Leiden International Medical Student Conference

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Leiden International (bio-)Medical Student Conference (LIMSC)
Limsc2013 symbol.png
Location(s) Leiden, Netherlands
Country Netherlands
Inaugurated 1999
  • Active: 200–400
  • Passive: 300–600
Organized by Organising Committee of LIMSC
Official website

The Leiden International (bio)Medical Student Conference (LIMSC) is a European student conference hosted by the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and organized by (bio)medical students from the Leiden Medical Student Association. The next edition in 2017 (March 15–19) will be the 10th edition.[1]


The conference is held at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in Leiden, Netherlands. The LUMC consists of three interconnected buildings on the hospital/medical campus: the hospital, the research center, and the education center. The LUMC is located right next to Leiden Central Railway Station. Leiden is a compact city with the LUMC just at the edge of it. The hotels are at walking distance and the biggest bio-sciencepark from Europe just next to it.


Since its first edition in 1999, LIMSC has grown into an international event. Today, the Leiden International (bio)Medical Student Conference (LIMSC) is the world's largest biannual student conference. The tenth edition will be held from 15th until 19 March 2017. LIMSC is organized on a non-profit basis by an enthusiastic group of medical and biomedical students. It offers (bio-)medical students worldwide the opportunity to present their research, to participate in various state-of-the- art workshops, to be enlightened by prominent guest speakers and to engage in networking with fellow international students. The research presented includes a broad variety of actual biomedical topics from all over the world. In 2015, we have welcomed around 800 students from 48 different countries. The lustrum (10th) edition will be held in 2017.[2]

Fourth edition[edit]

The fourth conference was held in 2005. Crispin Hiley, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, won First Prize for Oral Presentation for "Relationship between VEGF expression and prostate cancer outcome following radical radiotherapy".

Seventh edition[edit]

7th edition of LIMSC, 1st place award, left: Prof. Dr. E.C. Klasen PhD (Dean Leiden University Medical Center), right: Farbod Sedaghat-Hamedani

The seventh edition of LIMSC took place in Leiden, Netherlands on March 16–20, 2011. Students could participate in LIMSC either as a presenting or as a visiting participant. Students from all over the world were invited to submit an abstract of their research. First Prize for Oral Presentation was won by Farbod Sedaghat-Hamedani, University of Heidelberg, Germany, for his paper "The Role of PINCH Proteins for cardiac contractility by modulating Akt/PKB Signaling".

Eighth edition[edit]

The eighth edition of LIMSC took place from 13 March to 17 March 2013, in the Leiden University Medical Center. 620 abstracts from 45 different countries were submitted. After a blind selection by the Scientific Committee, the 200 best students were invited to present their research at LIMSC.The best conference award went to Giovanni Borso, University of Padova, Italy, for his presentation "Preventing aberrant wound healing using micro-patterned silicone dressing."

Ninth edition[edit]

The ninth edition of LIMSC took place from 11 – 15 March 2015, in the Leiden University Medical Center. It was a great succes with around 800 people coming from 48 nationalities. On Wednesday we had a Pub-crawl. on Thursday the first 'Dutch' Workshop and the official opening at the beautiful city hall of Leiden. The day ended with a very special BlackTie dinner. Friday was the first conference-day of the two. One was enlightened by Guestlectures with likes of Prof. Dr. C.L. Mummery for instance. There also were very innovating workshops. In the evening we had a night at the Museum and a final party on Saturday which was very well attended. Sunday was the last conference day with an optional Post-conferenceTour through Amsterdam.[3]

Tenth edition[edit]

The tenth edition will be held on March the 15th - 19th 2017. It's expected to be extra special as it will be the 10th edition of LIMSC.


LIMSC maintains contacts with a couple of other organizations. Most of these contacts consist of partner conferences that offer about the same quality as LIMSC.



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