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Lego Ninjago - Masters of Spinjitzu logo.svg
Logo of the series (2011–2019)
Also known asNinjago
Created byMichael Hegner
Tommy Andreasen
Based onLEGO Ninjago
Written byDan Hageman (Pilot Episodes, Seasons 1–6, 8–10)
Kevin Hageman (Pilot Episodes,Seasons 1–6, 8–10)
David Shayne
Bragi F. Schut (Seasons 8-onwards)
Directed byPeter Hausner
Michael Helmuth Hansen
Trylle Vilstrup
Jens Møller
Martin Skov
Justin Murphy
Frederik Budolph
Per During Risager
Michael Hegner
Daniel Ife
Wade Cross
Shane Poettcker
Peter Egeberg
Thomas Østergaard Poulsen
Voices ofJillian Michaels
Samuel Vincent
Vincent Tong
Michael Adamthwaite
Paul Dobson
Brent Miller
Kirby Morrow
Kelly Metzger
Mark Oliver
Michael Dobson
Kathleen Barr
Alan Marriott
Scott McNeil
Lee Tockar
Ian James Corlett
Jennifer Hayward
Heather Doerksen
Brian Dobson
Andrew Francis
Michael Donovan
Michael Daingerfield
Ian Hanlin
Britt McKillip
Brian Drummond
Zach LeBlanc
Opening theme"The Weekend Whip" by The Fold (excluding special and seasons 8–10)
Ending theme"The Weekend Whip" by The Fold (seasons 1–4)
Composer(s)Jay Vincent
Michael Kramer
Country of originDenmark
United States
United Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons11
No. of episodes128 (+2 pilot episodes +1 special + movie) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Torsten Jacobsen
Erik Wilstrup
Dan Hageman (seasons 8–10)
Kevin Hageman (seasons 8–10)
Irene Sparre
CinematographySerem Ohana
Editor(s)Fred Georgia
Running time
  • 22 minutes (seasons 1–10)
  • 11 minutes (seasons 11-)
Production company(s)
DistributorWarner Bros. International Television Distribution
Original network
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Original releaseJanuary 14, 2011 (2011-01-14) –
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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (now only Ninjago) is an animated[2] 3D animated television series produced by The Lego Group, headquartered in Denmark. It was created to coincide with the Lego Ninjago line of construction toys, many of which are based on elements of the series. It centers on the fictional world of Ninjago, telling the story of a group of teen Ninja and their battles against the forces of evil. The series was animated in Denmark by Wil Film ApS for its first ten seasons. Animation was relocated to DHX Media in Canada for its eleventh season. The English-language voice cast has been recorded in Canada for its entire run.

Ninjago began with two pilot episodes in January 2011, which were followed by two 13-episode seasons that aired from January to November 2012. Both the Lego theme and the series had an intended shelf life of three years, so the second season was originally intended to be the last. However, continued success of the series and its product line led to eleven seasons being produced in total. In the eighth season, several character designs and aesthetics were borrowed from the theatrical film The Lego Ninjago Movie, which was released in 2017.

The series was created by Michael Hegner and Tommy Andreasen, two Danish film producers. In Denmark, where the series' original production companies are located, Ninjago premiered on Nickelodeon. It airs on various Nickelodeon networks internationally and on Cartoon Network in the United States, United Kingdom and Poland. In Canada, the series is broadcast on Teletoon and, later, YTV.[3]


The show is set in the world of Ninjago, a place very loosely inspired by a westernized version of East Asian myths and culture. While featuring several historically designed buildings and traditional clothing, Ninjago is in a modern setting, incorporating large metropolises with skyscrapers, current-age (and futuristic) vehicles, modern electronics and semi-robotic exo-suits, and other futuristic technology. Despite taking place in an East Asian-like world, the majority of characters have Western names, and many have hair colors that would make them more likely to be Caucasian, despite the LEGO medium supposedly being to make them ambiguous.


Long before the events of the series, the First Spinjitzu Master used the power of the Golden Weapons to create the world of Ninjago. Trained in the legendary art of Spinjitzu by the wise Master Wu, a group of wicked cool teenage ninja (Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane, and eventually Lloyd and Nya) with mastery over the elements fight to defend their land against those who wish to conquer it. Each season focuses on a different one or more of the Ninja, as they use their skills and mechs to fight various otherworldly beings and evil masterminds.

Pilot Episodes (2011)[edit]

Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master created the realm of Ninjago with the four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu: the Scythe of Quakes, the Shurikens of Ice, the Nunchucks of Lightning, and the Sword of Fire. Before he passed, his sons swore to protect the weapons from evil, but the older brother Garmadon was taken over by darkness and aimed to wield all four weapons so he could recreate Ninjago in his own image. In the ensuing battle between brothers, the younger brother Wu cast Garmadon down to the Underworld, hiding the weapons across the land and placing a guardian at each hiding spot. In anticipation of Garmadon's return, Wu seeks out four talented young Ninja; Cole, Jay, Zane and Kai, whose sister Nya was kidnapped by Underworld's Skeleton Army under Garmadon's orders, to learn the ways of the Ninja, master the art of Spinjitzu, and find the Golden Weapons before Garmadon and the Skulkin can claim them for their maniacal machinations.

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes (2012)[edit]

Since Lord Garmadon's disappearance, peace has returned to Ninjago. Rather than prepare for his return, the Ninja have become lazy, playing video games and eating junk food instead of continuing their training. With their guards down, they find themselves thrown back into action when Garmadon's son Lloyd releases the five warring tribes of Serpentine, a race of snake-people who once ruled over Ninjago before being sealed away in underground tombs. Now led by the treacherous Pythor P. Chumsworth, last of the fearsome Anacondrai, the vengeful snakes seek to find the four Silver Fangblades to awaken the Great Devourer, an unkillable giant serpent that grows the more it consumes. To stop them, the Ninja make new allies, some former foes, as they try to overcome emotional barriers and unlock their True Potential, all while trying to learn the identity of the legendary Green Ninja destined to defeat the "dark lord".

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja (2012)[edit]

Following defeating the Great Devourer, Lord Garmadon has escaped with the Golden Weapons and taken command of the Serpentine. At the Golden Peaks, birthplace of the weapons, he forges them into the Mega Weapons. Able to create anything he pleases, Garmadon aims to interrupt Lloyd's training and prevent him from achieving his destiny as the Green Ninja. To ensure Lloyd is ready to face his father, the Ninja combat Garmadon's creations at every turn. But both sides are unaware of an evil dwelling on the fabled Island of Darkness pulling the strings for thousands of years to conquer all. The fate of Ninjago hangs in the balance as the "Final Battle" between good and evil looms closer.

Season 3: Rebooted (2014)[edit]

Good prevailed in the Final Battle with Lloyd as the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master defeating the Overlord and saving both Ninjago and his father. Ninjago City was left in ruin til genius inventor Cyrus Borg led the reconstruction process bringing about New Ninjago City, a hub of futuristic technological advancements. In this hi-tech age of peace, the Ninja have retired to teaching at Wu's Academy. During a field trip to Borg Tower, center of all this innovation, they discover that the Overlord has survived his fight with the Golden Ninja in the form of a virus, infecting Borg's systems. To escape the Digiverse, he plots to steal Lloyd's Golden Power and become a prophesized evil known as the Golden Master. Leaving Lloyd under the protection of a now pacifistic Sensei Garmadon, the Ninja must find the hard-drive containing the Digital Overlord and reboot the system with Borg's tech-hacking Techno Blades, to keep their friend safe and put an end to the Overlord's evil once and for all.

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements (2015)[edit]

To defeat the Golden Master, Zane was forced to absorb power from the Golden Armor, sacrificing his life and leaving the Ninja team fractured in the process. But when notorious crime boss and noodle house owner Master Chen invites them to his Tournament of Elements; a competition between other Elemental Masters like them, with the promise of seeing Zane again, the Ninja, accompanied by Sensei Garmadon, find themselves traveling to Chen's Island and quickly making enemies. However, when they discover that Chen and his cult of Anacondrai worshippers use the Staff of Elements to strip those who lose of their Elemental Powers for a spell that could restart a war from Ninjago's past, they attempt to form an alliance with the Elemental Masters.

