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Leila Farjami is an Iranian poet, poetry translator, and a practicing licensed psychotherapist in California, USA. She was born in Tehran and immigrated to the United States at a young age with her family during the Iran–Iraq War.[citation needed] According to author Lauren Spencer, Farjami is a "cultural leader" in the field of literature in Iran.[1]

Farjami's poetry has been widely translated and published in several languages, namely English, French, Swedish, Urdu, Turkish, and Arabic. Farjami has published five books in Persian including four volumes of poetry and one book of translation of Songs of Kabir in Persian (renowned Indian poet). Farjami's poems have been published in many Persian literary journal, namely Karnameh, Kelk, Bokhara, Rahavard, Farhikhtegan, Maks, and Shokaran.

Farjami is the founder of a literary podcast in Persian named "Sherophone". Sherophone is a biweekly poetry podcast in Persian introducing one contemporary Iranian poet and one non-Iranian poet to listeners in each episode.


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