Leica M1

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Leica M1
Leica M1-IMG 5850-gradient.jpg
Leica M1 body
Type 35 mm camera
Lens mount Leica M-mount
Focus manual
Exposure manual
Flash none; connectors for external flashgun
Dimensions 138 x 77 x 33.5 mm
Weight 545 g

The Leica M1 is a 35 mm camera by Leica Camera AG, introduced in 1959. The M1 has a parallax-corrected viewfinder with frames for 35 and 50mm permanently displayed. 9431 were made.

The M1, which followed the original M3 and later M2, was the lowest-cost and simplest Leica M body, a simplified M2 without a rangefinder. It was intended to be used for technical work together with the ground-glass focussing Visoflex, a mirror reflex housing that turns a Leica M into a single-lens reflex camera.[1]

Several similar models were made simultaneously with later M-series Leicas:

  • The Leica MD, a simplified M2
  • The Leica MDa, a simplified M4
  • The Leica MD-2, a simplified M4-2
Leica MDa


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