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Power Miners
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Lego Power Miners was a product range – or "theme" – of the construction toy Lego.[1] It was influenced by the previous 1999 Lego Rock Raiders line. Power Miners is based beneath the surface of the Lego World, wherein a team of 'Power Miners' investigate the cause of a series of severe earthquakes and discover both Rock Monsters and Energy Crystals. The theme was released originally in 2009.[2] It was a theme introduced in 2009 and discontinued in 2010.


The Power Miners (Doc, Duke, Rex, and Brains) are sent underground by the government to investigate a series of earthquakes occurring in the Southwest Region of the U.S that have destroyed several cities on the surface of the Lego World. While underground, they discover the Energy Crystals and the Rock Monsters (Meltrox, Boulderax, Glaciator, Sulfurix, Firox, Geolix and Tremorox). They attempt to collect and mine the crystals in order to stop the monsters from consuming them and causing the earthquakes on the surface. However, a bigger threat emerges in the form of The Crystal King, the undisputed ruler of all Rock Monsters underground has awoken from his years of sleep.

In January 2010, Power Miners were brought back to life in the new sub-theme Power Miners: Core of the Underworld. The plot, based on the November 2009 comic, shows the Power Miners fighting the Crystal King with the Titanuim Command Rig, but they accidentally break through the cave floor and fall into the inner core of the earth, where they also find the Lava Monsters: Firax, Combustix, Infernox, and Eruptorr. To keep themselves from boiling from the hot climate, Brains creates heat-protection silver suits, and designs a large base known as the set "Lavatraz." Their new vehicles (Magma Mech, Fire Blaster and Claw Catcher) involve usually water cannons, to put out the lava and Lava Monsters. Therefore, the color scheme changed from lime green and orange to lime green, grey and blue. The Energy Crystals also change into Lava Crystals, which is what the Lava Monsters eat.




Doc is the leader of the group, and is determined to discover what hides underground. He has also been on other adventures. Brains is the team scientist. He is fascinated by the rock monsters and would like to capture a Rock Monster to take to the surface for study. Rex is the engineer who builds the Power Miners vehicles, while Duke is a veteran miner who has dug for precious minerals around the world. The other miners are Duke's assistant miners and the engineer. While underground, they discover strange energy crystals and the Rock Monsters, the source of the earthquakes. So far, they have a total of 12 vehicles (including Rock Hacker) to fight the Rock Monsters with. They have a large base (Underground Mining Station) and a mobile drilling rig (Titanium Command Rig.) Most of the vehicles are equipped with giant drills and elaborate gear mechanisms.


In 2010, the miners were fighting the crystal King with the Titanium Command Rig when the expedition opened an entrance into the inner core of the Earth. Brains then created new heat-protection silver suits to protect themselves from boiling. Rex also designed three new vehicles all equipped with untensils to stop the Lava Monsters. A new base was designed by Brains and built by Rex called "Lavatraz," a portmanteau on the words lava and Alcatraz, a famous prison located near San Francisco. Note: The 2009 Power Miners vehicles were built mostly for mining, while the 2010 vehicles are built for capturing lava monsters.

  • Rex

Rex is seen wearing the new, silver, heat-resistant armor of the 2010 line-up of sets. Before Doc called him, he was working on a giant geo-thermal power station. This could have been adapted to the Underground Mining Station. He designed and helped build every vehicle, and in 2010 he teamed together with Brains to design and build their new vehicles and base. He also specially designed and built the Fire Blaster himself.

Appearances: – Claw Digger, Crystal Crawler, Rock Wrecker, Underground Mining Station, Rubble Rescue Rover, Fire Blaster

  • Brains

Brains is a famous scientist of the Power Miners. He is the one who started the whole operation and would love to bring a Rock Monster to the surface to be studied. He got his nickname, "Brains," from Rex when they first met. He and Doc, his colleague, who asked him to lead the operation. He designed the Mine Mech and also built it, the Crystal Sweeper, which he did not build, along with the Titanium Command Rig. Later in 2010, he specifically teamed with Rex and the engineer to create the four vehicles and base. It is unknown why he wears a monocle over his left eye. When his mission with the Power Miners was completed, he joined the Atlantis Salvage Crew.

