
8 Lifeguard Rescue buoy
9 Mime Comes with 2 other heads for different expressions
10 Weight Lifter Dumbbell
11 Pop Star Microphone
12 Skier Ski (2)
Ski pole (2)
13 Disco Dude Record disc case
14 Karate Master Trophy This was the first time the trophy piece was introduced in LEGO
15 Surfer Surfboard
16 Pharaoh Staff

Series 3[edit]

The 16 units in Series 3

Series 3 (set number: 8803) was first released on January 14, 2011 in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The third series consists of the following units:[8]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Fisherman Fishing rod
2 Pilot
3 Tribal Chief Spear
4 Samurai Warrior Katana
5 Snowboarder Snowboard
6 Space Villain Raygun
7 Sumo Wrestler Trophy
8 Mummy Scorpion
9 Elf Longbow
10 Tennis Player Tennis racket
11 Race Car Driver
12 Gorilla Suit Guy Banana A Minifigure in a gorilla suit
13 Space Alien Raygun
14 Hula Dancer Maraca (2)
15 Rapper Boombox
16 Baseball Player Baseball bat

Series 4[edit]

Series 4 (set number: 8804) was first released on April 1, 2011 all around the world. The fourth series consists of the following units:[9]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Lawn Gnome Fishing rod
2 Kimono Girl Hand fan
3 Musketeer Rapier
4 Punk Rocker Electric guitar
5 Surfer Girl Surfboard
6 Viking Battle axe
7 The Monster Modeled after Frankenstein's monster
8 Hockey Player Hockey stick
Hockey puck
9 Street Skater Skateboard
10 Sailor Telescope
11 Soccer Player Trophy
12 Werewolf Bone
13 Hazmat Guy Spray gun
14 Artist Paintbrush
15 Ice Skater
16 Crazy Scientist Flask

Series 5[edit]

Series 5 (set number: 8805) was first released on August 22, 2011 in the United Kingdom and the United States. The fifth series consists of the following units:[10]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Graduate Diploma
2 Gladiator Sword
3 Royal Guard Rifle
4 Eskimo Fishing rod
5 Cave Woman Club
6 Lizard Man A Minifigure in a lizard suit
7 Zookeeper Chimpanzee
8 Lumberjack Axe
9 Small Clown Cream pie
10 Fitness Instructor Boombox
11 Detective Magnifying glass Modeled after Sherlock Holmes
12 Evil Dwarf Battle axe
13 Boxer
14 Egyptian Queen Snake Modeled based on Cleopatra VII
15 Gangster Revolver
Violin case
16 Snowboarder Guy Snowboard

Series 6[edit]

Series 6 (set number: 8827) was released in the UK in December 2011 and was released on January 9, 2012 in the US. The sixth series consists of the following units:[11]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Classic Alien Raygun
2 Highland Battler Sword
3 Sleepyhead Teddy bear
4 Lady Liberty Torch
Tabula ansata
5 Bandit Revolver (2)
6 Flamenco Dancer Hand fan
7 Clockwork Robot
8 Minotaur Battle axe
9 Leprechaun Pot of gold
10 Roman Soldier Spear
11 Surgeon X-ray
12 Skater Girl Skateboard
13 Intergalactic Girl Raygun
14 Butcher T-bone steak
15 Mechanic Wrench
16 Genie Magic lamp

Series 7[edit]

Series 7 (set number: 8831) was released in the spring of 2012. The seventh series consists of the following units:[12]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Swimming Champion
2 Aztec Warrior Spear
3 Bunny Suit Guy Carrot A Minifigure in a rabbit suit
4 Bride Flowers
5 Ocean King Trident
6 Bagpiper Bagpipes
7 Daredevil
8 Galaxy Patrol Pistol
9 Tennis Ace Tennis racket
10 Jungle Boy Chimpanzee
Modeled after Tarzan
11 Hippie Flowers
12 Computer Programmer Laptop
13 Viking Woman Sword
Alternative face
14 Evil Knight Sword
15 Rocker Girl Electric guitar
16 Grandma Visitor Basket Modeled after Little Red Riding Hood

