Leichhardt Highway

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Leichhardt Highway

Leichhardt Highway 1612.svg
Leichhardt Highway (green on black)
General information
Length611 km (380 mi)
Route number(s)
  • State Highway A5
    Westwood - Goondiwindi North
  • State Highway A5 / State Route 85 / State Highway A39
    Goondiwindi North - Goondiwindi
route number
National Highway 39
National Route 39
Major junctions
South end Cunningham Highway (National Route 42)
North end Capricorn Highway (A4), 7km south of Westwood, Queensland
Major settlementsMoonie, Miles, Guluguba, Wandoan, Taroom, Theodore, Banana, Dululu
Highway system

The Leichhardt Highway is a major transport route in Queensland, Australia. It is a continuation northward from Goondiwindi of the Newell Highway, via a 2.0-kilometre (1.2 mi) section of the Cunningham Highway.[1]

It runs northward from Goondiwindi for more than 600 kilometres until its termination at the Capricorn Highway near the small town of Westwood.[2]

The highway is a state-controlled strategic road, except for the section concurrent with the Gore Highway, which is a state-controlled part of the National Network.[3]


It is named after Prussian explorer Ludwig Leichhardt who travelled a route in the 19th Century that roughly parallels today's highway.

List of towns along the Leichhardt Highway[edit]

Travelling from south to north:

Major intersections[edit]

GoondiwindiGoondiwindi00.0 Cunningham Highway (National Highway A15) - north, then east - Yelarbon:
south - Queensland - NSW border
Southern end of Leichhardt Highway.[4]
Runs west (as Boundary Road) then north as State Highway A5. Southern concurrency terminus with Gore Highway.
4.02.5 Barwon Highway (State Route 85) - south, then north-west - ToobeahLeichhardt Highway turns north
19.011.8 Gore Highway (State Highway A39) - north-east - MilmerranNorthern concurrency terminus with Gore Highway.
Western DownsMoonie97.360.5 Moonie Highway (State Route 49) - north-east - Dalby /
south-west - St George
The Gums14489 Surat Developmental Road (State Route 87) - east - Dalby /
west - Surat
Condamine189117 Condamine Meandarra Road (State Route 74) - south-west - Meandarra
Miles225140 Warrego Highway (State Highway A2) - east - Chinchilla /
west - Roma
South-eastern concurrency terminus with Warrego Highway
226140 Warrego Highway (State Highway A2) - west - RomaNorth-western concurrency terminus with Warrego Highway
BananaTaroom372231 Taroom Bauhinia Downs Road (State Route 7) - north-west - Bauhinia
Theodore449279 Eidsvold–Theodore Road (State Route 73) - south - Cracow
Banana506314 Dawson Highway (State Route 60) - south-west - Moura /
north - Banana CBD
Southern concurrency terminus with Dawson Highway
507315 Dawson Highway (State Route 60) - north-east - BiloelaNorthern concurrency terminus with Dawson Highway
Dululu586364 Burnett Highway (State Highway A3) - north-east - Mount Morgan /
south-east - Jambin
Westwood611380 Capricorn Highway (State Highway A4) - north-east - Rockhampton /
south-west - Duaringa
Northern end of Leichhardt Highway
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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