Appearances: – Mine Mech, Cave Cutter, Crystal Sweeper, Crystal Crawler, Titanium Command Rig, Rock Watchman, Blast Roller, Claw Catcher, Deep Sea Raider

  • Duke

Duke is a veteran miner, although he has never seen anything like the Rock Monsters before. So far he has appeared in most sets from the Power Miners line. In 2010, Duke is seen sporting the new silver, heat-resistant armor. He has dug for gold, diamonds and survived cave-ins and floods. He sometimes is not sure if he even believes in the Rock Monsters and crystals. He was asked to help him by his friend Doc, because of his reputation. He helped build the Thunder Driller, Titanium Command Rig, and the Cave Crusher. Later, in 2010, he helped build Lavatraz.

Appearances: – Thunder Driller, Aero Shredder, Titanium Command Rig, Rock Watchman, Blast Roller, Lavatraz, Cave Crusher

  • Doc

Doc is the leader of the Power Miners team. He has been on many adventures around the world. He was asked to lead the operation by his colleague, Brains. He then called his friends Duke and Rex, and thus the operation was created. He is determined to destroy the Rock Monsters, though is a little scared of them. He designed the Thunder Driller, and helped design and build the Titanium Command Rig. Later in 2010, he helped build Lavatraz.

Appearances: – Thunder Driller, Aero Shredder, Titanium Command Rig, Rock Watchman, Blast Roller, Lavatraz

  • Engineer

The engineer is Rex's apprentice and assistant. He is part of the demolition squad and often helps Rex with creating and rigging vehicles. Later, in 2010, he helped build the Magma Mech. He has lots of scars and has a metal plate on his forehead.

Appearances: – Crystal Sweeper, Crystal Crawler, Cave Crusher, Boulder Blaster, Magma Mech, Crystal King

  • Miner

The miner is Duke's assistant and works for Doc. He is in the drilling squad and is often sent on various missions. He does not appear in 2010, so he probably didn't fall through the core of the earth or retired.

Appearances: Granite Grinder, Aero Shredder, Cargo Crusher, Crystal King, Underground Mining Station, Rubble Rescue Rover

  • Collier

The collier is Duke's 2nd Assistant. He is in the drilling squad. He doesn't appear in any 2010 sets.

Appearances: Rock Hacker, Stone Chopper, Cave Cutter, Underground Mining Station, Rubble Rescue Rover

Rock Monsters[edit]

The Rock Monsters are the enemies of the miners (Duke, Brains, Rex, and Doc). They appear in all the sets from the Power Miners series. They are made of different colored rock and crystals. There are five different kinds of Rock Monster. The rock monsters are Meltrox, Boulderax, Glaciator, Sulfurix, Firox, Geolix, Tremorox and RockRage (Crystal King). They are shown to have some primitive technology, like monster launchers. The Rock Monsters eat crystals, which give them power. If a rock monster eats a different colored crystal to what it is it will burp and break wind.

In 2010, the Power Miners found out more about the Rock Monsters. The rock monsters are creatures that formed in the core and crust of the earth over thousands of years. They then traveled into the mantle of the lego world. The first of the monsters was the Sulfurix, who had begun gathering the energy crystals to gain power and tunnel to the world above. Brains also found out that the monsters were made of Rock and Kinetic energy trapped in rock form. The crystals gave them the power to grow in size, and release the energy from the crystals in any way they wanted to, explaining their powers. Some Sulfurix grew from crystals into the Geolix, also making the powers more severe. Finally, after thousands of years, a Geolix had turned into RockRage, the massive Crystal King. He then created the other four types of monsters. This is also the theory for the Tremerox. Soon, when the Rock Monsters planned to tunnel to the top of the surface, they would take it over using the power of the crystals.

  • Meltrox

Meltrox is a red species of Rock Monster from the Power Miners line. The Meltroxes are angry, destructive, and full of rage when they're in a good mood, when they are in a bad mood, they are much worse, which is why part of his name is melt, as in destroy. He is plainly mad at everything all the time and has problems with his temper. He is a red monster and eats red Energy Crystals. He is always the first to fight, even if there are crystals for the taking. Meltrox is one of the four types of rock monsters created by the Crystal King. Once he eats a red energy crystal, he is shown to have a surge of anger that he uses to destroy certain things. He has two cousins, the Tremorox, who are large versions of Meltrox, and the Infernox, who are versions of Meltrox heated up badly. He often attacks with Glaciator.

