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Lei Yue Mun Road near Kwun Tong
Lei Yue Mun Road near Sceneway Garden. This part of the road is a section of Route 2.

Lei Yue Mun Road (Chinese: 鯉魚門道) is a major road in Lam Tin, Hong Kong. It runs from the junction with Tsui Ping Road and Kwun Tong Road near MTR Kwun Tong Station to the roundabout with Ko Chiu Road near Lei Yue Mun Estate in Yau Tong. The westernmost section of Lei Yue Mun Road is a part of Hong Kong Route 7 and serves as a connection between Route 7 and Route 2.[1]

The road is named after Lei Yue Mun, a channel roughly 1 km away from its south end. Lei Yue Mun Road is one of the few access roads to Lei Yue Mun.[2]

From west to east, Lei Yue Mun Road succeeds Route 7 from Kwun Tong Road near Tsui Ping Estate, then passes the Kwun Tong Recreation Ground, and transitions into Route 2 from Route 7 at the junction with Tseung Kwan O Road. Then it merges with the Kwun Tong Bypass under Lam Tin MTR Station, Lam Tin Bus Terminus and Sceneway Garden, and then approaches the Lei Yue Mun Interchange. On leaving the Lei Yue Mun Interchange, the road separates from Route 2 and junctions Kai Tin Road at a roundabout interchange, Then the road continues south-south east, intersecting Yau Tong Road, and passing St. Antonius Girl's College, while Ko Chiu Road loops off to the east to serve Kwong Tin Eastate. The road then passes Yau Tong MTR Station and ends at a second intersection with Ko Chiu Road, at a roundabout near Lei Yue Mun Estate and Yau Tong Bus Terminus.[3]

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