Season 5: Posession (2015)[edit]

Chen and his Anacondrai Cultists have been banished to the Cursed Realm by General Arcturus and the Anacondrai Generals. But to free the generals, Garmadon had to take their place amongst the cursed. As a distraught Lloyd mourns the loss of his father, he is called to a solo mission where he is possessed by the jealousy ghost of Wu's first student Morro, the Master of Wind and Air, who escaped the Cursed Realm when Garmadon opened the portal. Now, the powerless Ninja face their friend as Morro aims to find the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master and use the Realm Crystal, gateway to the Sixteen Realms parallel to Ninjago, to allow his master to curse all that exists. To stop him, the Ninja ally with mercenary and shady businessman Ronin, mastering the lost art of Airjitzu and following three clues to the tomb's location engraved on Wu's staff. But the true key to victory lies with Nya, who learns she is the current Master of Water Waves Oceans Tides and Fluids, which happens to be a ghost's greatest weakness.

Season 6: Skybound (2016)[edit]

Their victory over the Preeminent has brought the Ninja overwhelming fame. While they struggle to continue to defend Ninjago while warding off obsessed fans, Jay tangles with seeing a future with Nya in the First Spinjitzu Master's Tomb. Things go further downhill for the heroes when the ghost of Chen's right hand man Clouse, who survived the destruction of the Cursed Realm, releases Nadakhan the Djinn; captain of the Misfortune's Keep. Framing the Ninja and reuniting with his crew, Nadakhan learns that the destruction of the Cursed Realm has caused the collapse of its Sister Realm and his former home and kingdom of Djinjago. With their fans turned against them and their team dwindling in numbers as the Djinn turns their wishes against them to trap them in his Sword of Souls, the Ninja find themselves in a battle across Ninjago to stop a vengeful Nadakhan from rebuilding his Realm with chunks of theirs. But when he sets his eyes on marrying Nya, a lovestruck Jay must find the right wish to save his love, home, and friends.

Day of the Departed (2016)[edit]

On the Day of the Departed, the people of Ninjago light lanterns to remember those they've lost. While his friends celebrate, Cole, whose ghostly state has deteriorated to the point of him randomly fading in and out of existence, intends to exact revenge on Master Yang for turning him into a ghost during the Ninja's attempt to learn Airjitzu. Commandeering the Yin Blade; a dark magic weapon Yang once used in an attempt to gain immortality, Cole enters the Temple of Airjitzu and prepares to "close the circle" by defeating the Airjitzu Master. But when his gambit for revenge leads to the accidental revival of some of the Ninja's greatest enemies, the heroes find themselves facing their vengeful foes once again as they attempt to take the Ninja's place amongst the living using magic Departed Blades. Meanwhile, Cole faces Yang and his students alone as, thanks to his actions, the Airjitzu Master has reclaimed the Yin Blade and plots to take advantage of a special Yin Yang Eclipse to cut the Rift of Return which will allow him to return to the living world.

Season 7: The Hands of Time (2017)[edit]

Following the events on the Day of the Departed, both Cole and the Temple of Airjitzu have been restored. As the Ninja setup base in the temple, they find themselves stuck cleaning up the damage at the Ninjago Museum of History. Here, they learn of the Hands of Time; twin Elemental Masters of time itself who betrayed the Elemental Masters after the Serpentine Wars in belief their Element was the strongest. Meanwhile, at the ruins of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Wu awaits the return of Acronix, the younger of the "Time Twins", to finish the battle they started 40 years ago. But without the rest of the team by his side, Wu is overwhelmed by Acronix who uses a move known as the "Time Punch" to accelerate Wu's aging one day per hour. Now Acronix has reunited with Krux; the older twin, who has remained hidden in Ninjago disguised as Museum Curator Dr. Saunders. The Ninja must now battle the Hands of Time and their army of Vermillion; children of the Great Devourer, as they begin kidnapping Ninjago's best builders and stealing metal all over the city. But as they near closer to uncovering the villains' ultimate goal, the battle becomes personal for Kai and Nya who discover their parents may be involved with the Hands of Time.

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon (2018)[edit]

One year after Wu and the Hands of Time were lost in time aboard the Iron Doom, the Ninja have scattered across Ninjago, tackling missions while searching for their master's whereabouts. In their absence, Ninjago City has been overrun by a cult-like crime syndicate known as the Sons of Garmadon who worship the evil Lord Garmadon. With Lloyd acting as their master, the Ninja team reunites to heed a request from the usually private Royal Family, who ask the heroes to protect the three Oni Masks (The Mask of Deception, the Mask of Vengeance, and the Mask of Hatred); relics from the First Realm which when united would allow the Sons of Garmadon to resurrect a purely evil Garmadon, with most of his soul gone, as well as their adopted daughter, the Jade Princess Harumi. In order to stop the Sons of Garmadon from desecrating his father's sacrifice, Lloyd and the Ninja attempt to find the identity of their leader, the Quiet One, before they can determine the location of the elusive Oni Mask of Hatred, while learning secrets about the origins of Ninjago itself. In the process, Lloyd begins to bond with Harumi who has also lost her parents. But as they grow closer, the Ninja make the startling discovery that someone in their makeshift family is the Quiet One.

Season 9: Hunted (2018)[edit]

With Emperor Garmadon in ruling Ninjago City with an iron fist and the original four Ninja as well as baby Wu supposedly dying after the Colossus destroyed the Destiny's Bounty, any ally of the Ninja and citizen is hunted and imprisoned in Kryptarium Prison. Lloyd, Nya, and the rest of their remaining allies, including a portion of the Elemental Masters, form a resistance to endure and fight back against Harumi, the Sons of Garmadon, and Lord Garmadon himself. Unbeknownst to them, the other Ninja are alive and thanks to Mistaké's Traveler's Tea, they're in the First Realm; the Realm of the Oni and the Dragon. Here, the barbaric Dragon Hunters, led by the power hungry Iron Baron, capture Dragons and exploit their Elemental Powers to sustain their society. As Dragons are the only beings who can ferry between Realms, the Ninja and a teenage Wu must find the mythical Dragon Armor once worn by the First Spinjitzu Master himself, in order to convince Firstbourne; leader mother and queen of all Dragons, to allow them to ride her children out of the Realm so they can rejoin the fight against Lord Garmadon, and save Ninjago.

Season 10: March of the Oni (2019)[edit]

When Ninjago city rebuilds from Lord Garmadon's destructive power, he calls out to Lloyd to tell him what will happen in the future, Lloyd feels like he cannot trust his father's intentions of helping him. Faith later returns from the first realm explaining what happened in the realm of Oni and Dragons. Since the destructive power that escaped through the realm crystal is too powerful for our heroes, one enemy must choose a side. Will he fight against the Oni or Tear the fabled world and legacy of Ninjago apart forever?

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu (2019)[edit]

Six months after they defeated the Oni, the Ninja have become relaxed, lazy and out of shape. In order to keep their skills and powers intact, they search for activity or a threat to face. Strangely enough, Ninjago has been in a state of lasting peace. However, Zane begins suffering odd visions of him being killed by Snake Queen Aspheera, Leader and General of the evil Pyro Vipers who are destroying Ninjago. As well as a mysterious castle guarded by a Ice Dragon; home to the Ice Emperor and his Blizzard Samurai. While Zane remains unsure about these frightening visions, the Ninja find their quest when Professor Clutch Powers discovers a mysterious Ancient Pyramid which supposedly only a Ninja could survive exploring. Unbeknownst to them, the next threat to Ninjago is right around the corner.