Appearances: – Stone Chopper, Cave Cutter, Crystal Sweeper, Crystal Crawler

  • Boulderax

The Boulderaxes are strong, slow, but not so smart. They are green. Once they start attacking miners, they forget about the crystals. Glaciators get them to do their dirty work for them. The Boulderax are as dumb as a bag of rocks, and will fight the Thunder Driller just for the fun of it. He is one of the least common rock monsters. The Boulderax are one of the four types of monsters created by the Crystal King. Once he eats a green energy crystal, he has super-strength. He does not have any cousins and is exclusive to the Mine Mech set.

Appearances: – Mine Mech, Cave Cutter

  • Glaciator

The Glaciators are nasty, and evil. These Rock Monsters are blue and are feared by the other Rock Monsters. They get Boulderax to attack the miners while they feast on crystals. If there is trouble underground, you can be sure Glaciator is behind it somehow! He is the most common rock monster, being in 9 sets. The Glaciator are one of the four types of monsters created by the Crystal King. Once eaten a blue energy crystal, he can freeze water, rock and even power miner vehicles.

Appearances: – Granite Grinder, Aero Shredder, Cargo Crusher, Crystal Sweeper, Crystal Crawler, Boulder Blaster, Titanium Command Rig, Rock Watchman, Blast Roller

  • Sulfurix

The Sulfurixes are clever and sly. They appear where you least expect them. They can make tunnels by melting through rock and can eat a load of crystals very quickly. He is the rock monster used in all promo sets including rock monsters. Once he eats a yellow energy crystal, he is able to tunnel through solid rock, and is probably the one who made the caves and tunnels in the first place. The Sulfurix was the first rock monsters to reach the Lego world. One ate the crystals and grew into the Geolix. Later, a Geolix grew into the Crystal King. The Sulfurix have three cousins, Geolix, a large version of Sulfurix, RockRage, the Crystal King, and Combustix, Sulfurixes that are heated up badly.

Appearances: – Monster Launcher, Claw Digger, Crystal Crawler

  • Firox

To date, Firox have only appeared in one set. Firox are sneaky and curious by nature, and fastest of all the rock monsters. Rex hates Firox the most, because they ruin all the machines he made. He enjoys stealing the Power Miners tools, playing tricks and messing up machines. He is one of the four rock monsters created by the Crystal King. Once he eats an orange crystal, he has a surge of super speed. He has two cousins: Firax, which are the Firox heated up badly, and Eruptorr, the larger version of the Firax.

Appearances: – Thunder Driller, Aero Shredder

  • Geolix (Large Sulfurix)

Geolix is a Rock Monster from the 2009 Power Miners line. He is a large rock monster, and is similar in appearance to Sulfurix and the Crystal King. He can hold crystals on his back while he fights. Large monsters can launch rocks and small rock monsters with a lever on their backs. He is cunning and crystal-hungry, and is shown to be a bully and bosses around the Sulfurix. He constantly is making up games to throw around the small monsters as well. He has incredible strength and uncanny aim, and is a threat to every power miner vehicle. He has three cousins, the Sulfurix, the smaller version of Geolix, RockRage, a king version of the sulfurix and Geolix, and the Combustix, who are the Sulfurix heated up badly.

Appearances: – Rock Wrecker, Underground Mining Station, Rubble Rescue Rover

  • Tremorox (Large Meltrox)

Tremorox is a Rock Monster from the Power Miners line. He is an enlarged Meltrox. The Meltroxes are angry, destructive, and full of rage. They always want to be the first to fight even when they could be chomping down on crystals. Tremorox can also launch rocks with a lever on his back just like Geolix. He is the angry, bigger and stronger leader of the Meltrox, and hates anything and anyone. The only thing he enjoys is smashing the power miner's vehicles. He has two cousins, the Meltrox, who are the smaller versions of the Tremerox (and his subjects), and the Infernox, who are versions of the Meltrox heated up badly.

