Lehavot Haviva

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Lehavot Haviva
לְהֲבוֹת חֲבִיבָה
Etymology: Haviva's Flames
Lehavot Haviva is located in Haifa region of Israel
Lehavot Haviva
Lehavot Haviva
Coordinates: 32°23′37″N 35°0′36″E / 32.39361°N 35.01000°E / 32.39361; 35.01000Coordinates: 32°23′37″N 35°0′36″E / 32.39361°N 35.01000°E / 32.39361; 35.01000
AffiliationKibbutz Movement
Founded byCzechoslovak Hashomer Hatzair members

Lehavot Haviva (Hebrew: לְהֲבוֹת חֲבִיבָה, lit. Haviva's Flames) is a kibbutz in northern Israel. Located in the eastern Sharon plain near the Green Line, it falls under the jurisdiction of Menashe Regional Council. In 2019 it had a population of 1,021.[1]


The village was established in 1949 by Hashomer Hatzair, who had immigrated from Czechoslovakia, and was named after Haviva Reik. In 1951, it moved three kilometres east to its present location onto land that had belonged to the depopulated Palestinian Arab village of al-Jalama.[2] Sde Yitzhak was founded on the former site the following year.


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