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Lehman Hot Springs is a hot springs resort in Oregon. The hot springs were first used by Native Americans before being discovered by pioneer settlers. Lehman Hot Springs was founded as a resort in 1871. The springs are located along Oregon 244 east of Ukiah in the Blue Mountains at an elevation of 4,300 feet (1,300 m).

The family that owned Lehman for most of the 1900s repurchased the property in 2012, along with many facilities problems.[1] After extensive renovations Lehman Hot Springs is operating as a limited use facility for private organizations. It is not open to the public for daily swims.[citation needed] Lehman Hot Springs is the largest collection of natural hot spring pools in the Northwest.[citation needed]

Pendleton, Oregon photographer Walter S. Bowman captured images of bathers at the hot springs during the early 20th century including partygoers at a masquerade party.[citation needed]


First used by Indians and pioneer settlers, the springs produce water at 140 to 150 °F (60 to 66 °C). The resort's swimming pools run 88 to 92 °F (31 to 33 °C) in the main pool and 100 to 106 °F (38 to 41 °C) in the small pools.[2]

The springs closed in 1975. In 1982 a renovation and redevelopment plan was launched.[3]

TSL Foundation, LLC purchased Lehman Hot Springs on July 19, 2012 and The Department of Environmental Quality removed the prior restrictions resulting from actions related to Patrick Lucas.

In 2013 Umatilla County Health Department licensed Lehman Hot Springs as a Limited Use pool and facility.


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