Appearances: – Cave Crusher, Titanium Command Rig, Rock Watchman, Blast Roller

  • Crystal King (RockRage) (King Sulfurix)

RockRage the Crystal King is thousands of years old and glowing from crystals he's devoured over centuries. He is the ultimate, undisputed ruler of all the monsters underground. His strength is unrivaled by any known monster, and grows stronger as he grows older. He may eat any type of crystal and can access any known power once he does. He has huge, pointy spikes, crystal teeth, and mysterious crystal armor plates. Soon, as every king monster does, he had to sleep for years to regain his strength. If a rock monster fails to give him enough crystals, he will eat the monster itself! He was awoken by the Titanium Command Rig, but it just so happened he regained enough power at the same time. He is cousins with all rock and lava monsters, but rules over only the rock monsters. He plans to "drill" to the surface world and conquer it as his own, and has the monsters do his bidding. He and the other monsters loathe the lava monsters and plan to travel to the earth before them. He is defeated when falls in the lava monsters territory

Appearances: – Crystal King

Lava/Magma Monsters[edit]

The lava monsters are the new antagonists of the 2010 Power Miners line. They have to be fought with water instead of dynamite and other tools and live in the molten Lava chambers of the Earth which are deeper than the rock monsters.

The lava monsters are really rock monsters that were heated up badly when the monster race was beginning. A Sulfurix was heated in the magma chambers to create Combustix. Later, a Firax was created when a Firox fell in boiling lava. The same happened to Meltrox to create Infernox. The Lava Monsters then ate lava crystals that were made of lava and kinetic energy trapped in igneous rock formation. The monsters were made of the same material. Just like their cousins, the monsters release a form of energy once eating a crystal, in ways involving lava and volcanic eruption. A Firax once later grew in size to the powerful Eruptorr, who ruled the monsters. The Lava Monsters hate their Rock Monster cousins and wish to take over the LEGO world before them.

The Miners built Lavatraz, a large base designed to hold the monsters until destruction, along with water gun protection. Brains read more about the monsters and crystals and discovered the only way to defeat them was to put them out with water. Four vehicles were then created to capture the Lava Monsters and crystals and bring them back to base where they'd be destroyed. The monsters were then imprisoned in Lavatraz, where a crane would pick up a monster and dump them in a large tank filled with liquid nitrogen. This would completely destroy both for good.

  • Combustix

Combustix is a yellow Lava Monster. He is the first lava monster, and is led by the lava monster leader, Eruptorr, along with the Firax and Infernox. He is similar in color to Sulfurix, though his carapace is a slightly darker, drabber yellow. The crystal he holds, however, is the same color as Sulfurix's. It is likely that Combustix monsters are heated Sulfurix, because Firax monsters might be super-heated Firox monsters. Brains is hardly sure of what the Combustix are made of, and all he knows is that it is hot and goopy. When the Combustix eats a yellow lava crystal, he leaves sizzling puddles of molten goo that burns everything in its path, and is also the reason why he doesn't stay in one place. He has three cousins, the Sulfurix, which is a rock version of him, the Geolix, a large version of the Sulfurix, and RockRage, a king Sulfurix.

Appearances: – Fire Blaster

  • Firax

A Firax is a Lava Monster that appears in the 2010 Power Miners line. Firax has a trans-orange carapace with black arms. Firax is the same orange color as Firox. Firax is included in two sets, as shown below. He seems to have scratches all over his fiery body. Also, Firax is said to be a Firox on fire. What happens when you put a Firox in super heat? You get an even trickier Firax to deal with!. This explains that Lava Monsters might be Rock Monsters somehow modified by high levels of volcanic heat to create Lava Monsters. Apparently, Firax likes to trap Power Miners and take their vehicles for joyrides- melting the seats in the process! They're mischievous like they're Firox cousins, and love trapping the power miners. Once they eat orange lava crystals, he can create a flood of lava in the chambers, much to the pleasure of the Infernox. He has a cousin and a brother, the Firox, a rock version of the Firax, and the Eruptorr, a larger version of the Firax.

Appearances: – Magma Mech, Lavatraz

  • Infernox

Infernox is a Lava Monster in the new 2010 Power Miners series. His carapace is the same trans-red color as Meltrox. Because Firax monsters are described as super-heated Firox, Infernox is likely a super-heated Meltrox. The Infernox are wild and crazed because their brain is constantly boiling. They are constantly running, bouncing, whirling, crashing and splashing in lava streams and pools of the core of the earth. They're almost impossible for the power miners to catch, and even harder to hold once they do. They admire the Firax work, especially when they create more lava pools to splash in! They have two cousins, the Meltrox, a rock version of the Infernox, and the Tremorox, the larger version of the Meltrox. Once one eats a red lava crystal, he leaves a huge fire behind him, hence the name Inferno-x.

