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Leica MP
Leica MP IMG 2702.jpg
Type 35 mm rangefinder camera
Lens Interchangeable lens, Leica M-mount
Film format 35mm
Film size 36mm x 24mm
ASA/ISO range ISO 6-6400
Film speed detection Manual setting
Film advance Manual
Film rewind Manual
Focus modes Split and superposed-image rangefinder
Exposure modes Manual (M), and Bulb (B)
Exposure metering 12 mm Silicon Photodiode
Metering modes Center-weighted (13% of full film format)
Flash Hot Shoe, PC Sync
Flash synchronization 1/50s
Shutter mechanically timed horizontal running cloth shutter
Shutter speed range 1s - 1/1000s with Bulb and 1/50s flash sync
Viewfinder Brightline frame viewfinder with automatic parallax-compensation
Viewfinder magnification 0.58x, 0.72x, 0.85x
Battery 3v from 2x PX76/SR44 silver oxide cell or 1x DL 1/3N lithium cell
Optional motor drives Leica Motor-M, Winder-M, Winder 4-P and Winder 4-2
Dimensions 138 mm × 77 mm × 38 mm (5.4 in × 3.0 in × 1.5 in)
Weight 585 g (20.6 oz)
Made in Germany
Released 2003

The Leica MP is a 35 mm film camera manufactured by Leica Camera AG that was introduced in 2003. It is an all-mechanical rangefinder focusing camera that follows in a long line of cameras since the Leica M3 was introduced in 1954. The camera uses the Leica M-mount, which accepts all Leica bayonet-mount lenses (21 mm through 135 mm) made since 1954. The 'MP' designation stands for "mechanical perfection."


The Leica MP is Leica's latest film rangefinder camera. Unlike the preceding Leica M7, the camera has adopted many retro design features from the earlier M3. These include a M3 type metal film advance lever, knob film rewind design and M3 type frameline adjust lever. The basic classic design remains unchanged and the design for loading film from the bottom has been retained. The camera comes in various camera finishes including black chrome, black paint and silver chrome and can be further customised with Leica AG's à la carte program.


Features include an integrated silicon photodiode TTL lightmeter that works from EV-2 to EV20. Only the lightmeter requires batteries to operate; the rest of the camera is fully mechanical, unlike the M7, and will operate without electricity. The camera's viewfinder is available with different magnifications of 0.58x, 0.72x and 0.85x and is improved to reduce flaring with multicoated glass elements and a condenser lens. The camera is also compatible with Leica Motor-M, Winder-M, Winder 4-P and Winder 4-2 motorised film winders and the Leicavit manual winder.


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