Characters by voice actor and season
Character Pilot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Kai Vincent Tong
Jay Michael Adamthwaite
Zane Brent Miller
Cole Kirby Morrow
Lloyd Jillian Michaels Samuel Vincent
Nya Kelly Metzger
Wu Paul Dobson
Garmadon Mark Oliver

Day of the Departed[edit]

Character Actor
Kai Vincent Tong
Nya Kelly Metzger
Jay Michael Adamthwaite
Cole Kirby Morrow
Zane Brent Miller
Lloyd Jillian Michaels
Sensei Wu Paul Dobson
Misako Kathleen Barr
Chen Ian Corlett
Dr. Saunders Michael Daingerfield
Ronin Brian Dobson
Pythor Michael Dobson
Kozu Paul Dobson
Yang Michael Donovan
Morro Andrew Francis
P.I.X.A.L. Jennifer Hayward
Samukai Michael Kopsa
Dareth Alan Marriott
Edna Jillian Michaels
Lou Kirby Morrow
Ed Colin Murdock
Cryptor Richard Newman
The Royal Blacksmiths Jeppe Riddervold



  • Master Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon (voiced by Jillian Michaels in seasons 1–7 and Samuel Vincent in seasons 8-present) – The Green Ninja and Elemental Master of Energy, Green Power, Green Light, Power, Twilight, Balance, Friendship, Dragon Flame, Dragon's Flame, Dragon Fire, and the Dragon's Fire, former Golden Ninja, former Elemental Master of Golden Power Light and leader of the Ninja.[4] He is the son of Garmadon and Misako, the nephew of Master Wu, the grandson of the First Spinjitzu Master. and the great-grandson of the Firstbourne Dragon and the Omega Oni He frequently wields either a sword or dual swords. His powers are vaguely defined, a fact admitted by his friends, but he possesses the ability to shoot green beams of power and passively shield his body. Lloyd made his debut in Season 1 as a mischievous child wanting to be an evil warlord just like his father. This resulted in childish schemes that were often foiled by the original four Ninja. Lloyd was eventually captured and reformed by the Ninja and Master Wu, Lloyd's paternal uncle, and eventually discovered his destiny as the Green Ninja. While initially mischievous and naive, Lloyd has been tempered by experience and time into a mature and capable ninja. Though still the youngest, he has emerged as the natural leader of the Ninja, displaying wisdom beyond his years. Lloyd greatly appreciates his friends, saying that it was them who taught him the "importance of being brave, of being strong, and most importantly, being good". He believes the team's strength comes from "no one being more important than the other". Though he can still be rash in matters of family, especially regarding his father, there are few more dedicated and determined to protecting their friends and Ninjago.
  • Kai (voiced by Vincent Tong) – The Red Ninja, Elemental Master of Fire Flame, Heat, and Warmth. Nya's elder brother, Skylor's love interest and boyfriend and son of Ray and Maya. Like Lloyd, he frequently wields either a sword or dual swords. His elemental powers grant him limited pyrokinesis and heat-resistance. Kai is fiercely loyal to his friends and family, often willing to do anything to ensure their safety. He often acts on emotion instead of reason, causing him to be hotheaded, cocky, and rash. He also has a strong sense of responsibility, feeling enormous guilt in situations where his friends suffer, such as when Zane sacrificed himself and when Lloyd was possessed.
  • Jay Walker (born Jay Gordon) (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) – The Blue Ninja, Elemental Master of Lightning Electric and Electricity, Nya's love interest and boyfriend, adoptive son of Ed and Edna Walker, son of Cliff Gordon and his mother. He frequently wields nunchucks and his elemental powers grant him limited electricity manipulation. He is also a skilled mechanic and technologically savvy. Jay is inventive and quick-witted, often using comedy to alleviate stressful situations. He is easily excitable and prone to freaking out when in crises but like the other Ninja is intensely loyal to his friends, especially Nya.
  • Zane Julien (voiced by Brent Miller) – The White/Titanium Ninja and Elemental of Ice, Frost, Technology and Snow, brother of Echo Zane, son of Dr. Julien and P.I.X.A.L.'s love interest and boyfriend. He frequently wields three pointed shuriken and, more recently, a bow and arrows. His elemental powers grant him limited cryokinesis. Zane is intelligent and calculating, often providing intel to the other ninja as it applies to their situation. Initially, he lacked normal social skills. It was later revealed that this was due to Zane secretly being a nindroid, a fact unknown to both the Ninja and Zane himself. Though he is still logical and matter-of-fact, his brotherhood with the other Ninja have enabled him to pick up more human characteristics such as humor. He is the oldest ninja, being built over 40yrs ago, but was built to look like a teen.
  • Cole (voiced by Kirby Morrow) – The grounded and solid Black Ninja and Elemental Master of Earth, Rock Roll, Nature, and Magma, and son of Lou and his mother. Seliel's love interest and boyfriend and grandson of his grandfather. He frequently wields a scythe and, in recent additions to the series, a war hammer. His elemental powers grant him the ability to limitedly manipulate the earth and super strength.
  • Nya (voiced by Kelly Metzger) – The Water, Waves, Oceans, Tides, and Fluids Ninja and Elemental Master and Mistress of Water, Waves Oceans Tides and Fluids, original Samurai X, Kai's younger sister, Jay's love interest and girlfriend, and daughter of Ray and Maya. She frequently wields a sword and, more recently, a spear. Her elemental powers grant her hydrokinesis.
  • Sensei/Master Wu (voiced by Paul Dobson as an adult toddler and teen, Caleb Skeris as a baby, Madyx Whiteway as a child) – The wise, old master of the Ninja, and Elemental Master of Creation, Light, Good, Hope, and Love. He is Lloyd's uncle, younger brother of Garmadon, Faith's love interest and boyfriend, younger son of the First Spinjitzu Master and grandson of the Firstbourne Dragon and the Omega Oni. He frequently wields his father's staff. Because of his Oni heritage, Wu along with his brother has lived over hundreds of years.
  • Lord/Sensei/Master/Emperor Garmadon (voiced by Mark Oliver an adult, Kai Emmett as a child) – Elemental Master and Lord of Destruction, Darkness, Evil, and Hatred, Lloyd's father, Wu's older brother, adoptive father of Harumi elder son of the First Spinjitzu Master and grandson of the Firstbourne Dragon and the Omega. Oni Garmadon was a main antagonist for the first two seasons but was later cleansed of evil and became a Sensei to the Ninja. He was later sacrificed to the Cursed Realm to stop Master Chen's Fake Anacondrai Army. Garmadon was revived in season 8 by the Sons of Garmadon as a being of pure evil and proceeded to conquer all of Ninjago and proclaimed himself as the Realm's new Emperor. However at the end of season 9, Garmadon's reign of terror was finally brought to an end and he and the Sons of Garmadon were all arrested and locked up in Kryptarium Prison. In season 10, he was released to help the Ninja defeat the Oni, and left to somewhere unknown. Because of his Oni heritage, Garmadon along with his brother has lived over hundreds of years.

Ninja Allies[edit]

  • Dareth (voiced by Alan Marriott) – The bumbling self-proclaimed "Brown Ninja" and Grand Sensei of Dareth's Mojo Dojo, and is a frequent ally of the Ninja both by choice and coincidence.
  • Mistaké (voiced by Mackenzie Gray Seasons 1–2, Mark Oliver Season 4, Tabitha St. Germain Seasons 8–9) – One of the Ninjas' Allies An often grouchy old lady who is old friends with Master Wu. She owns a tea shop that sells rare tea with magical properties. In season 9, she turns out to be an Oni in disguise. In the same season, it was implied that she was killed by Garmadon.
  • P.I.X.A.L. (Primary Interactive X-ternal Assistant Life-form) Borg (voiced by Jennifer Hayward) – A Nindroid (who's name stands for Primary Interactive X-ternal Assistant Life-form) One of the Ninjas' Allies and Love Interests who was originally an assistant and daughter to Cyrus Borg and Zane's girlfriend and love interest. She joined the Ninja's team after being influenced by her fellow robot Zane. She was later disassembled but then uploaded into Zane's systems as an artificial intelligence system. She secretly rebuilt herself and became the new Samurai X. She often provides technical support to the Ninja.
  • Cyrus Borg (voiced by Lee Tockar) – A tech genius and head of Borg Industries One of the Ninjas' Allies and father of P.I.X.A.L. who has invented all sorts of cutting edge electronic tools and gadgets. He first sought out the Ninja after the Digital Overlord overtook his systems and has built a variety of tools, security systems, and vehicles to assist the Ninja.
  • Ronin (voiced by Brian Dobson) – A mercenary motivated One of the Ninjas' Allies by self-interest who will assist the Ninja if it suits his needs.
  • Police Commissioner (voiced by Michael Donovan) – The head of Ninjago police. One of the Ninjas' Allies The Commissioner was originally introduced as a neutral character and Ninja Hunter who hunted down the Ninja after they were framed of committing crimes and being framed by Nadakhan in season 6. Since the Ninja were proved innocent however, he has assisted them both personally and with the full backing of the police force, as seen in season 8.

