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Lego Studios
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Lego Studios was a popular brand of Lego toys released in the early-2000s and mainly focused on movie-making and the steps thereof. Lego Studios was first distributed in November 2000,[1] and was later discontinued in 2003. The last series in the franchise was the Lego Spider-Man set. The appeal of Lego Studios was that it featured stop-motion animation to make real movies with Lego bricks. In response, many websites have grown that are dedicated to the product and feature many uploaded videos, such as

The Lego Director character appears in several Lego Studio sets and video games. He also appeared in Lego Island Xtreme Stunts as a guide for the game. He is a Minifigure of Steven Spielberg. The Lego Director is always seen with a brown beard, small glasses and a black baseball cap. He also wears a white shirt with an orange waistcoat worn over it. His shirt also says "DIRECTOR" on the back. He also has an ID card on his waistcoat and wears black pants.

Behind the Scenes (2000-2001)[edit]

  • 1349 LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set

Minifigures: Director, Cameraman, Grip, Assistant, Actress Tubetop, Pilot, Res-Q 3 Fire Helmet.

Animals: Tyrannosaurus rex, Green Baby T-Rex, White Kitten. included CD-ROM and Camera. Based on San Diego Scene in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

  • 1351 Movie Backdrop Studio

Minifigures: Grip, Driver Actor, Policeman.

  • 1352 Explosion Studio

Minifigures: Director, Cameraman, Driver Actor, Police Sheriff.

  • 1353 Car Stunt Studio

Minifigures: Cameraman, Driver Actor.

  • 1354 Dino Head Attack

Minifigures: Grip, "Pippin Read" Actress Animals: Green Baby T-Rex and white kitten.

  • 1355 Temple of Gloom

Minifigures: Cameraman, "Johnny Thunder" Actor.

  • 1356 Stunt Man Catapult

Minifigures: Director, Stuntman.

  • 1357 Cameraman

Minifigures: Cameraman

Vehicles and Production (2001)[edit]

  • 1421/1360 Director's Copter

Minifigures: Director. included comics.

  • 1422/1361 Camera Car

Minifigures: Cameraman. included comics.

  • 1423/1362 Air Boat

Minifigures: Boat Driver. included comics.

  • 1424/1363 Stunt Go-Cart

Minifigures: Driver Actor. included comics.

  • 4049 Director Car

Minifigures: Director, Cameraman, Nesquick Rabbit (Promotional figure)

  • 4051 Nesquick Rabbit (Promotional figure)
  • 4052 Director
  • 4053 Cameraman (I)

Jurassic Park III (2001)[edit]

Frequently are separated theme, but the accessories sets confirm his Studios connection.

  • 1370 Raptor Rumble Studio

Minifigures: "Johnny Thunder" Actor, "Pippin Read" Actress, Cameraman.

  • 1371 Spinosaurus Attack Studio

Minifigures: Cameraman, Plane Pilot.

  • 4056 Color Light
  • 4057 Spot Light
  • 4058 Cameraman
  • 4059 Director
  • 4060 Grip
  • 4061 Assistant
  • 4062 Actress
  • 4063 Cameraman (II)
  • 4064 Actor (I)
  • 4065 Actor (II)
  • 4066 Actor (III)
  • 4067 Buggy
  • 4068 Handy Camera
  • 4069 Katinco & Megaphone
  • 4070 Stand Camera
  • 4071 Bottles
  • 4072 Skeleton
  • 4073 Tree (I)
  • 4074 Tree (II)

Animals: Trans blue Spider

  • 4075 Tree (III)

Animals: Light gray Spider

  • 4076 Pteranodon
  • 4077 Plesiosaurus
  • 4078 Tyrannosaurus
  • 4079 Mini Rex

Animals: Red Baby T-Rex

Classics (2002)[edit]

  • 1380 Werewolf Ambush

Minifigures: Gent, Lady, Werewolf.

Animals: Black Spider.

  • 1381 Vampire Crypt

Minifigures: Gent, Grip, Hunchback, Vampire.

Animals: 3 Black Bats

  • 1382 Scary Laboratory

Minifigures: Director, Frankenstein, Gent, Lady, Mad Scientist, Skeleton.

Animals:Brown Rat, 3 Black Bats, Black Scorpion.

  • 1383 Curse of the Pharaoh

Minifigures: Skeleton, Mummy.

Animals: Black Scorpion, Trans Green Spider.

Spider-Man 1 (2002)[edit]

  • 1374 Green Goblin

Minifigs: Mary Jane, Green Goblin

  • 1376 Spider-Man Action Studio

Minifigs: Spider-Man, Bank robber, Policeman, Peter Parker, Director.

  • 4850 Spider-Man's First Chase

Minifigs: Spider-Man (old uniform), Criminal, Highway Patrolman.

Animals: Black Cat, Trans red Spider.

  • 4851 The Origins

Minifigs: Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Norman Osbourne/Green Goblin, Spider-Man, Scientist.

Animals: Trans red Spider, Trans blue Spider, Black Spider, Trans Green Spider, Trans orange Spider.

  • 4852 The Final Showdown

Minifigs: Mary Jane, Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Taxi driver.

  • 1375 Wrestling Scene (not released)

Minifigs: Spider-Man (old uniform), Fighter, Cameraman


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