Appearances: – Claw Catcher

  • Eruptorr (Large Firax)

Eruptorr is a throwing Lava Monster in the 2010 Power Miners line. He is similar in appearance to the 2009 large throwing Rock Monsters, but is a Lava Monster. He has transparent orange legs and a black body. He is a larger version of Firax, and has flames all over his back. He is the biggest, strongest and loudest of the lava monsters, and is a primal volcanic force that rules the Earth's core with a fiery fist. He refuses to stop until he has personally driven the power miners out of the core. Once he eats an orange lava crystal, he can throw a limited amount of lava balls, and in rare cases, if he eats a lot of crystals, he can cause small volcanic eruptions. He has one cousin and one brother, the Firox, a rock version of the Firax, and the Firax, the smaller versions of Eruptorr.

Appearances: – Lavatraz

Set Information[edit]

Below is a list of Power Miners sets. All of the sets have a lime-green and orange color scheme, and the Power Miners themselves have blue and gray uniforms. The first two promotional sets were released in Dec. 2008, but later in the year a few of the first wave sets were available at Toys "R" Us stores. Finally, in Jan. 2009, the entire first wave was released. A second batch of sets was released in May 2009 and a third wave of sets in August 2009. All four new sets of 2010 were released in January 2010 to Europe, while sets 8190 and 8191 were not released to America until August 2010.

Sometimes in different sets, the Miners appear different from the way they usually look (e.g. hair, different facial expression, different hat) but most of the time they appear the same.

Reference Name Released Minifigures Pieces Vehicle Notes
8907 Rock Hacker 2008 Collier 29 Limited Promotional Release
8908 Monster Launcher 2008 a Sulfurix 12 Limited promotional release
8956 Stone Chopper 2009 Collier a Meltrox 31 No1
8957 Mine Mech 2009 Brains, a Boulderax 67 No2
8958 Granite Grinder 2009 miner, a Glaciator 97 No3
8959 Claw Digger 2009 Rex, a Sulfurix 197 No4
8960 Thunder Driller 2009 Doc, Duke, a Firox 235 No5
8961 Crystal Sweeper 2009 Engineer, Brains, a Glaciator, a Meltrox 474 No6
8707 Boulder Blaster 2009 Engineer, a Glaciator 293 No7 Limited Edition
8962 Crystal King 2009 miner, Engineer 168
8963 Rock Wrecker 2009 Rex, a Geolix (Large Sulfurix) 225 No8
8708 Cave Crusher 2009 Engineer, Duke, a Tremorox (Large Meltrox) 259 No9 Special Edition
8964 Titanium Command Rig 2009 Brains, Doc, Duke, a Glaciator, a Tremorox (Large Meltrox) 706 No10
8709 Underground Mining Station 2009 Rex, Miner Collier a Geolix (Large Sulfurix) 637 No11 Limited Edition
8188 Fire Blaster 2010 Rex (Silver), a Combustix 67 No12
8189 Magma Mech 2010 Engineer (Silver), a Firax 183 No14
8190 Claw Catcher 2010 Brains (Silver), an Infernox 259 No15
8191 Lavatraz 2010 Doc (Silver), Duke (Silver), a Firax, an Eruptorr (king of lava monsters) 381 No16

Combo Models[edit]

Instructions for three combo models were provided by the official Lego website followed by 4 models made from pieces of specific set: (Information is Below)

Stone Chopper + Mine Mech = Cave Cutter

Granite Grinder + Thunder Driller = Aero Shredder

Claw Digger + Crystal Sweeper = Crystal Crawler

Pieces of the Underground Mining Station = Rubble Rescue Rover

Pieces of the Titanium Command Rig = Rock Watchman

Pieces of the Titanium Command Rig = Blast Roller

Pieces of the Granite Grinder = Cargo Crusher

The Cave Cutter is a LEGO Power Miners set made from the pieces of the Stone Chopper and the Mine Mech. It has 98 pieces. It has a giant blade at the front and two on the sides. It also includes 2 sharp sickles on the sides for walking. In the middle there is a stick of dynamite. At the back it has a rollcage with a light and a wheel with tough treads.