Series 8[edit]

Series 8 (set number: 8833) was released in September, 2012. This series consists of the following units:[13]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Evil Robot Raygun
2 Conquistador Rapier
3 Lederhosen Guy Pretzel
4 Cowgirl Lasso
5 Football Player Trophy
6 Diver Speargun
7 Downhill Skier Ski (2)
Ski pole (2)
8 Businessman Briefcase
9 Fairy Wand
10 Santa Claus Sack
11 Vampire Bat
12 DJ Record disc
Record disc case
13 Red Cheerleader Pom-pom (2)
14 Thespian Skull Based on the Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet
15 Pirate Captain Cutlass
16 Alien Villainess Raygun This minifigure was a reference to LEGO’s Alien Conquest theme

Team GB Olympic Series[edit]

To commemorate the London Olympic games, an exclusive series of minifigures was released exclusively in the United Kingdom to mark the opening of the Olympics.
This series (set number: 8909) was released in July, 2012. This series consists of the following 9 units (rather than the typical 16):[14]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Agile Archer Bow and arrow
2 Brawny Boxer
3 Flexible Gymnast Balance beam
4 Judo Fighter
5 Tactical Tennis Player Tennis racket
6 Wondrous Weightlifter Barbell
7 Relay Runner Baton
8 Stealth Swimmer
9 Horseback Rider

Series 9[edit]

Series 9 (set number: 71000) was released in late October 2012 in the UK and January 2013 in the US. This series consists of the following units:[15]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Waiter Tray
2 Cyclops Club
3 Hollywood Starlet Trophy Modeled after Marilyn Monroe
4 Heroic Knight Sword
5 Roman Emperor Letter Modeled after Julius Caesar
6 Policeman Handcuffs
Warrant card
7 Chicken Suit Guy
8 Roller Derby Girl
9 Fortune Teller Cards (2)
10 Judge Gavel
11 Alien Avenger Pistol
12 Mermaid Starfish
13 Battle Mech
14 Mr. Good and Evil Flask Modeled after Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
15 Forest Maiden Longbow
Modeled after Maid Marian
16 Plumber Plunger

Series 10[edit]

Series 10 (set number: 71001) was released in the UK on February 6, 2013 & in the US on May 1, 2013. This series introduces 17 figures one being a limited Gold Figure of only 5000 worldwide. This series consists of the following units:[16]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Librarian Book
2 Medusa
3 Roman Commander Sword
4 Warrior Woman Spear
5 Tomahawk Warrior Tomahawk
6 Skydiver
7 Bumblebee Girl Honeypot A Minifigure in a bumblebee suit
8 Grandfather Mug
9 Paintball Player Paintball marker
10 Sea Captain Gull
11 Sad Clown
12 Revolutionary Soldier Flintlock musket
13 Baseball Fielder
14 Trendsetter Chihuahua
15 Decorator Paint roller
16 Motorcycle Mechanic Wrench
Mr. Gold Staff Limited edition (5000 produced)

Series 11[edit]

Series 11 (set number: 71002) was released in the UK on June 30, 2013 and the US on September 1, 2013. This series consists of the following units:[17]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Barbarian Swords (2)
2 Scarecrow Pitchfork Comes with a crow that attaches to hat
3 Pretzel Girl Pretzel
4 Evil Mech Raygun
5 Island Warrior Spear
6 Gingerbread Man Mug
7 Holiday Elf Present
Teddy Bear
8 Yeti Ice pop
9 Mountain Climber Rope
10 Welder Blowtorch with propane
11 Scientist Flasks (2)
12 Saxophone Player Saxophone
13 Diner Waitress Cup of ice cream
14 Grandma Basket
15 Constable Baton
16 Lady Robot Female version of the Clockwork Robot (Series 6)

The LEGO Movie Series[edit]

