Lei Yue Mun

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Lei Yue Mun
Lei Yue Mun 1.jpg
Lei Yue Mun, viewed from Mount Parker
Traditional Chinese鯉魚門
Literal meaning"Carp channel"
A photo showing the shores of Lei Yue Mun and Yau Tong, Sam Ka Tsuen Typhoon Shelter and Sam Ka Tsuen.
A village and seafood restaurants in Lei Yue Mun, Kowloon.
A Tin Hau temple in Lei Yue Mun, Kowloon.
Ruins of stone loading ramps for the former stone quarries, in Lei Yue Mun, Kowloon.

Lei Yue Mun (also called Lyemun, Lymoon Pass, Lye Moon Passage or Ly-ee-moon Passage) is a short channel in Hong Kong, between Junk Bay and Victoria Harbour, separating Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. The channel is an important passage in the South China Sea. It is the east gate of Victoria Harbour.

The lands around the channel are also called Lei Yue Mun. On Kowloon Tong side, it is famous for its seafood market and restaurants in the fishing villages.[1] On the Hong Kong Island side, it has former military defence facilities.


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On Hong Kong Island
On Kowloon


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Lei Yue Mun, taken from the shore of Sam Ka Tsuen, Lei Yue Mun
Aerial panorama of Lei Yue Mun, Kowloon


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Coordinates: 22°17′5″N 114°14′18″E / 22.28472°N 114.23833°E / 22.28472; 114.23833