Family Members[edit]

  • First Spinjitzu Master (voiced by Jim Conrad) - The Creator of Ninjago, Inventor of Spinjitzu, God of Good Order Life and Light Son of the Firstbourne Dragon and the Omega Oni, Father of Wu and Garmadon, Grandfather of Lloyd, Father-In-Law of Misako and Master of All Elements in Existence, and Reality Itself. The all-powerful immortal being born of a union between the first incarnations of good and evil, he descended from his heavenly home-realm to build the land of Ninjago, named after himself. He fought the Overlord, and then split Ninjago in two. After fathering and raising his two sons, he died, despite being immortal.
  • Misako (voiced by Kathleen Barr) – An archaeologist One of the Ninjas' Parents and Allies who is Lloyd's Mother, Garmadon's Ex-Wife, Wu's Sister-In-Law and lover, and First Spinjitzu Master's Daughter-In-Law.
  • Dr. Julien (voiced by Mark Oliver) – The inventor Father of Zane and Echo Zane One of the Ninjas' Parents and Allies and creator of Falcon. He passed away between seasons 2 and 3.
  • Ed Walker (voiced by Colin Murdock) – The Adoptive Father of Jay One of the Ninjas' Parents and Allies and the husband of Edna Walker, as well as the co-owner of Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk.
  • Edna Walker (voiced by Jillian Michaels) – The Adoptive Mother of Jay One of the Ninjas' Parents and Allies and the wife of Ed Walker, as well as the co-owner of Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk.
  • Lou (voiced by Kirby Morrow) – Cole's Father Cole's Mother's Husband Cole's Grandfather's Son-In-Law One of the Ninjas' Parents and Allies and a Notable Member of the Royal Blacksmiths, a famous song and dance troupe.
  • Ray (voiced by Vincent Tong) – Kai and Nya's Father One of the Ninjas' Parents and Allies and Former Elemental Master of Fire, Flame, Heat, and Warmth He previously fought alongside his wife under Masters Wu and Garmadon in the First Elemental Alliance during the First Serpentine War. He is a skilled blacksmith.
  • Maya (voiced by Jillian Michaels) – Kai and Nya's Mother One of the Ninjas' Parents and Allies and Former Elemental Master and Mistress of Water Waves Oceans Tides and Fluids. She previously fought alongside her husband under Masters Wu and Garmadon in the First Elemental Alliance during the First Serpentine War.


The Skulkins are a breed of living skeletons who were once ruled by Samukai. After becoming their leader, Garmadon sent the Skulkins to Ninjago to find the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu, to which they do so. The Skeleton army is defeated by the Ninja, though Samukai tries to use the Weapons himself. The power of the weapons destroys him, allowing Garmadon to escape his imprisonment and leaving the Skeletons leaderless. However, Garmadon rebands the Skeletons and leads them to rescue the Ninja and help them steal the Fang Blades from the Serpentines, as part of the temporary alliance Garmadon made with the ninja to stop the Serpentines's leader Pythor from unleashing the Great Devourer, the very same giant snake who turned Garmadon evil. The Skeletons are willing to help along with this because, as Kruncha comments "Everybody hates snakes."

  • Samukai (voiced by Michael Kopsa) – The Skulkin General of Fire Flame, Heat, Warmth. and Four-Armed Former Ruler of the Underworld until Lord Garmadon defeated him in single combat and took over. He led the attacks on Ninjago, sent by Garmadon to retrieve the four Golden Weapons. He attempted to betray Garmadon by keeping the weapons for himself but, unable to control the power of the four golden weapons at once, was instead overloaded with power and killed. His body created a portal to another realm with Garmadon traveled though to amass more power. He temporarily returned on the Day of the Departed seeking revenge on Jay.
  • Kruncha (voiced by Brian Drummond) – The Brutish Skulkin General of Earth, Rock Roll, Nature, and Magma, he found himself roaming Ninjago and taking odd jobs with Nuckal.
  • Nuckal (voiced by Brian Drummond) – The Crazy Skulkin General of Lightning Electric and Electricity. He served under Samukai and was part of the raids to retrieve the Golden Weapons. After the Skeleton Army's defeat, he found himself roaming Ninjago and taking odd jobs with Kruncha.
  • Wyplash (voiced by Michael Dobson) – The Skulkin General of Ice Frost and Snow. Unlike Samukai, Kruncha and Nuckal, he was not part of the Golden Weapon raids. After the Skeleton Army was defeated, he attempted to ambush Nya but was soundly beaten by the lone warrior.


The Serpentine are a breed of vicious snakes. Originally a race created by the First Spinjitzu Master, they held a prophecy that foretold the coming of the Golden Master. Their attempts to warn the humans resulted in a war that culminated with them being driven underground, partly because both sides were manipulated by Master Chen. Released by Lloyd Garmadon, the Serpentine attempted to conquer Ninjago several times under the leadership of Pythor, Lord Garmadon, and finally Skales. However, after losing in battle to the Overlord's Stone Army, the Serpentine made a home for themselves underground and later aid the people of New Ninjago City escape the Golden Master's attack and then against Master Chen's army of fake Anacondrai.