The LEGO Movie Series (set number: 71004) was released in January 2014 and includes characters from The LEGO Movie. This series consists of the following units:[18]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Calamity Drone Flintlock rifle
2 President Business Mug
3 Hard Hat Emmet Instruction manual
4 Wild West Wyldstyle Hand fan
5 Abraham Lincoln Manuscript of the Gettysburg Address
6 Mrs. Scratchen-Post Cat
7 Bad Cop/Good Cop Handcuffs
Scribble-Face version
8 William Shakespeare Script
9 Gail the Construction Worker Jackhammer
10 Larry the Barista Coffee cup
11 Velma Staplebot Clipboard
12 Taco Tuesday Guy Plate of food
13 "Where are my Pants?" Guy Pants
14 Wiley Fusebot Revolver
15 Panda Guy Teddy bear A Minifigure in a panda suit
16 Marsha: Queen of the Mermaids Clam

The LEGO Simpsons Series[edit]

The LEGO Simpsons Series (set number: 71005) was released in May 2014 and includes characters from The Simpsons. This series consists of the following units:[19]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Homer Simpson Remote control
2 Bart Simpson Skateboard
3 Marge Simpson Bag
4 Lisa Simpson Saxophone
5 Maggie Simpson Teddy bear Teddy is Bobo the Bear
6 Grandpa Simpson Newspaper
7 Ned Flanders Toolbox
8 Krusty the Clown Cream pie
9 Milhouse Van Houten Comic book
10 Ralph Wiggum Valentine card
11 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Squishee
12 Nelson Muntz Baseball bat
13 Itchy Club
14 Scratchy Axe
15 Chief Wiggum Baton
16 Mr. Burns Fishbowl
Radioactive material
Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish is printed on fishbowl

Series 12[edit]

Series 12 (set number: 71007) was released in mid-August in the UK and September 2014 in the USA. This series consists of the following units:[20]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Wizard Wand Modeled after Merlin
2 Hun Warrior Sword
3 Fairytale Princess Frog
4 Video Game Guy Game controller
5 Battle Goddess Spear
6 Space Miner Drill
7 Life Guard Binoculars
Rescue buoy
8 Prospector Pickaxe
9 Jester Playing cards (2)
10 Dino Tracker Compound bow
11 Pizza Delivery Man Pizza box
12 Rock Star Electric guitar
13 Swashbuckler Rapier
14 Piggy Guy Apple A Minifigure in a pig suit
15 Genie Girl Magic lamp Modeled after Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie
16 Spooky Girl Teddy bear

Series 13[edit]

Series 13 (set number: 71008) was released in the UK in early December 2014 and the US around Christmas 2014.[21]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Classic King Sword
2 Sheriff Revolver
Wanted poster
3 Unicorn Girl A Minifigure in a unicorn suit
4 Snake Charmer Cobra
5 Goblin Sword
6 Paleontologist Bone
7 Alien Trooper Raygun
8 Egyptian Warrior Sword
9 Carpenter Plank
10 Evil Wizard Scepter Modeled after Ming the Merciless
11 Fencer Épée
12 Samurai Katanas (2)
13 Disco Diva Microphone
14 Hot Dog Guy A Minifigure dressed as a hot dog
15 Lady Cyclops Club Female version of the Cyclops (Series 9)
16 Galaxy Trooper Pistols (2)

The Lego Simpsons Series 2[edit]

The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 (set number: 71009) was released in the UK & the US in April 2015 and includes characters from The Simpsons and is a continuation to the LEGO Simpsons series 1.[22]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Date Night Homer Heart-shaped box
2 Date Night Marge Flowers
Clutch bag
3 Lisa and Snowball ll Snowball ll
4 Maggie and Santa's Little Helper Santa's Little Helper
5 Bartman Slingshot
6 Fallout Boy Milhouse Soda can (Buzz Cola)
7 Comic Book Guy Comic book
Slushie (Squishee)
8 Martin Prince Book
9 Professor Frink Flask
10 Hans Moleman Void driver's license
11 Selma Eye chart
12 Patty Purse
13 Groundskeeper Willie Plunger
14 Edna Krabappel Mug
Picture frame with Photo
15 Waylon Smithers Box of a doll (Malibu Stacy)
16 Dr. Hibbert X-ray

Series 14[edit]

