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Background information
Also known asDanny Wolfers
OriginScheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands
GenresElectronic music, techno, electro
Years active1990s–present
LabelsBunker, Gold Coast, Strange Life, Ghostly International, Cocoon, L.I.E.S.

Legowelt (real name Danny Wolfers) is a Dutch electronic musician who describes his musical style as "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack." The majority of his work under the alias has been released on the Dutch label Bunker in addition to a number of compilation appearances, including the successful "Disco Rout" in 2002.[1]


Already having spent a few years in the business, Legowelt has released a dozen or so projects on various formats, most of them on vinyl released on Bunker records, an electronic music label based in The Hague. He has had some mainstream exposure with Disco Rout, originally released on a Ghostly International compilation but licensed by Cocoon Recordings for a full vinyl release, and subsequently voted track of the year 2002 by the German music magazine, Groove.

Legowelt began producing music in the early 1990s after he came in contact with the sounds of Detroit's Underground Resistance, Model 500, Blake Baxter (probably his all-time favourite producer) and Chicago heroes such as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Armando Gallop and Mr. Fingers. Later this palette of influences grew with early µ-Ziq, Aphex Twin, Drexciya, and various releases from the Irdial Discs label.

He marks his major influence as Unit Moebius, after he heard them on the radio. He describes their sound as "a punky palette of RAW freaked out Lo-fi Chicago trax and deep detroit jams made with machines which were found next to the garbage can." It was a surprise to him when he later learned that this music came out of The Hague, Holland, the same city he lived in. He later visited the Bunker Records office where he was taken under the wing of such musical mentors as I-f and Melvin White (aka pametex). He claims they "lectured him with even more unknown sounds such as early electro and the obscure pre-1983 Italian disco whose production secrets were closely studied." In 1998 Bunker released Legowelt's first vinyl album, Pimpshifter, a 6-track which became an instant cult hit with tracks such as "Sturmvogel" and "Total Pussy Control". Apart from producing, Legowelt has been playing live all over the world for the last five years, spending a lot of time together with Orgue Electronique and the infamous Bunker Team.

Some aliases and side projects he has are Catnip (with Luke Eargoggle), The Chicago Shags (with Orgue Electronique), Gladio, Smackos, Smackulator (with Speculator), Squadra Blanco, Salamandos, Raheem Hershel and Venom 18. Most of the music of Danny Wolfers is published by Clone Publishing from Rotterdam. Clone also co-released Legowelt's greatest hits album together with Bunker records. In 2006 Legowelt started his own label called Strange life records.

Danny Wolfers is the host of the weekly Astro Unicorn Radio Show on Intergalactic FM, an internet radio station. He presents the show using his Smackos alias, and plays a broad range of music including many of his own productions. It was in 2007 that Wolfers started hosting this show on the Cybernetic Broadcasting System, the predecessor of Intergalactic FM.


As Legowelt[edit]

Space Force (Cass) M.O.C. 1996
Reports From The Backseat Pimp (CDr, Ltd) Goldcoast 1998
Pimpshifter (12") Bunker Records 2000
Wirtschaftswunder (12") Bunker Records 2000
Kaihoisa Pt.2 (7") Eat This Records 2001
Disco Rout (12") Cocoon Recordings 2002
Klaus Kinski EP (12") Bunker Records 2002
Starcruiser (10") Kapellmeister Grammofon 2002
Tracks From The Tube (12") Stilleben Records 2002
Classics 1998–2003 (CD) Clone 2003
Classics 1998–2003: A Selection of Tracks From The Archive Bunker (2xLP) Bunker Records 2003
Reports From The Backseat Pimp (LP) Crème Organization, Goldcoast 2003
Tower of the Gipsies (12") Bunker Records 2003
Dark Days (CDr) Strange Life Records 2004
Under The Panda Moon (12") Crème Organization 2004
Beyond The Congo (12") Bunker Records 2005
Astro Cat Disco (File, MP3) Clone 2006
The Land of Lonzo (12") Strange Life Records 2006
Dark Days 2 (CDr) Strange Life Records 2008
The Rise And Fall of Manuel Noriega (CDr) Strange Life Records 2008
Amiga Railroad Adventures (CDr) Strange Life Records 2009
The Liechtenstein Account (5xFile) Open Concept Recording 2009
Narrominded Split LP No. 4 (LP) Narrominded 2009
Vatos Locos (12") Crème Organization 2009
Slompy Jitt EP (12") M>O>S> Recordings 2009
Bayville Cove (12") Clone West Coast Series 2010
Gardens of the Ghetto (12") Crème Organization 2010
Sark Island Acid EP (12") Long Island Electrical Systems 2011
Moves For CeeCee (12") Clone Store Only Series 2011
The Teac Life (MP3, Album) Self-Released 2011
Poverties Paradise EP (12") Echovolt Records 2011
The Paranormal Soul (CD & 12") Clone 2012
Crystal Cult 2080 (CD, MP3, 12", Cass, Album) Crème Organization 2012
Legendary Freaks in the Trash of Time (CD & 12") Clone 2017 Pancakes with Mist, Nightwind Records 2020


