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Leigh Delamere Services
Leigh Delamere services-by-Rob-Purvis.jpg
The eastbound services
Leigh Delamere services is located in Wiltshire
Leigh Delamere services
Leigh Delamere services (Wiltshire)
County: Wiltshire
Road: M4
Coordinates: 51°30′42″N 2°09′34″W / 51.511528°N 2.159468°W / 51.511528; -2.159468Coordinates: 51°30′42″N 2°09′34″W / 51.511528°N 2.159468°W / 51.511528; -2.159468
Operator: Moto Hospitality
Date opened: 1972[1]
Website: Moto

Leigh Delamere services is a motorway service station on the M4 motorway situated one mile west of Junction 17, between Bristol and Swindon (close to Chippenham and Malmesbury). It takes its name from the adjoining village of Leigh Delamere. It is one of Europe's largest service stations.

The service area is owned by Moto, and has among other businesses a Marks & Spencer, Burger King and WH Smiths.






In popular culture[edit]

The station is mentioned in The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde and is supposedly named after the mother of an associate of the main villain. It features several times in BBC TV's Gavin and Stacey, although scenes purportedly at Leigh Delamere were filmed at Cardiff Gate services in Wales.


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