Series 14 (set number: 71010) was released in early August 2015 for the UK and mid-August for the USA. This series has a Halloween theme. This series consists of the following units:[23]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Wolf Guy Bone Shapeshifted version of the Lumberjack (series 5)
2 Zombie Pirate Sword
3 Monster Scientist Flask
4 Wacky Witch Broom
5 Plant Monster Vines (2)
6 Fly Monster
7 Specter Chain
8 Zombie Cheerleader Pom-poms (2)
9 Tiger Woman Whip A Minifigure in a tiger suit
10 Gargoyle
11 Skeleton Guy Jack-o'-lantern bucket A Minifigure in a Halloween skeleton costume
12 Monster Rocker Electric guitar A rock music version of Frankenstein's monster
13 Zombie Businessman Briefcase
14 Banshee
15 Square Foot Camera
16 Spider Lady Spider

Series 15[edit]

Series 15 (set number: 71011) was released in the UK on December 5, 2015 and in the US on February 1, 2016. The figures is this series consists of:[24]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Farmer Pig
2 Astronaut Flag
3 Frightening Knight Morning star
4 Clumsy Guy Crutches (2)
5 Tribal Woman Baby wrapped in cloth Modeled after Sacagawea
6 Flying Warrior Spear
7 Faun Flute
8 Animal Control Net
9 Janitor Mop
10 Ballerina
11 Laser Mech Laser beam
12 Kendo Fighter Swords (2)
13 Shark Suit Guy A Minifigure in a shark suit
14 Wrestling Champion Trophy Modeled after The Ultimate Warrior
15 Jewel Thief Jewel
Grappling gun
16 Queen

The LEGO Disney Minifigure Series[edit]

The LEGO Disney Minifigure Series (set number: 71012) was released 1 May 2016. The figures of this series consists of:[25]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Stitch
2 Pizza Planet Alien
3 Buzz Lightyear
4 Aladdin Magic lamp
5 Genie Magic lamp
6 Maleficent Staff
7 Alice Bottle
8 Cheshire Cat
9 Daisy Duck
10 Donald Duck
11 Minnie Mouse
12 Mickey Mouse
13 Mr. Incredible Poster
14 Syndrome Blueprint
15 Peter Pan Knives (2)
16 Captain Hook Rapier
17 Ursula Trident
18 Ariel Clam with gemstone

DFB Series[edit]

The DFB German Football Team Series (set number: 71014) was released in May 2016 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as LEGO stores across Europe. The figures in this series consists of:[26]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Joachim Löw Coaching board Team manager
2 Manuel Neuer Football Shirt #1
3 Jérôme Boateng Football Shirt #17
4 Mats Hummels Football Shirt #5
5 Benedikt Höwedes Football Shirt #4
6 Shkodran Mustafi Football Shirt #2
7 Bastian Schweinsteiger Football Shirt #7
8 Mesut Özil Football Shirt #8
9 Thomas Müller Football Shirt #13
10 Toni Kroos Football Shirt #18
11 Sami Khedira Football Shirt #6
12 André Schürrle Football Shirt #9
13 Marco Reus Football Shirt #21
14 Christoph Kramer Football Shirt #20
15 Mario Götze Football Shirt #19
16 Max Kruse Football Shirt #23

Series 16[edit]

The Hiker from Series 16

Series 16 (set number: 71013) was released on 1 September 2016 all around the world. The figures in this series are:[27]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Ice Queen Ice shards (2)
2 Desert Warrior Scimitar
3 Cyborg Blaster
4 Cute Little Devil Jack-o'-lantern bucket
A Minifigure in a devil suit
5 Spooky Boy Book
6 Hiker Compass
7 Wildlife Photographer Camera
8 Kickboxer
9 Scallywag Pirate Cutlass
10 Penguin Boy A Minifigure in a penguin suit
11 Rogue Bow and arrow
12 Dog Show Winner Dog
13 Mariachi Guitar
14 Spy Pistol
15 Banana Guy A Minifigure in a banana suit
16 Babysitter Baby
Baby bottle

The LEGO Batman Movie Series[edit]

