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The Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH) was founded in September 1933 as Adolf Hitler's personal Bodyguard formation. It was given the title Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (LAH) in November, 1933.[1] On 13 April 1934, by order of Himmler, the regiment became known as the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH).[1] In 1939 the LSSAH became a separate unit of the Waffen-SS aside the SS-TV and the SS-VT.[2]

The LSSAH independently participated in combat during the Invasion of Poland (1939). Elements of the LSSAH later joined the SS-VT prior to Operation Barbarossa in 1941 and by the end of World War II they had been increased in size from a Regiment to a Panzer Division.[3]

SS-Stabswache Berlin February 1933[edit]

117 Men under Sepp Dietrich

Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler November 1933[edit]

  • 1st Battalion
    • 1st Company
    • 2nd Company
    • Machine Gun Company
  • 2nd Battalion
    • 1st Company
    • 2nd Company
    • Motor Company [4]

Infantry Regiment Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler September 1939[edit]

  • Regimental Headquarters (Josef Dietrich)
  • 1st Infantry Battalion
    • 1st Company
    • 2nd Company
    • 3rd Company
    • 4th (MG) Company
  • 2nd Infantry Battalion
    • 5th Company
    • 6th Company
    • 7th Company
    • 8th (MG) Company
  • 3rd Infantry Battalion
    • 9th Company
    • 10th Company
    • 11th Company
    • 12th (MG) Company
  • Panzerabwehrkanone Company (Kurt Meyer)
  • Reconnaissance Company
  • Motor Cycle Company
  • Engineer Company
  • Signals Company
  • Artillery Battalion
  • 4th Wach Battalion (Ceremonial and Guard Duties) [5]

Infantry Regiment (mot) Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler—April 1941[edit]

(Brigade size formation)

1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler - Normandy 1944[edit]

Panther tank as used by I /1st SS Panzer Battalion, LSSAH
Panzer IV as used by II /1st SS Panzer Battalion,LSSAH
Sturmgesschutz (Assault gun) as used by 1st SS Assault Gun Battalion, LSSAH

Note: a SS Panzer Regiment had two Panzer Battalions and a SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment had three Pz-Gren Battalions. [6]

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