The Aero Shredder is a LEGO Power Miners set made from the pieces of the Granite Grinder and the Thunder Driller. It has 329 pieces. The ground vehicle has tracks, a roll cage to, a dynamite launcher, a giant crusher wheel and a piece that connects to the aircraft. The aircraft has an engine on each of its wings and 1 on its back and two chains to connect it to the ground vehicle.

The Crystal Crawler is a LEGO Power Miners set made from the pieces of the Claw Digger and the Crystal Sweeper. It has 671 pieces. The Crystal Crawler has tread in the front and large spiky wheels at the back. It has seat and rollcage for two minifigures, a movable scoop in the front and an extendabile loading bin at the rear.

The Rubble Rescue Rover is a LEGO Power Miners set made from the pieces of the Underground Mining Station. This set cannot do that much, except that it has a movable scoop at the front.There is a spot light in the back, along with four dynamite This sets purpose is to save the Power Miners When there is a rock fall or a rock monster attack. This set has 227 current pieces.

The Rock Watchman is a LEGO Power Miners set made from the pieces of the Titanium Command Rig. It has a crusher wheel at the front, a cage for a Glaciator which is held by a crane and a small cabin.

The Blast Roller has a giant crusher pipe at the front for squishing rocks and monsters. It has 2 tough wheels at the back, 2 sticks of dynamite and what looks like a 4-nozzle laser gun. It also has a cabin and a little platform for a miner to stand on.

The Cargo Crusher is a LEGO Power Miners set made from the pieces of the Granite Grinder. The Instructions for this set so far have only been found in New Zealand. This sets(with 68 current pieces) main function is a rotating drill that drags a Glaciator behind it. Glaciator is hooked up to a chain so he can't escape, and is well away from the blue crystal and dynamite.


Sets 1–11 (2009)[edit]

#1- Stone Chopper The Stone Chopper is the smallest Power Miners set (aside from the promotional Rock Hacker and Monster Launcher sets) with only 31 pieces. The set features a small motorbike with saws on the front and a crystal holder on the side. It also comes with a Meltrox rock monster and Collier. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 1

#2- Mine Mech The Mine Mech is a small, walking robot with two arms. The arms have a saw blade and a claw for grabbing things. It was built by (and comes with) Brains. It also includes a Boulderax rock monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 2

#3- Granite Grinder The Granite Grinder features a jackhammer on the front that moves back and forth when the vehicle moves, a removable bucket with dynamite in the back, and a cockpit. It comes with a miner and a Glaciator rock monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 3

#4- Claw Digger The Claw Digger is much larger than the first three sets. It features two claws in the front that destroy rocks and rock monsters when activated. The set includes a Rex miner and a Sulfurix rock monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 4

#5- Thunder Driller The Thunder Driller is a large rig that features a duel-direction drill on the front that turns when you move the vehicle's front wheels. It includes a Duke and Doc minifigure and a Firox rock monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 5

#6- Crystal Sweeper The Crystal Sweeper is a large vehicle that has a sweeping turbine on the front controlled by the back wheels that sweeps up crystals and throws them into a bucket in the back. There are also two features on the sides of the cockpit. One- a laser crane piloted by Brains, and Two- an escape motorbike with crates next to it. Also included is a catapult for shooting rock monsters at vehicles. The set includes a Brains and miner minifigure, and a Glaciator and Meltrox rock monster. This Power Piner vehicle is no. 6

#7- Boulder Blaster The Boulder Blaster is a limited edition set exclusive to Toys-R-Us. It is a vehicle that has a large,automatic dynamite shooter on the top. There are also tools in the back. The set includes a miner and a Glaciator rock monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 7

#8- Rock Wrecker The Rock Wrecker is a vehicle with eight spinning saw blades on the front. In the back is a dynamite shooter and a net launcher. The set includes a Rex minifigure and a large Geolix rock monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 8

#9- Cave Crusher The Cave Crusher is a large vehicle with two spinning saw blades in the front and a titanium catapult on the top. This vehicle also has a tendency to move like a snake. The set includes a Duke and miner minifigure and a large Tremorox rock monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 9