  • The Great Devourer – A giant snake worshiped as a goddess by the Serpentine, known to be very dangerous and deadly with the ability to increase its size by consuming anything in its path, including its own kind. The Great Devourer is the main cause of the events in the series as it was responsible for turning Garmadon evil through its venom, and it was the Anacondrai General Pythor intended to release to exact revenge on the people of Ninjago. But the Great Devourer proved to be beyond anyone's control, swallowing Pythor and Sensei Wu alive, the former suffering side effects from exposure to the serpent's stomach acid, and running rampant on Ninjago with the Ninja unable to subdue it. However, in the end, the Ninja manage to lure the Devourer into a trap during its siege of Ninjago City, allowing Lord Garmadon to destroy the Great Devourer with the power of the Golden Weapons in revenge for the grief and madness it caused to him. Despite its death, the monster's venom still seeps into Ninjago City's sewage system, eventually reawakening the Stone Army. However, the Stone Army was eventually destroyed, and upon the Overlord Dragon's defeat Garmadon was cleansed of the Devourer's venom and its effects. It's proven to be female in season 7.
  • Anacondrai – An honor-bound anaconda-type Serpentine tribe that is the most feared of the Serpentine, able to turn themselves invisible. They are known for their purple coloration, and unlike other Serpentine tribes they all-not just their generals-have snake tails in place of legs. While their leading members were exiled to the Cursed Realm, the rest of the Anacondrai were trapped underground and apparently resorted to cannibalism until only Pythor remained. However, Master Chen and his group of cultists sought to bring them back, using dark magic to become Anacondrai themselves.
    • Pythor P. Chumsworth (voiced by Michael Dobson) – The Former Warrior Current General and Last Remaining Member of the Anacondrai Tribe and Former Leader of the Serpentine, unique among his kind due to his elongated neck and habit of swallowing people larger than himself. Unlike his kind, Pythor is cowardly and dishonest yet has an arrogant sense of pride. While his tribe were sealed away, the Anacondrai Tribe had no food source and ultimately fell to starvation and cannibalism with Pythor becoming the sole survivor. Upon being released, Pythor pretended to be Lloyd's ally to steal the map to the Serpentine tombs to release the Constrictai and the Venomari Tribes. Soon after finding the lost city of Ouroborus, through deceit and an alliance with Skales, Pythor becomes the first Snake King of all Serpentine. It becomes clear soon that Pythor had been driven insane by his imprisonment and his hatred of the surface dwellers, using the allegiance of the tribes to unleash the Great Devourer to exact revenge on people of Ninjago for locking up the Serpentine underground. As the series progressed, Pythor finally managed to collect all four Silver Fang Blades, despite the oppression from the Ninja, Lord Garmadon, and the Skeleton Army, realizing too late that the Great Devourer would consume everything in its path, including himself alongside Sensei Wu. In season 3, Pythor is revealed to have survived his ordeal within the Great Devourer's stomach with his scales bleached white as he went into hiding. Still bent on revenge against the humans, Pythor aids the Overlord by converting Sensei Wu into Tech Wu and then tricking the ninja into giving him a beacon leading him to Lloyd. This season also revealed a fascination with a breed of electric eel/water snake known as electrocobrai, which he used as a power source for the Overlord and his creations. He swallows the shrinking pill that was meant for the Overlord in "The Titanium Ninja" and is chased by the Falcon. In season four he is among the many inmates of Kryptarium Prison-living in a dollhouse inside of a cell-and reveals to the ninja that the Anacondrai were tricked into attacking the humans during the war. He is captured by Chen and his sweat is used to make the Fake Anacondrai permanent, but he manages to discover a means of defeating them by releasing the spirits of the Anacondrai Generals. In gratitude for finally making them proud, Arcturus restores Pythor to his original size, though not his former coloration. He appears to be fond of the name "Rodrigo", as he applied this name to a toy basketball he owned while in prison and a rat that he tamed and rode into the final battle with the Anacondrai Cult.
    • General Arcturus (voiced by Scott McNeil) – The Former Head General of the Anacondrai Tribe and Former Leader of the Serpentine during the First Serpentine War. He and the other Anacondrai generals were banished to the Cursed Realm after being defeated by the Elemental Alliance. The ghosts of the Anacondrai generals were later freed in order to defeat Chen's Anacondrai Cultist Army.
  • Hypnobrai – A cobra-type Serpentine tribe that specializes in mind-control. They were locked in a frozen tomb in a tundra. All of them have red eyes they use to hypnotize victims (which explains that their name is a pun on "Hypnotize"). The symbol of the staff and the Hypnobrai has a hypnotizing shape like a swirl. Their color is blue.
    • Skales (voiced by Ian James Corlett), the Former Warrior and Current General of the Hypnobrai Tribe and Leader of the Serpentine Husband of Selma and Father of Skales Jr. following the perceived Pythor in Great Devourer's Bowels and Became White. He was originally ranked as a warrior, but became general after challenging and defeating the then current general Slithraa. After being defeated time and time again by the Ninja he and the rest of the Serpentine found themselves trapped underground by the Stone Army. The Serpentine then reformed, took an oath of pacifism, and have began to live peacefully alongside the other inhabitants of Ninjago. Skales settled down, started a family, and has assisted the Ninja in matters relating to snakes. Like all Hypnobrai, Skales can hypnotize his foes if they stare into his eyes. He is also a master of the ancient art of Fang-kwon-do. He is also responsible for hypnotizing Cole in episode one.
    • Slithraa (voiced by John Novak) – The Former General and Current Warrior of the Hypnobrai Tribe. After accidentally hypnotizing himself, he became a servant to Lloyd Garmadon and led his tribe in accomplishing the childish schemes of the young boy. Frustrated by being ordered around by a boy, Skales saw an opportunity to rise in power. After another failed scheme, Slithraa was challenged by Skales to a match in the Slither Pit for the right to lead the Hypnobrai. Slithraa was subsequently defeated by Skales and demoted to warrior.
  • Fangpyre – A pit viper-type Serpentine tribe who specializes in venomous bites that transforms the victim into a Serpentine (depending on their element) with snake-like traits. Strangely if a Fangpyre bites a vehicle, it transforms instantly. But if they bite a person, it takes a long time for them to transform (probably because the person's immune system fights the transformation). Their anti-venom, as with the other Serpentine Tribes, is located inside the staff of their tribe. If a Fangpyre bites another Fangpyre, the Fangpyre grows another head, resulting in the slightly comedic quirk that each head speaks halves or thirds of a sentence if it is long enough. The sign of the staff and the Fangpyre are fangs with a snake tongue sticking out.
    • Fangtom (voiced by Mackenzie Gray) – The Two-Headed General of the Fangpyre Tribe. He is old friends with Skales and, like all Fangpyre, has the ability to turn anyone or anything into a snake by bitting and injecting them with his poisonous venom.
  • Constrictai – A boa constrictor-type Serpentine tribe who specializes in constricting anyone and burrowing underground at a fast speed. They're also the shortest and the dumbest of all Serpentine tribes, but they are second strongest after the Anacondrai. The sign of the staff and the Constrictai is orange and has three rings connecting to each other representing constricting. The anti-venom in the staff awakens those knocked out when being choked. They were sealed within the Mountain of a Million Steps until released by Pythor.
    • Skalidor (voiced by Michael Dobson) – The Powerful General of the Constrictai Tribe. Like all Constrictai, Skalidor has the ability to burrow underground and possesses abundant strength.
  • Venomari – A spitting cobra-type Serpentine tribe with odd tusks and multiple eyes who specializes in spitting a hallucination-inducing venom. They were sealed in a tomb within the Poisonous Bogs until Pythor released them. The symbol of the staff and the venomari is green with drops of venom coming out of the symbol.
    • Acidicus (voiced by Paul Dobson) – The Intelligent General of the Venomari Tribe. Like all Venomari, Acidicus has the ability to spit venom at his foes which causes fear inducing hallucinations.
  • Vermillion – The Vermillion are masses of snakes that can assume human form and are the pure first-generation progeny and children of the Great Devourer.
    • Machia (voiced by Kathleen Barr) – The Supreme Commander and Former General and Commander of the Vermillion Tribe with Gorgon-like hair.
    • Raggmunk (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) – The Commander and General of the Vermillion Tribe.
    • Blunck (voiced by Brian Dobson) – The Commander and General of the Vermillion Tribe.
  • Pyro Vipers -

Overlord's Forces[edit]

  • The Overlord (voiced by Scott McNeil) – An Dark Lord Ultimate Evil and God of Evil Chaos Death Shadows and Darkness who fought the First Spinjitzu Master to a draw. Lloyd defeated the Overlord in the Season 2 finale when by unlocking his Golden Powers. The Overlord returned in Season 3 as a digital entity who seeped into and took over the technology of New Ninjago City.
  • General Kozu (voiced by Paul Dobson) – The Four-Armed Leader Commander Supreme Commander and General of the Overlord's Stone Army. He is the only member of the Stone Army that can speak English.
  • General Cryptor (voiced by Richard Newman) – The Commander Leader Supreme Commander and General of the Overlord's Nindroid Army.
  • Min-Droid (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) – A Member of the Nindroid Army who is shorter the rest of his robotic brethren because the factory that produced them ran out of metal. He is highly sensitive about his size and teasing at the hands of the other Nindroids have given him a short-tempered and vicious disposition. Despite his size, he is actually a capable and observant fighter.

Anacondrai Cultists[edit]

  • Master Chen (voiced by Ian James Corlett) – Skylor's father, Skylor's Mother's husband Garmadon and Clouse's master and sensei, and leader of the Anacondrai Cultists. He was exiled to an island after allying himself with the Serpentine and betray the Elemental Masters during the first Serpentine War. He later attempted to steal the powers of the elemental masters to transform him and his followers into powerful Fake Anacondrai warriors to conquer Ninjago but was defeated and banished to the Cursed Realm by Arcturus and Anacondrai Generals. Chen was destroyed when the Preeminent got destroyed and his soul was sent to the Departed Realm. He was resurrected by Yang and chooses Kai and Nya as his targets of revenge. In the end, Chen is defeated by the siblings and his soul is sent back to the Departed Realm.
  • Clouse (voiced by Scott McNeil) – The Elemetnal Master of Dark Magic and Dark Arts Master Chen's Right-Hand Man and Second-In-Command. Dark Wizard Dark Sorcerer Dark Mage Dark Magician He and Garmadon has previously trained under Master Chen before the First Serpentine War. He was sent to the Cursed Realm after being defeated by Garmadon, but he escaped the realm before its destruction and is currently a ghost.
  • Eyezor (voiced by Michael Donovan) – A smug and aggressive one-eyed general of Chen's cult. He oversaw transportation of goods from the noodle factory to Chen's off island noodle house.
  • Zugu (voiced by Brian Dobson) – A hulking and immovable general of Chen's cult. He oversaw production of goods in Chen's noodle factory as well as the prisoners who were forced to make them.
  • Kapau (voiced by Alessandro Juliani) – A comical cultist. Never seen without Chope.
  • Chope (voiced by Ian Hanlin) – A comical cultist. Never seen without Kapau.