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Series (set number: 71017) was released on 1 January 2017. It consists of 20 characters instead of the usual 16:[28]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Lobster-Lovin' Batman Plate with a lobster
2 Glam Metal Batman Electric guitar
3 Fairy Batman Wand
4 Clan of the Cave Batman Club
5 Vacation Batman
6 Barbara Gordon Handcuffs
7 Commissioner Gordon Walkie-talkie
Wanted poster
8 The JokerArkham Asylum Handcuffs
9 Dick Grayson Shark repellent
10 Pink Power Batgirl Batarang
11 Red Hood Guns (2)
12 The Eraser Notebook
13 Nurse Harley Quinn Clipboard
14 Orca
15 Zodiac Master Crab
16 Catman Claws (2)
17 March Harriet Thompson submachine gun
18 The Calculator
19 King Tut Snake
20 The Mime Lightning bolts (2)

Series 17[edit]

Series 17 (set number: 71018) was released on 1 May 2017 all around the world. The figures in this series are:[29]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Pro Surfer Surfboard
2 Strongman Dumbbell
3 Gourmet Chef Pie
4 Corn Cob Guy A Minifigure dressed as a corn cob
5 Veterinarian Rabbit
6 Hot dog Vendor Hot dog
Cup with straw
7 Butterfly Girl Flowers
8 Roman Gladiator Trident
9 Connoisseur Baguette
French Bulldog
10 Battle Dwarf Battle axe
War mallet
11 Retro Space Hero Raygun
12 Yuppie Mobile phone
13 Rocket Boy Flag A Minifigure dressed as a rocket
14 Dance Instructor Water bottle
15 Elf Maiden Sword
16 Highwayman Flintlock pistols (2) Identified as 'The Mystery Man'

The Lego Ninjago Movie Series[edit]

The Lego Ninjago Movie Series (set number: 71019) was released around the world on August 1, 2017. The figures in the series are as follows:[30]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Kai Kendo Poles (2) Comes with additional hair piece
2 Spinjitzu Training Nya Katanas (2)
3 Lloyd Blueprint
Comes with additional hair piece
Green ninja version
4 Master Wu Corn flakes box
5 Garmadon Staff
6 Jay Walker Selfie stick
7 Lloyd Garmadon Bowl
8 Cole Boombox
9 Misako Purse Also known as Koko
10 Zane
11 Shark Army General #1 Slushee cup with straw
12 Shark Army Octopus Blaster
13 Shark Army Angler Morning star with fish shaft
14 Shark Army Great White Fish flamethrower
15 Flashback Garmadon Camera
16 Volcano Garmadon Bowl
17 Gong & Guitar Rocker Electric guitar
18 GPL Tech Laptop
19 Sushi Chef Cleaver
20 N-POP Girl Teddy bear

The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2[edit]

The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 (set number: 71020) was released around the world on January 1, 2018. The figures in the series are as follows:[31]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Disco Harley Quinn Based on friends are family song
2 Disco Alfred Pennyworth Electric guitar Based on friends are family song
3 Clock King Spears (2)
4 Hugo Strange Green flask
Purple flask
5 Mermaid Batman Trident
6 Swimsuit Batman Dolphin
Rescue buoy
7 Vacation Joker Camera
Ice pop
8 Vacation Robin Ice cream cone
9 Vacation Batgirl Surfboard
10 Vacation Alfred Pennyworth Wine glass with cherries
11 Bat-Merch Batgirl Bat Bucks (2)
12 Killer Moth Raygun
13 Wonder Twin Jayna Record disc
Record disc case
Based on the Super Friends cartoon series
14 Wonder Twin Zan Bucket of water Based on the Super Friends cartoon series
15 Apache Chief Photo booth photographs Based on the Super Friends cartoon series
16 Jor-El Crystal
17 General Zod Newspaper
18 Doctor Phosphorus Green flames (2)
19 Black Canary Microphone stand with microphone
20 Black Vulcan Lightning bolts (2) Based on the Super Friends cartoon series

Series 18[edit]