Raginakudo Parto Een (12") NN (Legowelt Remix) Eat This Records 1999
Fwd: Dedication (12" + CD) Transit (Legowelt Remix) Eat This Records 2000
The Synthesizer Greatest Vol. 1 (12") White BMW (Legowelt Re... Ural 13 2002
CTNE (Remix) (CDr) KVY (Legowelt Mix) pHinnMilk Records 2003
Fire Works (CD) Design Music (Legowelt... Virgin Schallplatten GmbH 2003
Get:On (CD, Maxi) Get:On (Legowelt Mix) Superstar Recordings 2003
Get:On (12") Get:On (Legowelt Mix) Superstar Recordings 2003
Human Shield vs. Multiplex (12") Space (Legowelt Remix) Human Shield Record Company 2003
Junge Dame Remixes (Arctic Version) (12") Junge Dame Mit Freundl... Crème Organization 2003
We Are HE-Men EP (12", Pic, EP) Maschine In Mir (Legow... Pocketgame 2003
CTNE (Remix) (12") KVY (Legowelt Mix) Delta B Recordings 2004
Radio Ga Ga Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 (2xVinyl, Promo) My Radio (Legowelt's RMX) Ghostly International 2004
Radio Ga Ga Pt. 2 (12") My Radio (Legowelt's R... Ghostly International 2004
Sunshower (12") Sunshower (Legowelt Re... Crème Organization 2004
You Kiss (Remixed) (12") You Kiss (Legowelt Remix) Mental Groove Records 2004
Elevators And Oscillators (CD) My Radio (Legowelt Rem... Ghostly International 2005
Notgoinganywhere Mixtape Volume 6 (CD) You Kiss (Legowelt Rem... Corso Fleuri Editions 2006
Recloned (CD) Shake That Thing (Lego... Clone 2006
Shake That Thing (12") Shake That Thing (Lego... Clone 2006
Datacat (12", Ltd) Data Kontroll (Legowel... Strange Life Records 2007
Where Is Carlos (12", Ltd) No Turning Back (Legow... Strange Life Records 2007
Cherry (12") Cherry (Legowelt Remix) Unknown to the Unknown (UTTU057) 2015

Other aliases[edit]


  • Jams in the Key of Smack
  • Journey to a Land
  • Jams From The Funk Dump
  • Talking Smack
  • Winter in Polarius


  • The Age of Candy Candy
  • Waiting for the Red Bear
  • Computer Day
  • Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research
  • UFO Onderzoek 1983
  • A Vampire Goes West
  • Eden In A Sea Of Misery

Raheem Hersel[edit]

  • Gotta Have The Pokey

Squadra Blanco[edit]

  • Night of the Illuminati (2002, 2xLP)
  • Night of the Illuminati (2006, CDr)

Nacho Patrol[edit]

  • The Maze of Violence (Il Labirinto Di Roma Violenta)
  • Futuristic Abeba
  • Nacho Patrol Presents... The Africa Jet Band
  • The Africa Jet Band Album
  • The Africa Jet Band Experience


  • Slave of Rome
  • Hadrian's Wall EP

Klaus Weltman[edit]

  • Cultus Island


  • Expand
  • Master of House
  • The World To Come
  • Follow The Messiah

Venom 18[edit]

  • Mystery Organisation

Franz Falckenhaus[edit]

  • Stories From My Cold War
  • The Lost Border
  • The Europa Judgement
  • Secret Microcassette
  • Tupolev System


  • The Cambridge Library Murders

Florenza Mavelli[edit]

  • Florenza Mavelli's Special Brigade (2009)

Twilight Moose[edit]

  • Embrace The Loneliness

Jackmaster Corky[edit]

  • Dimension 106

Dickie Smabers and The Moerwijk Crew[edit]

  • FC Den Haag

The Psychic Stewardess[edit]

  • Spiritual Foundation

House of Jezebel[edit]

  • Love & Happiness

Occult Orientated Crime[edit]

  • The Occult Orientated Crime
  • Just A Clown On Crack

Lords of Midnite[edit]

  • Drown On Ur Love


Pagan Sector[edit]

(Legowelt and Cliff Lothar)

  • Hermopolis Magna

Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique[edit]

  • Wir Leben in Pussywelt
  • Derrick in Nord Korea
  • Arpy Our Modular Friend

The Chicago Shags[edit]

(Legowelt and Orgue Electronique)

  • Chicago Shags
  • Flamingo World
  • Lost in A Blue Night

Macho Cat Garage[edit]

(Legowelt and Orgue Electronique)

  • The Muffler Strut
  • Freedom for the Macho Cat

Grackle and Smackos[edit]

(Legowelt and Grackle)

  • Skywatcher Duneman Soundtracks


(Legowelt and Luke Eargoggle)

  • Word to the Bird
  • Romance Is The Panter
  • Don't Exercise The Bird
  • Catacombus


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