Elemental Masters[edit]

  • Skylor Chen (voiced by Heather Doerksen) – The Elemental Master and Mistress of Amber and Absorption, One of the Ninjas' Allies and Love Interest Kai's girlfriend and love interest, and Master Chen and her mother's daughter. She has the ability to copy other elemental powers.
  • Karlof (voiced by Scott McNeil) – The Elemental Master of Metal One of the Ninjas' Allies and Metalworker and Engineer from Metalonia. He has the ability to turn his entire body into metal and grow slightly in size.
  • Griffin Turner (voiced by Doron Bell) – The Elemental Master of Speed and One of the Ninjas' Allies. He has the ability to move at super speeds.
  • Shade (voiced by Andrew Francis) – The Elemental Master of Shadow and One of the Ninjas' Allies. He has the ability to disappear and move in shadows.
  • Neuro (voiced by Paul Dobson) – The Elemental Master of Mind and One of the Ninjas' Alies. He has the ability to read minds and manipulate thoughts.
  • Paleman (voiced by Kirby Morrow) – Also known as Mr. Pale, Paleman is the Elemental Master of Light and One of the Ninjas' Allies. He has the ability to turn invisible.
  • Tox (voiced by Ian James Corlett in Season 4, Maggie Blue O'Hara in Season 9) – The Elemental Master and Mistress of Poison Toxic Venom and One of the Ninjas' Allies.
  • Jacob Pevsner (voiced by Paul Dobson) – The blind Elemental Master of Sound Music and One of the Ninjas' Allies.
  • Bolobo (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) – The Elemental Master of Nature Plants and One of the Ninjas' Allies. He has the ability to control plants.
  • Chamille (voiced by Maryke Hendrikse) – The Elemental Master and Mistress of Form and One of the Ninjas' Allies. She has the ability to shapeshift.
  • Ash (voiced by Brent Miller) – The Elemental Master of Smoke and One of the Ninjas' Allies. He has the ability to create smokescreens.
  • Gravis (voiced by Mark Oliver) – The Elemental Master of Gravity and One of the Ninjas' Allies. He has the ability to levitate.
  • Krux (voiced by Michael Daingerfield) – One of the co-Elemental Masters of Time Emperors of Ninjago Leaders of Vermillion Tribe Sons of Their Mother One of the Ninjas' Allies as Dr. Sander Saunders until revealed in A Time of Traitors and twin brother to Acronix. He had the ability to pause and reverse time.
  • Acronix (voiced by Ian Hanlin) – One of the co-Elemental Masters of Time Emperors of Ninjago Leaders of Vermillion Tribe Sons of Their Mother and twin brother to Krux. He had the ability to speed up and slow down time.


Evil Warriors and Ghosts associated with Morro and summoned by him from the Cursed Realm through the use of the Allied Armor of Azure. They have the ability to turn other living things into ghosts, and some of them can infuse their ghostly energy into vehicles and objects. As ghosts they are immune to most forms of physical attack, but are vulnerable to water as it is ever changing, which can cause them to dissolve into ectoplasm. Their only other vulnerability is to Deepstone, a substance mined from beneath the ocean floor, which can either contain them or be forged into weapons for use against them, such as the Aeroblades the ninja obtain from Ronin. While Morro leads the group in the field, their true master is the Preeminent, Queen of the Cursed Realm.

  • The Preeminent – The Queen of the Cursed, the Preeminent is an eldritch horror who is the embodiment of the Cursed Realm, she is stuck in an alternate dimension and the master of Morro and the Ghost Warriors, whose ultimate goal is to retrieve the Realm Crystal from the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master and assure in her arrival to curse all 16 Realms, including Ninjago. She resembles a massive eyeball with tentacles, but her iris and pupil are actually reminiscent of a mouth that produces her ghostly minions. Though her minions allowed her to cross into Ninjago, she was defeated when the Ninja and their allies dropped her into an ocean trench.
  • Morro (voiced by Michael Dobson in episode 45, Andrew Francis in other appearances) – The Elemental Master of Wind and Air One of the Ninjas' Allies Former General Lieutenant Second-In-Command and Commander of the Ghost Warriors. A Former Pupil and Student of Master Wu who was believed to be the legendary Green Ninja. When the Golden Weapons did not react to Morro (proving that he was not destined to be the Green Ninja), an enraged Morro left Master Wu's care, determined to prove destiny wrong. He was eventually banished to the cursed realm and returned as a ghost. The jealous Morro then possessed Lloyd and simultaneously schemed to both unleash his new master, the Preeminent, and steal the mantle of Green Ninja from Lloyd. He reformed at the end of Season 5. During Day of the Departed, he is resurrected by Yang and decides to pick Wu as his target, since they left things unsettled. However, it is revealed that this was a ploy and it is shown he has learned his lesson because he instead warns the old master and his pupil about Yang's plan. With his mission accomplished, he is thanked by Wu and he bids his former mentor farewell before going back to the Departed Realm, at peace and redeemed.
  • Soul Archer (voiced by Brian Dobson) – Morro's Second-In-Command and a Ghost Warrior who wields a bow and arrows that can turn its targets into ghosts. He once won a bet with Ronin and seeks to collect.
  • Wrayth (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) – A Tough Ghost Warrior who wields a chained whip that can turn its targets into ghosts.
  • Ghoultar (voiced by Paul Dobson) – A Dimwitted Ghost Warrior who wields a scythe. He is often distracted by food.
  • Bansha (voiced by Kathleen Barr) – A Ghost Sorceress who wields a double-bladed dagger. She had telepathic powers, the ability to create sonic screams, and can possess targets from a great distance.
  • Sensei/Master Kodokuna Yang (voiced by Michael Donovan) – The creator of Airjitzu and current guardian of Temple on Haunted Hill. He accidentally turned himself, his temple, and his students into ghosts after arrogantly attempting to use the Yin Blade to gain immortality.

Sky Pirates Crew[edit]

The Sky Pirates are a motley crew of renegades who are led by Nadakhan, a Djinn from Kingdom of Djinjago also known as Kingdom of Djinnjago is Sister Realm of the Cursed Realm.

  • Nadakhan (voiced by Scott McNeil) – Son of Khanjikhan and Nadakhan's Mother Grandson of Khanjikhan's Father Prince of Djinjago Elemental Master of Magic Captain and Leader of the Sky Pirates Owner of Misfortune's Keep and A Villainous Djinn who seeks to steal the elemental powers of the Ninja in revenge for accidentally destroying his home realm and his sister realm. Falls for Nya after realizing how much she looks like his lost love Dilara.
  • Flintlocke (voiced by Paul Dobson) – Nadakhan's Mustachioed Second-In-Command who is dressed like an old-time aviator.
  • Dogshank (voiced by Nicole Oliver) – A Massive Pirate who wears a helmet that conceals most of her head.
  • Doubloon (voiced by Vincent Tong) – A Sinister-Looking General who resembles a Japanese demon in Samurai armor.
  • Monkey Wretch (voiced by Ian James Corlett) – A fierce mechanical monkey.
  • Clancee (voiced by Ian James Corlett) – A Green Serpentine Warrior with a right peg leg. Unlike the other Serpentine, he was not involved in the Serpentine War.
  • Squiffy (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) – A human who wears a patch over his right eye. His real name is Landon.
  • Bucko (voiced by Brian Dobson) – A human who wears a patch over his left eye. His real name is Colin.