Series 18 (set number: 71021) was released on April 1, 2018 all around the world. This series is party themed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Lego minifigure. This series consists of the following units:[32]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Elephant Girl Mouse Alternative face
2 Brick Suit Guy Blue 1x1 plate
3 Brick Suit Girl Red 1x1 plate
4 Party Clown Balloon Dogs x2 (Green and Purple)
5 Firework Guy
6 Birthday Party Girl Present with biscuits (2)
Purple balloon
Party hat clips onto hair piece
7 Dragon Suit Guy Commemorates dragon from Lego set 70403 "Dragon Mountain" (2013)
8 Classic Police Officer Lego set box Commemorates Lego set 600 "Police Car" (1978)
Only 1 per box of 60
9 Spider Suit Boy Spider
10 Birthday Cake Guy Birthday cake Party hat clips onto hair piece
11 Cactus Girl
12 Cat Costume Girl Fish
13 Race Car Guy
14 Flowerpot Girl
15 Cowboy Costume Guy
16 Birthday Party Boy Present with Lego Minifigure packs (2)
Orange Balloon
17 Unicorn Guy Sword
Male version of the Unicorn Girl (Series 13)

Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Series[edit]

The Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Series (set number: 71022) was released on August 1, 2018 all around the world. The figures in the series include:[33]

# Minifigure Accessories Notes
1 Harry Potter Wand
2 Hermione Granger Wand
3 Ron Weasley Wand
4 Draco Malfoy Wand
Golden Snitch
5 Luna Lovegood Wand
Quibbler 2x3
6 Neville Longbottom Wand
7 Cho Chang Wand
8 Dean Thomas Wand
9 Lord Voldemort Wand
10 Dobby Sock 1x2
Riddle's Diary
11 Professor Trelawney Wand
Teacup with saucer
12 Cedric Diggory Wand
Triwizard Cup
13 Professor Flitwick Wand
14 Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody Wand
Comes with alternate hairpiece to become Barty Crouch Jr.
15 Harry Potter (Invisibility Cloak) Wand
16 Professor Albus Dumbledore Wand
17 Newt Scamander Wand
18 Tina Goldstein Wand
Hot dog
19 Jacob Kowalski Suitcase
Biscuits (2)
20 Queenie Goldstein Wand
21 Credence Barebone Flyer 1x2
22 Percival Graves Wand Comes with alternate hairpiece to become Gellert Grindelwald

Online games[edit]

Series Games
Series 1 Track Crasher
Brick Builder
Target Zapper
Street Skater
Dance Master
Series 2 Sea Retriever
Disco Dance Challenge
Karate Champion
Spartan Thrower
Puzzle Hunter
Series 3 Space Trap
Fish Catcher
Sports Mania
Series 4 Brick Builder 2
Fish Catcher
Hockey Player
Series 5 Mountain Ride
Tree Challenge
Series 6 Sleep Roar: Sleepyhead, Minotaur
Space Bricker Race: Intergalactic Girl
Robo Flamenco: Robot, Flamenco Dancer
Surge for Gold: Surgeon, Leprechaun
Series 7 Rock & Blocks
Carrot Rain
Viking Flames
Danger Waters
Series 8 Treasure's Island
Brick's Yards
Fairy In The Sky
DJ Plastic
Series 9 Serving Stars: Hollywood Starlet, Waiter
Mer with Mer: Ocean King, Mermaid
Mech to Peck: Battle Mech, Chicken Suit Guy
Police Trend: Policeman, Trend Setter
Series 10 Mr. Gold

LEGO Minifigures Online[edit]

On August 29, 2013, Funcom officially announced an massively multiplayer online game based on the Minifigures theme, in which there are several worlds the player can travel to and fight enemies, as well as dungeons based on the setting. The game uses traditional click-to-move mechanics, allowing younger users to jump into the action. However, for advanced users, there are special abilities activated using the number pad. It is going to be free-to-play, but you can unlock Minifigures by purchasing one and entering a code, however they can also be obtained in-game. It was released in late 2014 for iOS, Android, and PC as either a download client or in-browser on the LEGO website.[34]

Funcom announced that LEGO Minifigures Online will be closing on September 30, 2016. Starting June 6, 2016, new players will be unable to join the game and the in-game chat will be disabled. Existing players will still be able to play up until September 30, 2016.[35]


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