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E leider.jpg
Single by Eisbrecher
from the album Antikörper
Released 14 July 2006
Format CD
Recorded 2006
Genre Industrial
Writer(s) Erik Damkoehler, Noel Pix, Alexander Wesselsky
Eisbrecher singles chronology
This article is about the Eisbrecher single. For the German music style, see Lieder.

"Leider" (German for Regrettably or Sufferings) is the first single from German industrial metal group Eisbrecher from their Antikörper album. On 22 August 2006 a double-single "Leider/Vergissmeinnicht" was released in the US. It combines both of Eisbrecher singles from their second album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Leider - 4:09
  2. Leider (Noel Pix Klingenklang-Mix) - 4:40
  3. Leider (The Retrosic-Mix) - 4:57
  4. Willkommen Im Nichts (Multimedia track)