Sons of Garmadon[edit]

  • Princess Harumi (voiced by Britt McKillip) – Also known as the Jade Princess the Quiet One and Rumi by Lloyd. formerly One of the Ninjas' Allies and Lloyd's love interest and girlfriend until reformed in Saving Faith Harumi became the adopted daughter of the Emperor and Empress of Ninjago after the Great Devourer killed her parents. She blamed the Ninja for her parent's deaths being corrupted caused by the Devourer and accordingly idolized Garmadon after he defeated the Devourer. She secretly created and led the Sons of Garmadon (a criminal biker gang) to uncover the three Oni Masks in order to resurrect Garmadon and exact revenge on the Ninja over her parents' deaths. She orchestrated an attack on the royal palace to capture the Second Oni mask which resulted in her adoptive parents' deaths. She gained the Ninja's trust by exploiting their sympathy and pretended to be in love with Lloyd, who promised to protect her from the Sons of Garmadon. Harumi used the Ninja's protection as a cover to locate the whereabouts of the third Oni Mask. Though the Ninja eventually discovered she was the Quiet One, they did not succeed in preventing the resurrection of Lord Garmadon, resulting in the fall of Ninjago. She and the Sons of Garmadon ruled Ninjago as underlings of Lord Garmadon, seeing Lord Garmadon as a powerful parent figure. She ultimately perished after being trapped on the roof of a building as it collapsed. She frequently wears the Oni Mask of Hatred.
  • Mr. E (voiced by Brent Miller) – The Silent and Robotic General of the Sons of Garmadon. He frequently wore the Mask of Vengeance but got destroyed by Emperor Garmadon for failing to catch Lloyd.
  • Ultra Violet (voiced by Maggie Blue O'Hara) – The Unhinged General of the Sons of Garmadon. She frequently wears the Mask of Hatred, sharing it with Harumi.
  • Killow (voiced by Garry Chalk) – Also known as the Big Man, Killow is the Hulking General of the Sons of Garmadon. He frequently wears the Mask of Deception.
  • Luke Cunningham (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) – Also known as the Man in the White Mask, Luke accompanied Mr. E in the theft of the Mask of Vengeance and was arrested as a result.
  • Chopper Maroon (voiced by Samuel Vincent) –
  • Mohawk (voiced by Vincent Tong) –

Dragon Hunters[edit]

  • The Iron Baron (voiced by Brian Drummond) – The Former Leader of the Dragon Hunters. He wants to get revenge on the Firstbourne but in doing so he gets himself killed and imprisoned by the dragon with molten rock after he's show his true colors.
  • Faith (voiced by Kathleen Barr) – Also known as Heavy Metal, Faith is Iron Baron's Second-In-Command and original wielder of the Dragonbone Blade. She was the first Hunter to defect upon discovering Wu is a son of the First Spinjitzu Master, destined to look for the Dragon Armor. Following Iron Baron's death and imprisoned, she takes over as leader of the Dragon Hunters. Becomes a potential love-interest for Wu.
  • Daddy No Legs (voiced by Ian James Corlett) – A Dragon Hunter who has no legs, so he uses a spider-leg apparatus to get around.
  • Muzzle (voiced by Brent Miller) – The right-hand man to Daddy No Legs. He speaks in a language only the Dragon Hunters can understand.
  • Jet Jack (voiced by Rhona Rees) – A daredevil Faith's Second-In-Command and who is never without her jetpack and have a mohawk hair similar to Eyezor from Anacondrai Cultists and Mohawk from Sons of Garmadon.
  • Chew Toy (voiced by Scott McNeil) – An insane Hunter who Jay says is "...born to perform."
  • Arkade (voiced by Michael Donovan) –
  • Scar (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite) – He calls himself "Scar the Skullbreaker".

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
First aired Last aired Region 1 Region 2
Pilots Masters of Spinjitzu 2 January 14, 2011 (2011-01-14) March 27, 2012 (2012-03-27) June 2, 2014 (2014-06-02)
1 Rise of the Snakes 13 January 11, 2012 (2012-01-11) April 11, 2012 (2012-04-11) June 26, 2012 (2012-06-26)
June 23, 2015 (2015-06-23) (double feature)
June 2, 2014 (2014-06-02)
November 2, 2015 (2015-11-02) (double feature)
2 Legacy of the Green Ninja 13 July 18, 2012 (2012-07-18) November 21, 2012 (2012-11-21) March 5, 2013 (2013-03-05)
June 23, 2015 (2015-06-23) (double feature)
February 16, 2015 (2015-02-16)
November 2, 2015 (2015-11-02) (double feature)
3 Rebooted: Battle for New Ninjago City 8 4 January 29, 2014 (2014-01-29) April 16, 2014 (2014-04-16) August 5, 2014 (2014-08-05) August 31, 2015 (2015-08-31)
Rebooted: Fall of the Golden Master 4 July 13, 2014 (2014-07-13) November 26, 2014 (2014-11-26) January 20, 2015 (2015-01-20)
4 Tournament of Elements 10 February 23, 2015 (2015-02-23) April 3, 2015 (2015-04-03) July 21, 2015 (2015-07-21) November 7, 2016 (2016-11-07)
5 Possession 10 June 29, 2015 (2015-06-29) July 10, 2015 (2015-07-10) February 16, 2016 (2016-02-16) March 27, 2017 (2017-03-27)
6 Skybound 10 June 9, 2016 (2016-06-09) July 15, 2016 (2016-07-15) March 14, 2017 (2017-03-14) July 17, 2017 (2017-07-17)
Day of the Departed October 29, 2016 (2016-10-29) February 7, 2017 (2017-02-07) January 22, 2018 (2018-01-22)
7 The Hands of Time 10 May 15, 2017 (2017-05-15) May 26, 2017 (2017-05-26) October 3, 2017 (2017-10-03) October 2, 2017 (2017-10-02)
8 Sons of Garmadon 10 April 16, 2018 (2018-04-16) May 25, 2018 (2018-05-25) January 8, 2019 (2019-01-08) January 1, 2019 (2019-01-01)
9 Hunted 10 August 11, 2018 (2018-08-11) August 25, 2018 (2018-08-25) TBA TBA
10 March of the Oni 4 April 19, 2019 (2019-04-19) TBA TBA
11 Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu 30 June 22, 2019 (2019-06-22) September 28, 2019 (2019-09-28) TBA TBA

Production and development[edit]

In 2009 Lego proposed to make a series on ninja, deciding that there would be four ninja with elemental powers,Later Tommy Andreasen and Thomas fenger created the martial art of spinjitzu.


Following the release of The Lego Ninjago Movie in 2017, the six main characters of the series were redesigned to match their film counterparts. This was done to make the transition to the television series easier for fans brought in from the film. In July 2017, footage of the eighth season was released at San Diego Comic-Con, showcasing Lloyd's new appearance in the series. Despite the film and television show remaining non-canon from one another, the series' eighth season and onwards saw all the Ninja take on their film designs.


After the final script of an episode is submitted and approved, it takes nine months until production is completed. Multiple episodes are produced at once.

New animation styles[edit]

At San Diego comic con 2019 it was announced that while it will continue to use the 3D minfigure based style of animation, certain episodes will be done with a different animation style,so long as it makes sense with the narrative.

Broadcast and release[edit]

In the United States, two pilot episodes, later split into four episodes total, were shown on Cartoon Network on January 14, 2011. They were released in Europe on January 24, 2011.[5] The pilot episodes focused on Kai as he goes from being a blacksmith to a Ninja to save his sister, Nya. Due to the popularity of the pilot episodes, the first season was launched from December 2011 – April 2012 alongside a new line of sets marketed as "Rise of the Snakes". The pilot episodes were released on DVD in March 2011, and the first season became available on DVD in Region 1 on June 26, 2012.[6] The series as a whole has an estimated budget of kr 37 million (approximately £4.6 million or US$6.7 million).[7]

Due to the positive reception of the pilot, a full series was commissioned and began broadcast in December 2011. The first five episodes of season 1 aired in Canada on November 25. The season once again aired in Canada from January 11, 2012, to April 11, 2012. The first two episodes of season 1 aired in the United States on December 2. The season aired again in the United States from January 11, 2012, to April 11, 2012. Season 1 focused on the four original ninjas (Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane) as they try to find out who will be the Green Ninja.

