Lehara Durga Mandir

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Lehra Durga Mandir(लेहड़ा दुर्गा मन्दिर) or "Aadravana Vaasini Durga Mandir(आद्रवन वासिनी दुर्गा मन्दिर)" is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Durga located on the bank of the Pawah River (a tributary of the West Rapti River) 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) from the Lehra railway station in Anandnagar, Maharajganj district, Uttar Pradesh, India.


It is believed that the temple existed from Dvapara Yuga (before the Mahabharat war) and was founded by Lord Krishna in the presence of Pandavas during the Agyatvaas time of the Pandavas. Earlier it was in the jungle of Adravan (now known as Adrawna Village). It is connected by road and rail. It is forty kilometers from Maharajganj, the district headquarters, and 10 kilometers from Pharenda (also known as Anandnagar). It is fifty kilometers from Gorakhpur on the Gorakhpur-Pharenda-Brijmanganj road route and Gorakhpur-Gonda rail route.

Every year in the Chaitra (month) of Navratri (April and September–October) a fifteen-day celebration is held, which runs from the first day of Navratr to the day of poornima (poranmasi). The festival attracts a lot of devotees. This temple is about 50 km North-West of Gorakhpur located in Anandnagar. It is believed that while wandering in the forest for 14 years, Pandavas lived a year in disguise. They visited the Lehra Jungle and were offered shelter by Lehra Devi. There is one natural Pindi as in Vaishno Devi. It is also believed that Yudhishthira(युधिष्ठिर) answered the questions of Yaksha(यक्ष) here only in this forest. Hiuen-Tsang famous Chinese Traveller also mentions the temple in his book Si-Yu-Ki. During British Raj it was one Military Camp named Lehra. One day one british officer came here and he fired his bullet on the Pindi. Suddenly, Blood started coming out of the Pindi. Seeing the blood britishers ran away. They all died with their horses. Grave of the British Officer is situated in the West of temple about 1 km of distance. Once Maa came to the town as a beautiful girl and wanted to cross the river. She hired a boat and started the journey but in middle of the river the boatman grew interested in her splendid beauty and went off track. As soon as Devi understood his intention she disappeared with the boat. In the Kaliyuga she was seen with the boat to her followers who made a temple at the very place. It is believed that if a person visits the temple for regular 5 Tuesdays, his wishes are fulfilled. To reach this temple Buses,Autorickshaws and Trains are available from Gorakhpur to Anandnagar(Pharenda). It is well connected by other mediums to the Temple from Anandnagar. Many tourists from Gorakhpur walk whole night and reach the temple in Dawn.