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Leigh Eddings (30 September 1937 – 28 February 2007; née Judith Leigh Schall), was the wife of David Eddings and co-author of many of his later works and uncredited co-author of his early works,[1] and married him 27 October 1962.[2]


Born Judith Leigh Schall in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA, she met Eddings in Seattle.[3] She was part Choctaw.[4]

She had been in the Air Force and had been described by her husband as a world-class cook, a highly skilled fisherwoman and an excellent markswoman.[5]

She co-authored High Hunt with David,[6] and all other books but this was not credited as such until the publication of Belgarath the Sorcerer in 1996. It was Lester del Rey who believed that multi-authorships were a problem and that it would be better if David Edding's name alone appeared on the books.[7]

Suffering a series of strokes, Leigh died 28 February 2007 in Carson City, Nevada.


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