Lego Ninjago was recommissioned for a second season, which premiered on July 18, 2012, to an audience of 2.8 million. Season 2 focused on Lloyd as he trains to become the Green Ninja in order to face his father.

In June 2013, Warner Bros. announced that a movie based on the toyline would be made, though it would take a different approach to the TV series. It was written by the Hageman brothers, who also wrote the story for The Lego Movie.[8] It was released on September 22, 2017.

A third season, "Rebooted", premiered on January 29, 2014. Season 3 focused on Zane as he and the other Ninja help a designer deal with old enemies, ending with Zane's death.

In the United Kingdom, the series premiered on 21 July 2014 on Cartoon Network.[9]

Season 4 premiered on February 23, 2015 in North America and Great Britain on Cartoon Network.[10] Season 4 focused on Kai as he and the other Ninja try to find a new and improved Zane on a secluded island, where they participate in a tournament.

On June 8, Lego released the trailer for the fifth season, titled "Possession."[11] It premiered on June 29 in the United States. Season 5 focused on Nya during her training to be the Water Ninja while the others fight Wu's first student, whose ghost has possessed Lloyd.

Season 6, "Skybound", was released on June 8, 2016. It tells the story of Nadakhan, a djinn, and his pirate crew who are trying to bring Kingdom of Djinjago to the skies. Season 6 focused on Jay as he and the Ninja are framed by a Djinn, who grants each of them three wishes. Jay's last wish erases all the events.[12][13]

A Halloween special called "Day of the Departed" was released on October 29, 2016. It focused on the villains of the past return – and Sensei Yang as the mastermind. The special focused on Cole, who is fading from existence.[14]

A seventh season, titled "Hands of Time" was released in May 2017. The plot focused on Kai, Nya and their parents, with the main villains being the Elemental Masters of Time (Acronix and Krux) and their army of Vermillion Tribe warriors, trying to rewrite history.[15][16]

The eight season, "Sons of Garmadon" featured redesigns to closely resemble visually The Lego Ninjago Movie, and was released April 16, 2018 in the US. It focused on the Ninja trying to prevent Garmadon's resurrection, albeit with no good in him, by a criminal organization, the Sons of Garmadon (SoG), via three Oni Masks, but failed.[17]

The ninth season, "Hunted", premiered on June 30, 2018 in Australia. It is the first season where there is no one focus character due to the season's plot being split between two separate plot lines. The first trailer, released in Japan confirms that the Elemental Masters will return as part of the resistance.[18]

The tenth season, "March of the Oni", premiered on April 19, 2019.[19]

The eleventh season “Secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu” premiered on June 22, 2019. The episodes are now 11-minutes long.

The series has been nominated twice for awards. Peter Hausner was nominated at the 39th Annie Awards for his direction, but lost to Simpsons director Matthew Nastuk. The composers, Michael Kramer and Jay Vincent, were nominated for the BMI TV Music Award, which they won.[20]

All episodes feature a theme song called "The Weekend Whip", performed by The Fold, except for Seasons 8, 9 and 10, and later returned for season 11. In each season, the song is remixed.

Home media[edit]

Name Release Date
Pilot 27 March 2012[21] 2 June 2014[22]
Season 1 26 June 2012[23] 23 June 2015[24] 16 February 2015[25] 2 November 2015[26]
Season 2 5 March 2013[27] 31 August 2015[28]
Season 3 5 August 2014[29] 15 August 2016[30]
Season 4 21 July 2015[31] 7 November 2016[32]
Season 5 16 February 2016[33] 27 March 2017[34]
Season 6 14 March 2017[35] 17 July 2017[36]
Day of the Departed 7 February 2017[37] 22 January 2018[38]
Season 7 3 October 2017[39] 2 October 2017[40]
Season 8 8 January 2019[41] 1 January 2019
Season 9 N/A N/A
Season 10 N/A N/A


Overall, the series has been well received by fans, aside from when it tries anything new. Zane's Titanium redesign, Garmadon's death, Cole becoming a ghost, Day of the Departed being a special instead of a full season, and some observing the animation quality to have seemingly degraded in Season 7. The previous incidents caused nowhere near as vocal as response as major changes starting in the eight season. Lloyd's voice change, the movie redesigns being adapted into the show, the updated animation provided by the collaboration with Xentrix Studios, the theme song of the show being dropped for the 8th to 10th season, Garmadon's resurrection into his evil form to match the movie, Season 10 only being four episodes long, lack of official confirmation over whether Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu is Season 11 or the first season of a new show, the switch to an 11-minute runtime, the show's production being handed over to DHX Media, the shift towards a more comedic tone, a single segment of 2D animation (so-called "Anime-styled") featured in an episode of the eleventh season and the subtitle "Masters Of Spinjitzu" being dropped in the eleventh season are many decisions that have led to criticism and backlash from outspoken fans on social media. However, fans are quickly won over again when they get use to the changes.[citation needed][original research?]

In other media[edit]

Video games[edit]

The Ninja appear as playable characters in Lego Dimensions. Additionally, a large range of Ninjago mobile games have been released. Three video games have been released.

A video game named Lego Battles: Ninjago was released in April 2011. It was based on the two pilots of the series, and it features some of the characters who appear in the original episodes (Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, etc.).

Lego Ninjago: Nindroids is an action-adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita,[42] The game was developed by Hellbent Games and co-published by TT Games Publishing July 29, 2014.[43][44] Lego Ninjago: Nindroids was announced March 2014 as the second video game based on the Lego Ninjago line of play sets.[43] The game was targeted at a younger audience.[45] The game has the same plot as the third season of TV series.[43] In the game, the player assumes the role of a Spinjitzu Master tasked with defending the New Ninjago City from The Overlord's evil Nindroid army.[42][43] The game contains 30 levels consisting of puzzles and battle sequences.[42] NintendoLife thought this game was beginning to evidence the formulaic nature of the Lego universe of video games,[44] while JeuxVideo thought the game was repetitive.[45] The game was in a top-10 best-selling list of games for PlayStation Vita in New Zealand in May 2017.[46]

Lego Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin is an action-adventure game developed by TT Fusion and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in March 2015.[47] The game was released initially for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita,[48] and later for iOS[49] and Android.[50] The game further adapts the TV series,[51] and serves as a sequel to Lego Ninjago: Nindroids.[47] Although non-canon to the TV series, it takes place just after the fourth season. After Garmadon sacrificed himself and was sent into the Cursed Realm, Lloyd left the team to cope with losing his father. The remaining members meet the new threat Ronin, a mercenary, who partially erases the Ninja's memories. The Ninja travel to the Toxic Bogs, after which they have a vision of weapons that can restore their memories. They collect the weapons and go to see Lloyd, who takes them to see his mother for help. Once they find the Primal Fulcrum, the Ninja free Lloyd's mother from Ronin's control. Ronin freezes them and grabs the remaining elemental forges. He plans to use the Fulcrum to bring back Chen from the Cursed Realm. The Ninja chase Ronin into a portal, where the Ninja have a final battle with Ronin; he escapes and knocks the Ninja's weapons into the abyss. The ending reveals the game was a story told by Kai. In an epilogue, Dareth steals the Helmet of Darkness to control the Stone Army. Warner Brothers announced the game in December 2014.[52] The game is single-player.[53] It has new gameplay items, though the gameplay and characters are familiar.[52] The game was targeted at a younger audience.[54][53] Both PocketGamer and Nintendo Life said the game negatively felt the same as the previous games in the Lego series.[53][47] PocketGamer praised the better graphics but was frustrated with the controls on iOS, especially with time-sensitive actions.[53] Nintendo Life appreciated the humor but thought the graphics had issues on the 3DS.[47] The game was in a top-10 best-selling list of games for PlayStation Vita in New Zealand in May 2017.[46]

Potential spin off[edit]

The first righters of Ninjago Dan hageman and Kevin hageman have hinted at a potential spin off series. But are no known plans as of 2019.


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