#10- Titanium Command Rig The Titanium Command Rig is the largest Power Miners vehicle. It features a drill on the front (similar to the Thunder Driller's), a dynamite launcher, a net launcher, a crane holding a cage, a zip line, and an air-conditioned cockpit. The main feature for the set is that you pull a pin in the middle which allows you to turn the command rig into a drilling tower. When you do this, a lab is revealed underneath, which has two chairs, computers, a place to put the cage that's included, and a crate with a banana. The set also includes a Doc, Duke, and Brains minifigure and a Glaciator and Tremorox rock monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 10

#11- Underground Mining Station The Underground Mining Station is the Power Miners' mining base. It features two towers that are connected by a zip line and pipes. It also has a bucket that is transported up and down the zip line. The bucket carries crystals which are dumped down a chute and into the back of a bulldozer. It also has a dynamite shooter and includes two carrots. The set includes a bulldozer, three miner minifigures, and a large Geolix rock monster. The included Power Miner vehicle is no. 11

Sets 12–16 (2010)[edit]

#12- Fire Blaster The Fire Blaster is the smallest of the 2010 Power Miners vehicles. Its weapons include a water blaster and dynamite shooter. It also includes Rex in a silver suit and a Combustix lava monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 12

#14- Magma Mech The Magma Mech is similar to the mine mech but has 183 pieces and is much larger. On the Magma Mech's arms are a claw for grabbing lava monsters and a water jet/drill. It also includes a miner in a silver suit and a Firax lava monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 14

#15- Claw Catcher The Claw Catcher features two clamping claws in the front that grab lava monsters and throw them into a water tank in the back of the vehicle. It includes Brains in a silver suit and an Infernox lava monster. This Power Miner vehicle is no. 15

#16- Lavatraz Lavatraz is a high tech jail meant for holding lava monsters. Its features include a large claw crane, working vending machine, exploding rock face, a cage (with an exploding wall), a magma dozer, and a water blaster. The set also includes a Duke and Doc minifigure with silver suits, and a Firax and Eruptorr lava monster. The included Power Miner vehicle is no. 16

Similarities/Differences between Power Miners and Rock Raiders[edit]

One obvious element that was already present in the Rock Raiders theme was the occurrence of Rock Monsters and Energy Crystals in the story. However, in the Lego Power Miners, the Rock/Lava Monsters play a bigger role and are included in every set and each Rock/Lava Monster are all named characters with different personalities and traits.

The Lego Power Miners and Lego Rock Raiders theme both have settings that take place underground and both themes have each team search for crystals, whilst trying to prevent the Rock/Lava Monsters from eating them. However the difference is while the crystals in Lego Rock Raiders were Energy Crystals with massive power in them, the Lego Power Miners crystals seem to be kinetic energy based instead. While Lego Power Miners collect their crystals for research purposes, the Rock Raiders collect them as fuel for their ship. Another difference between the themes is that the Crystals eaten by Rock Monsters in Power Miners make them release the kinetic energy, causing massive rumbles when underneath the surface.

The Power Miners are dressed in blue/gray clothing and their vehicles are green/orange and very large, similar to real-world mining equipment – a difference between this theme and Rock Raiders, which is more futuristic with more compact vehicles and grungier colors. Power Miners also implemented several features that only appeared in the planning stage of Rock Raiders, such as the concept of a mobile base and a common uniform for the miner minifigures.


The rock monsters have a flip top head, revealing the crystal stored inside. Keyring variants of rock monsters sent with monthly Lego magazine subscriptions have a fixed metal screw eye through the top of the head, and do not open. The screw eye can not be removed. It rotates, but does not withdraw from the plastic. Although there is a method of removing the metal screw.

Large monsters, such as Geolix, have a lever on their back that, when pressed/pushed, swings the left arm of the monster, which allows it to throw either rocks, crystals, or smaller monsters. Geolix and Tremorox (but not Eruptorr) all have studs on their backs for holding onto crystals. Unlike their smaller cousins, Large Rock Monsters cannot open their mouths. The largest of all monsters is the Crystal King, who is the boss of all monsters. He features a huge opening jaw, moveable limbs on ball joints, and fingers that can grab objects. He was last shown battling the power miners' titanium command rig when some of the powerminers fell into the core of the earth, home of the lava monsters.


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